The Anti Marilyn Moron Society

Greetings,and welcome to the Anti Marilyn Moron Society®. (Formerly known as the Anti Marilyn Manson Society. We decided the fans took that site far more serious than we ever did,so now this site is a silly, non-hateful parody. If you're still offended,we don't care.) This web page is dedicated to those who,like myself,believe that Marilyn Moron is a sad piece of trailer trash who makes far too much money by making confused teens depressed.

Marilyn Moron is a very sick person. (IF he's really worthy to be classified as a person!) He truly needs professional help. I hear Jerry Springer is his idol, and he has appeared on the show several times. I also hear he's been blocked from calling the UFO hotline and almost every psychic hotline. Why anyone would pay to see this dork sing is a mystery to me!

I find Marilyn Moron to be nothing but a big poser! He seems to want us to believe that he's a big scary anti-christ superstar,when in reality,he's merely Bryan Wiener,a skinny Bible thumping redneck boy who got rich by being a professional poser. He tries to push his fake beliefs on innocent kids through his lyrics. The sad thing is kids believe him,and don't realize that he's a big FAKE. If you don't believe me,check his lyrics. Much of his lyrics are taken from the Bible. He is the self proclaimed "antichrist superstar". I don't think he is anything close to what we would expect from the antichrist. I haven't seen too many images of satan wearing clown makeup,fake boobs,and screaming in people's faces. If you wish,read My Complaint About Marilyn Moron.

Hate Letters We've Received

I know what you're thinking. Who would be stupid enough to send a hate mail here knowing full well this site is just a silly parody? Well, there are a few idiots in every crowd. Click Here To View The Hate Mails For those who wish to write a hate mail, and we do hope that you do, we love it!! Send it to Tanya.

And Now For Something Completely Different...

For those of you who have ever wondered what would happen if Marilyn Moron and Christina Aguilera had a child, have we got a treat for you! Check This Out! You'll need to have the FLASH Plug-In to view it. **For people who would prefer to see the GIF version, Click HERE. In this version, the text will not fly by so fast. Enjoy!

The AMMS Message Board

I created a Message Board for this site because I thought it would be fun. Please don't abuse it or I'll be forced to put harsh restrictions on posting. Before you post, keep in mind that your IP address WILL be visible and you can be banned from posting at any time for any or no reason! Since I know no one will read this, I posted it a bunch of times on the board. LOL.. Have fun!

Wanna join the society?

If you wish to join us,drop us a line,sign the guestbook and state that you'd like to join. Please,join only if you are serious about joining. I don't want to add you to the list,and never see or hear from you again.

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