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New Icons for the Linux OS

Bradley J. Milton

Hi, I'm Bradley. I would like to show you a revolutionary new way that computer graphics can be employed on the Linux OS to make it betters suited for Business. This means that the system will be more user-friendly, and that will lead to greater adaptability. It will make this unique Open Source system much more friendlier than Micro$oft with the talking paper clip, or even the bouncing ball from TeeVee. (Remeber, "follow the bouncing ball"? This will work on the same principle.)

So on this page I will demonstrate my idea using these samples. These icons are actually .JPEG files (to see why you cannot use .GIF see here), and will come preinstalled with the OS. They will be displayed graphically in X WINDOWS and with a special driver written, they will be displayed on the Linux terminal, inside the BASH console. This is where the real power lies.

Now, on to the icons ...


First, there is the clown. This friendly clown can guide children. "Hi Kids! Linux is easy!" With the new OSS or ALSA sound drivers it will be possible to play a WAV file with a clown voice in it to please the kids. This is to show that Linux is easy to use for anyone.

"Are you just CLOWNING AROUND?" Ha ha boss, no of course not! The clown is fun because you are not allowed to clown around at work, but with the clown on your computer as part of the OS it will be okay to smile. I believe that smiling and thinking happy thoughts leads to increased productivity. Those who have the clown appear in the corner of the shell window will have a better work day.

Advanced techniques will include animation, showing the clown move across the screen. This is possible without advanced programming. You can use the GIMP ( to do this. So it is currently possible to make the clown move. DEMO


"Quack Quack, me too!" The duck will introduce the basic concepts of the shell in an interactive tutorial. Through the GIMP we can make the duck's bill open and close and play a WAV file at the same time for advanced speech! DEMO

The Duck will be good for the children. We need to entice children to computers and we can do this by showing them friendly creatures. Then, they will be familiar with the Keyboard and the Mouse and soon be ready to handle any business task. The Duck will come in handy here and will frequently show up in the Linux Manuals. (Type man followed by the name of any command you like.)


Just like I.B.M. adopted the use of Charlie Chapman to improve its image, Linux can adopt the use of the "jazz man" to improve its image. This will lend a bit of "artiness" to the system without it being too "artsy-farty." It is just the right touch, I believe, to bring it to all the offices of America. We need to make the jazzman move across the bottom of the screen to reduce stress in the office. When James the Slacker is typing at his terminal and trying to remember the commands to run the daily backup, the jazzman will scroll smoothly by reminding him that "everything's all right." Linux can invest in obtaining the rights to play a jazz song sample. I suggest Louis Armstrong for this. He was a great musician and it is now possible to play his music in WAV format or also MP3. I would love to hear his voice and some good jazz with saxophone on my system. If Linux would obtain a short sample, this would make the system more realistic. The Jazzman is for adults only, children do not seem susceptible to Jazz Music. DEMO

It is time for Linux to stand up and be noticed. I believe it is just about ready. It is almost there, but it just needs the extra push. It needs the "icing" for the "cake," that will make it a pleasure to use. These icons, I believe, will take it there. It will make the businessmen who are not so good at computers now finally see their benefits. Plus it will also serve to get the children interested, and that is good. They need to be brought to Business at a young age and this will help them down the path. That will surely lead them to a better future than what they would have without getting into Business.

In order to help get it there, I hereby declare these icons to be Open Content in accordance with the GNU copyleft. Please share them with your business associates.