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MGA Twin Cam Parts List (Diagrams only)

This site contains all 63 diagrams of the MGA Twin Cam Service Parts List. Viewing of these files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. For best viewing select size option of 100% up to 150%. For printing, select the print option "Fit to page". The program is available free of charge from

Engine block and pistons
Crankshaft and clutch
Half speed shaft and conrods
Timing chain, chain cover, and camshafts
Cylinder head
Sump and oil pump
Water pump
Distributor and tacho drives
Engine mounts
Exhaust pipes
Throttle linkages
Distributor (early type with vacuum advance)
Petrol pump
Air cleaners (early type without venturi)
Rear axle and differential
Rear brakes
Front suspension
Front brakes
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