*kan- “reed, tube; pitcher”

DSDE: kanna “pitcher” Old Norse kande id. Danish kanne id. Norwegian kanna id. Swedish kanna id. Old Saxon either loan from canna “reed, tube; flute” Latin (“clay container with spout” > “pitcher”)? cf., with suffix cana:lis “canal” Latin loan from kánna “tube” Greek loan from qanu: Babylonian-Assyrian gin id. Akkadian-Sumerian or *gan(dh)- Proto-IndoEuropean gann “vessel, container” Middle Irish *gandhna- Proto-IndoEuropean kani “plate” Old Norse kane “boat” Danish dial. “sleigh” Danish kane id. Norwegian kane “bowl with handles”, “scoop” Norwegian dial. kani “boat” Old Swedish kana type of sleigh Swedish dial. kani “small wooden bowl”, “trunk, snout”, type of boat Icelandic kane “boat” Middle Low German Kahn id. German kaan id. Dutch with different ablaut grade kæna type of boat Old Norse Demp: *kenD(ih) “pitcher, water jar” Proto-Austronesian AG: *(kEn)zeh “pitcher” Proto-Austric *(kEn)zeh “jar, pot, dish” Proto-AustroAsiatic PKMa 3638: *kundu “gourd” Proto-Austronesian *kundu “jar” Proto-Austronesian