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    Mutant X is a comic book series under the imprint of Marvel Comics; it is an alternate universe story with a difference.  The only individual from the universe we know was a screw-up here, but is a hero in his new world.  Given his heart's desire, a team to lead and his superpowers under control, Havok must deal with the multiple unfortunate side effects of residence in another world whose history is very, very, different.

    For example, of his five original teammates two have given in to their evil impulses and were forced to leave the group.  Of the remaining three, one is undead and one is mentally retarded as a result of his own cutting edge scientific experiments.  The third was, until recently,  trapped in a perpetually frozen state, unable to make physical contact with others.  It seems very easy to maintain self-esteem in the company of such tragic figures.

You know they don't look tragic . . .

    Yet, they had a lot going for them.  In this universe, mutants weren't as categorically feared as in the one we're used to.  There were exceptions, but Havok's team, The Six, were regarded in the same positive way that the Fantastic Four or  Avengers were.  His team had their own castle to live in; previously Havok had to room with whoever would take him in, including the US government and his brother's teacher's house.  Havok, previously unlucky in life and love, even had a wife and son.

  But what life gives with one hand it takes with another.  His wife has memories of shared experiences that he doesn't.  With no parenting experience, he must relate to his grade school son, who just happens to intermittently display various superpowers and is the only person in the new universe that knows he's not himself.  He has even inherited grudges based on acts his duplicate committed in the distant past.  All in all, his exchange seems really even.

    Unfortunately for him, life in this new universe is seldom uneventful.  Paramilitary groups threaten the populace with germ warfare.  Demons attempt world domination.  Rogue telepaths decide to unite all consciousness and enslave the collective mind of all mankind.  Whether you believe he has made a positive transition or not, he has much more to deal with than he used to.

    Thus, MUTANT X is a daring new comic, full of intrigue, plot twists, triumph and tragedy, all for $2.25 a month.


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