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W.R.A.T.H.                  Women Retaliating Against Tacoma-Holics  







WRATH message board




12-Step Program


           W.R.A.T.H. Mission Statement

To unite and support  all women who have put up with their Tacoma-holic men long enough, as well as those who just think it's fun to pick on them.  To preserve and protect the relationships that have suffered due to lift kits, tires, and the sacred message board.  To make our presence known... We are women, fear our wrath!

          If you must see this truck.  Check it out here.


How can you tell if you are involved with a Tacoma-holic man?  Well here are some clues:



    This site is in no way intended to offend die hard T.T.O.R.A. members.  I must say that T.T.O.R.A. is composed of a great group of guys and gals (who just happen to spend way to much time talking about their trucks.)  This site is merely our way of "getting a hobby".


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                        You Just have to live with a Tacoma-holic to understand!