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                                The Unexplainable

Frequently Asked Questions!(the answers to the most asked questions, and some for the hell of it)

Who am I?

         Well, if you didn't read my entries and decided to freak'in ask me questions first, my name is Drake Lung, local azndude,  who occasionally, no often, has encounters of the weird kind. I started out writing about some of my experiences on a homapge at, titled The Weird and the Freaky. Also, at times, I work with my bud Sean, and friend Syd on investigating the paranormal.

What is this webpage about?

         Its about the strange shi% I come by, in my life. I write these things down because I wanted to share my experinces with the world. Also, I would post some of the occasional cases I join my friend in, Sean, who studies the paranormal. At times he's pretty werid, but usually he's a normal joe, who just likes ghosts and goblins, nothing strange there right? right?

Where do you live?

         I live in the city of New York, the Big Apple, borned and raised. A city where you can find many strange things, paranormal or not. I mean, just walk around the corner, I'm sure you'll see someth'in that catches your eye. Don't get though, New York City, is great place to live in, though you can be gunned down for holding a wallet at night by policemen, with 40 shots, all in all its an okay place.

Do you do this full time?

               At first, no, how do I make money out of just posting my experinces with the paranormal, except for maybe letting people put banners on my page, and I would make four cents per click, hah that'll make me a millionare, and with the four or five people that visits my site, once again, ha! and are you shi%ting me? (and by the way feel free to click em any way, wouldn't mind some extra change). However, since I joined Sean in his investiagtions, I get a little pay, just enough for the rent and maybe a little for myself, which reminds me, I need to get a part-time job.

Do you own a green ugly sweater?

                This was a question, not asked to often, hell it was asked only once, but I thought, what the hey. The answer is no, I don't own a green ugly sweater, in fact, I don't find much affection for sweaters.


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