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Myopic Deception

By Robert Zaid

Pushed from our land
with the fear of a hand
blood covered clothing
and our feet dragging in the sand

told us to pack up our things
and meet our fate
leave right now
leave behind,
your Palestinian state
confused, bruised, not amused and irate
left they did in ninteen-forty-eight

a land shared by two
brothers they were, an arab and a jew

bodies lay with faces on the soil
simply cause we can offer no oil
the west is unintersted in understanding our plight
the media fails never to distort ones sight
our land is stolen our sisters are raped in daylight
don't you think that we are going to fight
with everything we have, anything we own
is it a crime to fight for what is right?
when everything is lost
and your mother begins to moan
you gotta believe were gonna try to replace
the seeds that have been sown

I wake up every day with a glaze in my eye
a razor sharp blade takes the place of a cone in my eye
I don't want to let go, why do so many have to die

our culture
our tradition
our salvation
our contributions
our prosperity
our generosity
our curiosity
our chance at humanity

will never be forgotten, our fight must never end
this struggle is something that is not very hard to apprehend
but why don't they listen, why do they choose to ignore
that our people are dying the rich have become poor
rich in spirit, rich in our lives, our culture our poetry
is what keeps us alive

but why is the world so blind to our lives?
do they indeed have something wrong with their eyes

longer and longer our history is distorted
our eyes are changing
and our fetuses are aborted
never given the chance to understand the glory
of ramallah, beit jala and all of the stories

with these scales in my eye
can't you see why
day after day my
people continue to cry

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