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Welcome to Blatz Online

Why Blatz Online ???  Well, the purpose for this site is that I wanted to build some sort of a tribute to my favorite beer, BLATZ.

I believe that it is not appreciated among the general beer drinking public of today.  I can't count the amount of times I personally have been told by my peers to drink "our generation" beer.  And what exactly did they mean by that?  Most beer brewed today has a history that dates back at least to Blatz's beginning in 1851.  Some select brands are even older.


From it's humble beginnings in Milwaukee till the early 1980's Blatz was a very popular if not legendary drink.  At that time there were very few drinking establishments that didn't carry Blatz!  Changes in public opinion came with new marketing schemes that were aimed at certain people in society.  Is it because Blatz didn't have ads with muscle bound men surrounded by scantily dressed women to make the uninformed drinker believe that a certain kind of beer might actually get you laid?  I don't know.


All I know is what I like.


 When you open a Blatz the first thing to do is smell the beer, not unlike a professional wine taster might a vintage year.  Blatz has a very unusual scent.   After that go in for the taste.  This beer has never let me down.  To me it tastes a little stout but never bitter.  If you drink light beer you may not like Blatz, as it has flavor other than just water.


Do yourself a favor, try as many different kinds of brews that you can, you never know what you'll find.  I also recommend that you try and support any of your regional/independent brewers.  What ever your drink, drink it because you like it, not because that's what's in.