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The Scott Tirades

Why Birthdays Stink      Educational Woes      The Church Gripe       Computer Complaints      A 4-Letter Word for Trouble      Envelope Agony       Summer Vacation 1999      The Contact Conspiracy      Christmas 1999       Summer Vacation 2000      The Dumb Title Page

I can't stand it here! I want a new family!

Scott was always a pretty nice little kid...until the day he became a teenager. 


Since that day he has realized how much his life stinks, how unfairly he is treated, how stupid everything is, how embarrassing everyone is...especially those of us that happen to be related to him....and that everybody is having more fun than him. 



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Summer Vacation 2000   |  Educational Woes  |  A 4-Letter Word for 'Trouble' The Curse of the Envelope

The Church Gripe  |  Computer Complaints  |  The Trouble with Contacts Summer Vacation 1999

Christmas Bliss 1999  |  Why Birthdays Stink