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Melissa Jones, I am a 26 year old CADD Tech and Princess House Lifestyle Consultant, that is when I'm not busy raising my 17 month old son and 29 year old husband.  I'm from Southern FL - and been here my whole life.   My family consists of  1 son, 1 husband, 4 dogs, and a pig.  (No, I didn't list my husband twice)  My only  hobbies are making my son happy and my husband miserable ( I'm really good at one of them).  Even though I'm kind of scared to admit it,  my Tacoma-holic husband is Shawn Jones AKA Supersized2001(FL chapter prez.)

Brenda Gillham,32 years old. Been married for 7 years to Greg Gillham Sr. of the Florida Chapter of TTORA, aka: Gypsyjoker. We have a 17 year old son, 2 dogs, a parrot and fish. My husband owns a '96 Taco with all the fixin's, and drives me nuts with all the "toys". If you have ever seen that commercial on TV with the husband that drags his robed wife out to the car to show her how the windows on the car go down using the key in the door? That is us. He drags me out to show me the latest, I say "yeah, that's nice" and go inside. I sometimes wonder how old he really is J Boys never grow up, they just get bigger toys!!
I work for Hewlett Packard, in technical support. Been there for 3 years now. I enjoy reading although I don't have much time to read. I love plants and all animals, I would own a farm if it were feasible, but the big city is were my job is. Unfortunately. I also like football, and the Bucs are my favorite team. I have been going to St Petersburg Junior College to earn a Veterinary Technician Degree. (My childhood dream) I take 2 classes per semester, so am busy most days. 

Shelly Erickson, I have two 5 year old girls, 1 dog, and 2 bunnies. Oh yea and a husband!  Hobbies... well since my husband spends so much time on the message board, out on trails, and working on his truck (which sucks up all of our money too), I have no time for hobbies because I'm too busy taking care of our daughters! LOL My Tacoma-holic husband is Yogi aka Ronn Erickson (Arizona Chapter President) My best story about Ronn... hmmm... let me see! How about all the times he goes running outside (with nothing on but a concerned look), in the middle of the night just because he hears a sound coming from outside near his truck. I think that sometimes he is just having a bad dream involving his truck and just runs outside just to make sure its still there! LOL

Joanna Heberlein, "Fourtrax" is my fiance. He is a member of the PA Chapter of this wonderful club! (That was a touch of sarcasm there!) We have been engaged for four years, and living together for two. My biggest mistake in the relationship was getting the computer, which led him to TTORA. Now he is permanently hooked and I am permanently worried about how much he will spend and on what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't even afford a honeymoon unless we go and sleep in the truck!!!!! UGH! I am a special education teacher. I have three kids...a golden retriever, a cat, and Jeremy (Fourtrax). The dog and the cat are very well behaved, notice that I didn't include Jeremy! I love to read, and go to the beach and take day trips. I spend a lot of time with my family! Otherwise I would be a very lonely girl!  I feel like I should stand up and say, "Hi. My name is Joanna and my significant other is a Tacoma-holic."