Letters From Marilyn Manson's Sheep

It's not that I really care what the Manson's sheep have to say,but I decided that all the intelligent people out there might like to read these. Have a good laugh!

Morons From The Guestbook:

Name: Twiggsster
From: St. Louis MO
Comments: You clearly haven't an idea as to which you are talking about. Your page is badly researched. You call Mr. Manson "disrespectful" and yet you have never met the man. I HAVE and he is absoulutely wonderful. Not only is he respectful, but also caring and considerate. Not once in the lyrics does it state in any way "worship the devil" or "destroy christianity" Yes, Marilyn Manson,the band and the man touch on subjects like child abuse and sodomy, but if you listen with an open mind you can see clearly that he is saying how horrible these things are. Wise up and think before you create.


First off,what do you mean by "as to which you are talking about"?? I think that Manson music is rotting your brain! And for your information,butthead,I researched ALOT while creating this page. I visited Manson web pages made by his fans,not enemies. And if YOU'D done your homework,you'd know that he DOES want to destroy Christianity. I saw him on the Mtv Video Music Awards,and he talked about ridding the world of Christianity. So don't tell me I haven't done my homework! You also say that he's respectful. Well,if you consider a man who wipes his butt with the American flag,and rips up Bibles to toss in the crowd respectful,than you need help! He is a disgrace to our country. I'll bet you're one of those buttholes who insults the USA,yet you still live here. I've also read his lyrics. They are AWFUL...and that's putting it mildly. If you think his lyrics are so great,than I feel sorry for you! I think it's you who needs to do some research before writing letters,because you made yourself out to be a real jerk.

Name: Michelle
From: Ontario, Canada
Comments: Spike.. I was surfing around on the net when I came in contact with your web page, well I just hve one thing to say to you. I happen to like Marilyn Manson, and no I'm not one of those superfreaks, I may wear black clothing and makeup sometimes, but that doesn't mean anything. I happen to like his music, and I also find him to be VERY SEXY!! I'm not saying that you don't have the right to thinik what you do, but don't the rest of us too. You may like somthing that I don't but I won't pester you because of it. I also am not some sort of drug head stupid moron, I happen to be attending college. The main reason for me to be writing you is to ask you to open your mind to other opinions sometime... Thanks for your time...E-mail me a resonce if you wish...Bye...Michelle


Michelle...you may not be a devil worshipping satanist,but if you think Marilyn Manson is "VERY SEXY",this tells me one of two things...1.)you're blind,or need some strong glasses, and 2.)You have REALLY bad taste in men!! Just because you're in college,it doesn't mean you're smart. There are lots of drug taking students in college. Let me give YOU some advice...the next time you write a hate letter to someone,moron,CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION! It's hard to call someone else stupid when you can't spell well enough to write a short letter to someone! Why don't you try opening your own mind,and invest in a hooked on phonics tape!

Name: Splice2002@aol.com
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 12:17:28 EST
To: Spikers@USA.net
Subject: AMMS
X-Mailer: AOL 4.0 for Windows 95 sub 4

What the hell is your probably little boy? Just because you don't like what he says and teaches you create an anti site? God damn your fucked up... I don't see and Bill Clinton websites up saying hate him... if you don't like what he says, IGNORE HIM! Stupid fuck...


First off,I am not a little boy,I'm a FEMALE you moron!! I'm guessing you've never gotten close enough to one to tell the difference! Here's a tip,REAL women do not have air valves!! Second,you don't need to be calling other people stupid when you can't even form a complete sentence! What the hell is my "probably"??? "I don't see and Bill Clinton"?? I think the rest of the world will agree that YOU are the one who is screwed up! Next time,get your mommy to write your hate mail for you. It's possible that she may be able to make sense!! Why don't you take your own advice. If you don't like what I say,IGNORE ME!! Now go back to your "Mistress Marilyn Manson" IDIOT!!!


E-Mail From:

MaYnard 420

You are quite possibly the stupidest person in the world. You are just another mindless fool that has been corrupted by society that knows nothing about the things they are saying. All the bullshit you hear comes out of your mouth and you act like your right about everything. YOU should be banned from this country, for being such a dumb bitch


Who are you calling stupid?? You're the idiot! My page CLEARLY states that it is NOT a hate page, but a silly non-hateful parody. Learn to read through the smoke of your crack pipe you mindless,slobbering Marilyn Moron Sheep! It's people like you who give the intelligent MM fans a bad name.


E-Mail From:

joe smith

First off I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your page. Its very nice and its good that your speeking your mind. But what I would like to know is how can you put down manson for being Godlike and controlling the minds of children when you are doing the same thing. Marilyn Manson has his Cds, his movies, and his personality to draw children in and make them like him. And you have your website that draws in children and make them hate manson. If manson hates God and you hate manson, the only difference I see is the person/thing you both are hating. Manson and his fans are united in hate against the government, god and lots of other things while you and your website members are united in hate against manson, his music and his actions.Who made you God so that you can judge people and start a hateful army against them such as you have done with your site. e-mail me if you belive i have a point or if you have the balls to discuss this with someone as smart as you.


When you e-mail me something worth replying to,I will do so. Until then, you'll have to live with the same treatment everyone else gets: having your crap posted on the site for everyone to laugh at. This e-mail you sent is a load of bull crap. First you say you really enjoy the site and then you tear it to shreds. Maybe you didn't read the site,moron! It clearly states it is NOT a hate page, but merely a JOKE. And FYI...I didn't bother to read your entire e-mail. I could see in the first few lines you didn't deserve the extra attention. Why don't you take another look at the site and actually READ it this time. Click Here. PS...I don't have the balls to talk to you because I'm a FEMALE you idiot! I understand that it must be difficult for you to tell the difference between males and females since you've been looking at Marilyn Moron for so long, and don't know what a real girl looks like. Maybe one day, some girl will take pity on you and be your friend.

E-Mail from:

shelley burke



Hello shelley bimbo, you expect me to take someone like you seriously? Someone with an e-mail name like "fluffy manson"?? Your thoughts are as fluffy as your body hair. Yes, I know about your thing for body hair! You must enjoy it if you want to rape someone who has it. Sorry to inform you of this, but you are not man enough for me or my mom, miss bimbo girl. You might consider writing back when you've grown up and learned how to form complete sentences.

E-Mail From:

Miss Hough

All I can say, having read your poor excuse for a website, is that you?re just as bad yourself! You sit there and preach about how disrespectful and close minded Manson is, but you set up a web page that is insulting to Manson, his music, our taste in music, and me as a fan. You have never met me, but still you think that you know me. Assumption of who a person is due to one choice that that person makes, is in it's self, disrespectful to my taste, feelings and beliefs. And just how can you say your open minded when you are doing this? Your making a judgement, and not taking it for what it is. You can hardly call us stupid either! You state that this is just a silly non-hateful parody, well maybe you should seek a definition coz t it seems pretty hateful to me. You totally take the piss! Secondly, you say Manson?s lyrics are awful, well some one obviously had a peachy life, and is still shrink wrapped in an airtight package; which c ould also explain your behaviour. A lot of the lyrics are about things that a lot of people have to face day in day out in the real world. They tell it as it is, he doesn?t sugar coat things like the teeny boppers of today. Thirdly, why shouldn?t we destroy Christianity? You say Mansons fake and we don't need him, well so is Christianity. If you trace back the beliefs and the symbols of Christianity, you will discover they have been adapted from those of ancient religions. As a believer in one of those religions, I am insulted that these false adoptions are worshiped for some fake all loving god. Lastly I?d just like to say, I'm currently doing teeter training, and to do so you need to be psychologically stable, so you cannot say there?s something wrong with my head!


Hello miss self righteous bimbo girl who thinks her IQ is higher than her shoe size! First thing I have to ask is: Have you ever heard of the apostrophe key?? It looks like this: ' Question marks do not belong in the middle of words!! Are you blonde or what?? OK, now I'll reply to your futile attempt at an intelligent hate mail. You think I'm as bad as Marilyn Moron?? How is that exactly? Do I go around brainwashing innocent idiots into thinking I'm their god?? No. Do I have millions of dollars and a famous band and treat my adoring vacuous fans like dirt under my feet? No. Next question...do I think I know you?? No, and I'm very happy about it too! The less talking blow-up dolls in my life, the better. I don't give a flying rat's butt about your tastes. If you think listening to the air in your head is good music, so be it. I can't call you stupid? OK...how about I call you a silly little girl who needs to put the plug back into the valve on her head...the air is leaking out again. Mr. Moron's lyrics ARE awful, and the only thing "shrink wrapped" around here is your brain (assuming you've got one). as for Christianity, well, love it or hate it, it'll still be around after Marilyn's fans grow up and start listening to real music leaving him to collect unemployment checks for the rest of his life. I am insulted that sheep like you are the future generation of idiots. Please don't ever reproduce! What the crap is "teeter training" anyway? You sound like you aren't even past potty training. Marilyn sure isn't. He just whips it out and pees on his audience. That's what he thinks about you, yet you can sit there and defend him. Based on that, I will just say don't walk,RUN to the local mental hospital. You got off the pills too soon. The nice men in the white coats will take good care of you and they'll give you a nice comfy padded cell too. Then again, how about you just go play in some traffic? Stupid kid....

Have a crappy day!

- The AMMS