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Hello. Thank you for coming to see us. Well, we finally have our band together, but we seem to be short on cash. So, we figure it'll be sometime more before we are getting to bust your ear drums on the radio.

Hey guys, long time since we have had any real news to report to you. Well, it has been confirmed that Kevin is now and official member of the band. We are currently thinking of a name change, but I do believe it is staying the same. Also, we are also currently working on more songs. I don't think we are going to keep trying to be a five piece set. I am working on getting a guitar, and working on learning how to play, I know how just, suck at it, not alot of experience. We are still needing a drummer. It seems impossible to find one out here. Also, Carl's biography is now up and running so you can now go check it out.
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Guess what everybody, Splenetic has lost another member! James has left us, something about the band being too gothic. Sounds like someone needs a subculture check if you ask me. Haha, this is Jeff talking. Just like always. Well, anyway I have already replaced him I think. I already have someone in mind that does want to be in the band, Kevin. So Kevin, Carl, and myself will be trying our best to find us a new drummer so we can get to work on our music.
Breaking news: Splenetic has lost possibly two members, Kelly and Joby. We know for sure Kelly is out of the band. Sadly, she had to leave us (not dead though). And we are pretty sure we have lost Joby, too. We do not plan to replace Joby if he leaves. After all, a band can work on a bassist, vocalist, guitarist, and drummer. If you or someone you know lives around Ooltewah, Tennessee, can play drums, and is interested in joining us please contact Jeff. His e-mail is on the contact page.
Today Jeff has set up his biography. You can visit his biography. Also, he went through the site fixing things up. And lastly thanks to Guitar Club our name has made it out even further. James has also built a biography.
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A new picture of Joby has been added to the pictures page.
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Today Jeff has added the link to our radio station on MP3.com. We are hoping this will get us more traffic to our site.
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Jeff has gone through the site making a quick run through. He's fixed all the errors that have been mentioned to him and some others he stumbled upon.


Splenetic is now letting you send them lyrics and songs you have written. Please send, just think of how cool it would be to hear your song on the radio. If we accept your entry we will use it. In return we will give you the credit for the song, for example on the lyrics page we will post your name and where you are from. On the e-mail you will send us proof that the lyrics are written by you, the lyrics, and please supply us your name and FULL address. Don't worry about having your work stolen. We won't steal because we don't want a lawsuit, lol. And please keep the profanity out. To submit your work Click here.

Since Feb 28, 2002.