63 Monroe's Biography

Pictured left to right are : MARKII , STEVEN R., ROOSTER and PETE

" I wasn't a big fan of punk rock until I saw these guys open for SylvainSylvain (formerly of the New York Dolls) at Frankensteins in Toronto.After that I saw 63 Monroe play dozens of times ." John Levy...What's the Poop Magazine

In the beginning.............

63 Monroe came into being in mid 1980 in London Ontario. It wasn't exactly a new band . It actually was a name change from N.F.G to 63 Monroe. The punk band N.F.G  could no longer get work because of their notorious reputation. The members at this point in time were , Steven R. Stunning on vocals , Markii Burnaway on guitar , Mark DeRoux on bass and Pete Lambourghini on drums. The band played its first job as 63 Monroe in Grand Bend ,Ontario without incident and got steady work until a very brief break-up in 1981. The band had been recording both live tracks and studio tracks up until this point.

The second coming..............

     The band reformed months later with a new bassist named Pete Dekoker and a new drummer Jeff (Rooster) Rooth just in time for the release of their debut recording , an E.P titled "63 Monroe /N.F.G.". In 1983 the new line up released acassette  titled "Reign of Terror".Soon after the band signed on with Savvy records and released two singles.Oddly, these singles were both cover tunes; Henry VIII and a ripping version of  "White Christmas". In 1985 the band released "Stinkin out the Joint"perhaps their best known release.The band supported this album playing many gigs including CBGB's in New York  city.

The dark period..............

     Markii Burnaway left the band in 1986 setting the stage for seven different guitar players over the next two and a half years.The most notable guitarists were Buzz and then later Alex H. The band began to take on a heavier sound as time went on. They released two separate recordings during this time, only available on cassette tape.
     Jeff Rooth , the bands tremendously talented drummer, passed away unexpectedly. Joe Kettlewell was recruited to play drums for the band.


In early 1989 , Markii Burnaway returned to the band . 63 Monroe began recording sessions with intentions of releasing a new album. With everything seemingly going well and sounding as good as ever, the band parted ways playing its last performance in August 1990 at "Call the Office" in London Ontario Canada .
     63 Monroe's greatest asset is their wildly energetic live performances . Taking nothing away from their recorded work, it was almost impossible for this energy to be transformed on to their recordings. If you saw them live you rarely walked out of the show disappointed. And then...63 Monroe reunited July 5th and 6th 2002..and is back in business..
63 Monroe's current line up is, Steven R Stunning-vocals , Pete Dekoker-bass , Brad Lavard-drums and Markii Burnaway-guitar... 63 Monroe was inducted into the London Ontario Music Hall of Fame, March 31 2003..

"Steven and Markii at the 2003 London Music Awards"


63 Monroe/N.F.G - (1980) EP, Nardem Records

Reign of Terror - (1983) Released only on cassette

Henry VIII -  (1984) single , Savvy Records

White Christmas - (1984) single , Savvy Records

Stinkin out the joint - (1985) LP, Savvy Records

We Have Enjoyed Ourselves - (2003) CD

63 Monroe Christmas EP - (2003) CD

Unofficial Appearances on:

"Killed by Death " series (1996)

"Hyped 2 Death" series (2000)


Henry VIII - 1984

Bad Bad Rock and Roll - 1988

These records are only available through dealers of rare punk recordings Throughout the world and are quite costly.

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1980-1990 2002-?

  You can now breath again..The reunion took place..

    special thanks to Garry Kelly "The Svengali of punk rock"

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