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Givers of Life - Wintergreen and Peppermint Altoids

The Altoid trio of brothers were carried of the Omniscient Godesses Smith and Co, as a result of a holy cansumation with the Omniscient Gods Callard and Bowser in 1760. And thus the Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Altoid Brothers were born. There were two whose intentions were to bring only great-tasting pleasure to their subjects: Peppermint and Wintergreen. But there was a wayward son: Cinnamon. He was an evil, evil bastard, who brought only pain and suffering to his devoted subjects. But Callard and Bowser love all their sons, and they keep that bastard with them for all time. To become an Altoid Deciple, e-mail me at the adress below and I will add your name to the Sacred list on the link following.

The Altoid Commandmints

Other Such Gods and Demons

The Evil Cinnamon
Callard and Bowser
Smith and Co
A Worthy Altoid Devotee, Who Scorns Wintergreen
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