*H-s-u- “fire”

PMA asira “fire, heat” Sanskrit, and astha “burnt” (s > h) IENH 381: *H[a|ë]s- “to burn, to be hot” Proto-Nostratic > *Hh[a|ë]s- “to burn, to be hot” Proto-IndoEuropean hshs “to burn, to be hot; (n.) fire, flame” Egyptian, AfroAsiatic *äse- “to heat, to ignite” Proto-FinnoUgric EIEC *H2eH- (pres. *H2éHor) “burn, be hot” ha:- “be hot” Palaic derived verbal abstracts *H2eH-ti- a:ith “kiln” Old Irish *H2éHo:s ha:s (acc. ha:ssan) “soda ash, potash; soap; (pl.) ashes” Hittite *H2eH-seH3 “hearth” a:ra “sacrificial fireplace, fire-altar” Latin ha:ssa “fireplace, hearth, fire-altar” Hittite *H2eH-ter- “fire” (< “burner”) a:tar “fire” Avestan *H2eH-mer- “(heat of the) day” e:mar “day” Greek *H2eH-s-ter “star” with a present-forming suffix *-dh- ardeo: “burn” Latin *H2eH-s-dh-ró- a:stär “pure” TokharianA astare “pure” TokharianB Associated with “fire-altar”, “[sacred] fire”, “pure”. HSED 82: *?es- “fire” *?is^- “fire” Semitic ?is^at- “fire” Akkadian ?is^t “fire” Ugaritic ?es^ “fire” Hebrew ?s^ “fire” Phoenician ?s^h “fire” Aramaic (Emp) ?es^s^a: “fire” Aramaic (Bibl) ?is^s^a:ta: “fire” Aramaic (Palest) `s?t? “fire” Aramaic (Mand) ?&sat “fire” Ge`ez ?&sat “fire” Tigre &sat “fire” Amharic *HVs- “big fire” Berber a-h&s “big fire” Ahaggar *?yas- “fire” West Chadic wus “fire” Angas wuss “fire” Ankwe wus “fire” Gerka osi “fire” Bolewa yasi “fire” Karekare yasi “fire” Ngamo wos^i “fire” Maha ihi “fire” Bele wu:s^i: “fire” Kirfi wusi “fire” Gera wus^i “fire” Galambu us^i “fire” Geruma is^i “fire” Geji was^e “fire” Kulere Forms in *w- are not clear. Contamination with *wus^- “roast”? *?is- “fire” East Chadic ?issi “fire” Birgit Probably, from an earlier *?yasi-. Cf. *?as^- “fire” Rift as^a “fire” Iraqw as^a “fire” Gorowa as^a “fire” Alagwa as^a “fire” Burunge Lateral -s^- An alternative reconstruction of the AfroAsiatic word for “fire” may be based on the fact that wi- pattern is forbidden in Semitic. If initial AfroAsiatic *wi- (or *we-) yielded to Semitic *?i-, it could also explain dubious West Chadic forms in *w-. NS 38: *?aSa “fire, be hot” Proto-Nostratic *-cV “burn, heat” Sino-Caucasian *ca/*cha “hot, heat” Sino-Tibetan *£e:-cV “hot, heat, roast” North Caucasian PMS izi “fire” Sumerian PMA asie- “fire” Arosi usu- “fire” Asenara, Moni asuwain- “fire” Ulau-Suain isa- “fire” Maranomu, Maria Maiagolo, izi- “fire” Binandere asu- “smoke” Samoa aso- “smoke” Tagalog usa- “fire” Warkay Back