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Jihad Against America

Jihad against America

The first time guns directed the other way

Jihad against America

Cuz youíre either with them or youíre with the terrorists

Jihad against America

Fuck your patriotism and fuck your paranoia

Jihad against America

Now Iím a terrorist for inciting sentiment

Three thousand murdered at World Trade Centre

Fifteen thousand murdered by fellow Americans each year

They can bomb the world to pieces but they canít bomb the world to peace




Terrorism is the New Black

Come join the revolution today

You can wear a cool beret

I want to die young and sexy like Che

Come join the Revolution today

Terrorism is the new black




We Want to Blow Up Yanks

We want to blow up yanks

We want to drive their tanks

We want to rob their banks

No, I donít want fries with that thanks!




I Wanna Sniff Your Undies

Iím gunna break into your house

Iím gunna break down your door

Iím gunna open your draws

And sniff your undies

Your clothes are on the line

Your jocks are looking fine

Iím gunna bring them to my face

And sniff your undies

Why wonít you have sex with me



Jon Bon Chomsky

I want Mike Mooreís autograph

Because he has a big, fat ass

Stupid White Men want my Stupid White Money

Suddenly, heís not very funny

Noam Chomsky is the superstar

Of anti-America

Giving lectures on American power

Fucking groupies (taking it up the shitter) in the shower



ÖAnd You Will Know Us By the Trail of Arts Students

I wish I had an Arts degree

Cuz veganism is soo last century

I come from Hobart, I come from Perth

I live in Fitzroy, Iím moving to Northcote soon (North Fitzroy)

Iím so cool, youíre so cool

Iíll speak to you cuz you are cool

Play with my band

Sleep with me

I need to feel that I am cool

Wear cool clothes thereís nothing inside me Youíre so cool.



Bali Bomber

My baby was the Bail bomber

My baby was the Woomera escapee

My baby was the Earth First man

Now my baby, my baby, heís in jail

Baby was a lawyer

Baby was a journalist

Baby was a unionits

Baby was a Catholic



Brown People

Get the fuck out of my country

Youíre a brown person, get the fuck out

I live in Port Augusta, Iím a red neck, get the fuck out

Running away,

Got nowhere to go

Came at a time was right for them but now theyíre dying

Dropped agent-orange

Children thought it was toys

Came at a time was right for them,

White boysí been driven out

White boysí been driven out

Driven out of Afghanistan

Driven out by the Northern Alliance



Holiday in Manhattan

I hear New York is warm in September

I got a one way ticket, destination Allah

Been workin real hard, flying high, lyin low

Canít wait to smash my body to your human cargo YEAH

If we took a holiday

Took some time to celebrate

Just one day out of life

It would be, it would be so nice



Rock Star Cowboys

Go home rock star cowboys

This townís full of schmuck like you

Go home and listen to Nick Cave

Iím listening to Motley Crue

Iím not cool enough for you

Weíre not cool enough for you

Log on, log off, log on, log off



Body Image

Iíve got the biggest hips in town because my babies will rule the world

My body image is perfect



The New Rock


Do you punk rock, do you like disco?


Will you rock my C.O.C.K.?

Do you like the new rock same as the old rock?

Itís not for the pussy but for boys with no cock

Do you like the new rock same as the old rock?

You wanna shock but youíve got no cock

Walk into a bar, see you standing there

Itís not for pussy but for boys with no cock

I said ďIím pleased to meet you, cuz youíre meat to please me

Youíre a nice, young boy, you like the country.Ē

Oh, Mikey what a pity you donít understand

You take me by the denim when you take me by the hand.

{Thereís a lot of double denim in this town. But, we can be crass and sexist just like Jet.}



I Learned Everything I Know From Listening to Emo Records

Emo records changed my life

Emo records stole my wife

Feels so good to feel so bad

Itís the best time Iíve ever had

No chicks allowed

Feel my pain



Powerwalking in My Vodaphone Tracksuit

Powerwalking in My Vodaphone Tracksuit

State school children hidden in my car boot

Gunna take them out and sexually abuse them

Cuz theyíve got no values, got no value

People on the street calling me a coward

If they saw me in the morning, theyíd feel my fucking power

Primary school, High school, Technical College

Every fucking day Iím expanding my knowledge