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Siver Chalice Ancestry

The above is the Silver Chalic lineage of 3rd circlers as far as I know it. I'm over on the right, Brother Wyrmstar I'd like to thank Martia for all the info she gave me on this.

you'll see that a lot of the people have "EA" near their name, that means "esteemed ancestor" and it means they've gone to live with the other nacestors. In other words, they've passed on to a greater journey. WARNING:There is a man calling himself Lord Estevan, or Lord Windrider, and claiming to be Windrider clan. THIS IS NOT TRUE. He has a pentacle tattoo on his back. he was not taught by any of the people above no matter what he claims! ANYONE WHO CLAIMS TO TEACH UEW OR SILVER CHALICE WILL BE LINKED TO SOMEONE ABOVE, SOMEHOW.

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