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Xena, Warrior Princess:
Q:  Ok Zeus-what I really want to know, I mean the REAL question of the ages is this:  Did Xena, princess warrior actually exist?  Seriously, I think she did and she's just gotten very little press because history was written by men, and they couldn't handle a strong chick that kicks tooshie.  You were there-let the truth be known, man!  Power to the people!!

Margie        Argyle, TX

A:   There have been many Xena's over the years.  The name hit its popularity peak at about 400 BC.  There were a few princess Xena's and even some warrior Xena's, but never a real princess warrior Xena as such.  If you think the illiteracy rate is bad now, you should compare it to back then.  Basically, all the stories of all the Xena's had to be passed down by word of mouth.  See the problem?  It didn't take long before people became confused.  In the end, everyone believed there was only one, mythical, super-Xena who did it all.  As a point of interest, only one of the 4,258 Xena's had a thing for other girls.  My favorite Xena was actually my great-great-grandaughter.  (Hey, even Gods can be slightly biased.)  She was fairly watered down with mortal DNA, but I guarantee there wasn't a guy within 2000 miles that she couldn't beat at arm wrestling or out-drink.  If she'd been born now, she'd have been able to turn the WWF's The Rock over her knee and spank him like the sissy-boy he is.  Kick enough tooshie for ya?

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