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Arafat Era Ends 11/11 - An 11th Hour Warning
[+ December 26, 2004 Tsunami foreseen]
November 11, 2004

At exactly 4:30am Paris time on 11/11, Yasser Arafat was officially pronounced dead in French military hospital, fulfilling a significant series of prophecies concerning the "removal of Arafat", and how this relates to our current timeline. For the last several years we have received numerous prophetic words from people around the world, in many cases which the Holy Spirit has verbally spoken to them that the "removal of Arafat" would be a clear sign of the Lord's soon return, and indication that major judgments were about to explode on the world scene.

The timing in which Arafat fell into a coma, November 3, Paris time (November 2, U.S. time: Election Day) is also extremely significant (read our September 15, 2004 Rosh Hashanah Report). Shortly after Yasser Arafat fell into a coma on November 3, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that 11/11 would be a very significant date in history. One week ago, we felt prompted to enter into a time of prayer and fasting from 11/11/04 - 01/11/05; a 3-month period of cleansing and preparation for the new year (chiefly a Daniel fast, fruits and vegetables).

On the early morning of 11/11 before the sun rose in the Philippines, I received the following vision: I was climbing a large mountain somewhere near the Indonesian coast, traveling upwards into a place of refuge. Upon reaching my destination in the mountains, I found a small city with a large population of Christians, and begin to prophesy to them about approaching judgments; but the inhabitants were spiritually blind, and could not receive the word. Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and every eye looked towards the coast. Like a small ripple in the crystal blue sea, the first tidal wave approached and had little impact. Those watching said, "Is that all!?". They began to mock God's grace and mercy demonstrated in the first judgment. But while they were mocking yet another wave approached, slightly larger; and then another, and another. Until finally one large ripple appeared on the horizon, so large that as it struck the hills on the coast the impact left a thunderous splash, towering perhaps a thousand feet into the air. Below us the water from the tsunami traveled along the river inland for nearly a hundred miles, destroying everything in it's path.

It is interesting how God always confirms major prophetic words with signs for those who are watching. On the evening of November 11, seismic activity in the Asia-Pacific region suddenly went off the scale; with a 7.5 quake in Indonesia, followed by a 6.4 aftershock; a 6.5 quake in the Solomon Islands (Solomon representing the Temple Mount, where Arafat requested to be buried), a 6.4 quake in Japan, and a 5.8 quake in Taiwan. Tsunami warnings were briefly issued in Indonesia, and the seismic jolt was felt so strongly by ships in the region that it literally knocked sailors off their feet. The jolt caused at least one shipping accident, throwing a small boat from East Timor into the path of a passing freighter in Deli Harbor.

The first wave on 11/11 was small, but other waves are coming. As the US, UK, UN, and countries around the world continue to pressure Israel to concede covenant land promised to her by God, I prophesy to you that we are now entering into some troubled waters as we approach the new year. It will only be through God's grace and mercy that we do not see these large ripples in the sea crashing against our own shorelines in 2005. But nothing is impossible with God!


Timothy Snodgrass