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Shadow Warriors come in time of evil and darkness!

Shadow Warriors Youtube page

Jan 2014 Ninja Eclipse demo Audition tracks - now you can karaoke! while killing!!!

Jan 2012 Shadow Warriors release instrumental demo NINJA ECLIPSE!!!!

if you want audition for be a singer ,go to youtube - wanker

download complete album here (39 MB)

download audition tracks here

1. The quest (intro)
2. Heart of the ninja
3. Legendary shadow
4. Ride into storm
5. Black destiny
6. For victory and glory
7. Curse of the dragon thunder
8. Spirit ninja fire
9. Blades and blood (instr.)
10. Battlefields of evil madness
11. Fall of the master shogun
12. Light and darkness (outro)

download cd cover here (click on the fuckin cover)