The cartoon below was drawn by a mate of mine, one Friday night when he had nothing better to do...

Cartoon Photo

I think the likeness is quite striking (;* Though the reading matter lacks any real basis in reality...

Having just been made redundant (04/10/2001), so neither diary will recieve any updates for a while....

At the moment there's not really a lot to this page, as it's more a way to link to a couple of pseudo-diaries of mine, so that they can be read by all and sundry, who know about this page, without them having to go through the complexities of connecting via Telnet to the place where the diaries really are.

Of the two Necros' is a little more outspoken, as befits his diary's X-rated status on Monochrome

Qyv's Diary (Last Update: 28/09/2001).
Necros' Diary (Last Update: 28/09/2001).

If you can't cope with the idea that the above links will almost always be out of date, the real ones, can be found by telneting to: You will then need to type mono followed by [RETURN], then log in as guest, and then take the default terminal type by pressing [RETURN], then [C] through the Login, and Usage Messages.

On the main menu press [M], [L], [N], then [C] through the 'Viewing Info on Namepaths' screen. Now press [@], [Y], [V], and then [!]. Finally press [0] to get to the start of the diary, and then [SPACE] to page-down. Alternatively, to get to the last entry, press [Z], and page-up by pressing [-].

NB. You won't be able to see Necros' diary, as it is X-Rated and not viewable by guests.

And finally to log out of Monochrome, press [ESC][X][X].

Layla Ahmed (aka Solitaire)
For those who wish to know what Layla looked like, go here.

A selection of short my stories can be found here.