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Oh little babe
To kill an infant in Palestine
Is a must they say?
This is how Israeli people
Shall live in peace all the way.
In the middle of the night
Inside her cradle where she used to hide
From the horrible sound
Of shooting night by night
They shoot her away
Another massacre to their massacres we shall add
Let the world witness of the crime
For the killing of this tiny babe
Will never be the last time.
Iman my little girl
How can I hear your cry?
When I can't hear mine
An innocent infant you my babe
I can't lay my eyes on you
I can't hold you or kiss you
Baby I can't bear your shooting sight
Let the world hear my endless cry
I can hear you crying for revenge
For the revenge of bloodshed
Of Muhammad Sara and you Iman
For killing an infant in Palestine
Is the killing of all Palestine?

by: A Lover Of Occupied Palestine