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Top 3 Things About Jordan's Comeback

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By now, I'm sure, you've heard the most recent Michael Jordan comeback buzz. The thinking is that Mike will heroically emerge from the shadows of management, don a Wizards uniform and personally rescue his mutimilliondollar investment from the evil basement of the NBA powerhouse. Some writers even say that his good friend Sir Charles has agreed to come out of retirement to help his compadre fight the good fight.

As a HUGE fan of the NBA let me say that the return of Michael Jordan is a very, very exciting thought. Imagine Mike coming back and taking back the reins from the likes of Kobe, Vince and Iverson?!?! And that right there may be the biggest problem of all...what if Mike simply can't do everything that we remember him doing? Often, I've heard the argument that His Airness is the greatest player to ever play the game, and I have always agreed. So why on earth would he come back and possibly tarnish that unbeatable presence that he left behind? I mean, in all honesty, Mike himself couldn't have written a better ending to his great career....coming back to save the sport that he had given up at the top of his game. He put the slumping NBA on his shoulders and carried it right back to the top with him.

So here it is again...everybody wants Michael to come back, lead the league in scoring, dominate the All-Star balloting, soar through the playoffs and, in the end, slip on his seventh championship ring. Damn, that sounds great doesn't it? Well let's remember something...the team he'll be playing on will be the Washington WIZARDS! I don't care if MJ scores 40ppg, he'll still be scoring them for the Wizards! Remember way back when Mike played on the Bulls when they were terrible? They certainly didn't go straight to the Championship and hoist the trophy in triumph back then did they? Nope, they were a bad team that sported a great player. I have an awfully strange feeling that's what would happen if he were to suit up for the Wizards next season. They simply won't WIN!! closing, I have to say that I hope Mike ponders this decision for a good long while, and then decides to stay put and keep on running the Wizards from BEHIND the scenes. I, for one, love to remember Mike as the man standing at the free throw line, standing with his hand in the air, keeping his form as he watches the last shot of his career fall through the net to win his sixth and final championship. That moment seemed to say it all. As he stood there he seemed to be thinking...

" Take a good look everybody, take a good long look, 'cause this is the last time you'll EVER see anything this great again. "
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