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Now Boarding - Flight 666

Jihad Collect their ARIA

Melbourne band Jihad Against America were awarded a mock pre-emptive ARIA today for the category of "Most Popular Political Opinion" Jihad Against America narrowly won the title from fellow nominees Delta Goodram, Frenzal Rhomb, Delta Goodram and Pacifier. Earlier in the evening, during the Jihad Against America live performance of "Terrorism Is The New Black"; Delta Goodram and JAA singer Liz engaged in a saucy tongue kiss. This comes on the eve of the release of their debut 7" to be launched Saturday 1st November at The Tote.

Jihad Live in Adelaide

We love Adelaide, and we love the people of Adelaide. We went there once, and we liked it so much we went back there again. It truley is the home of Aussie rock.