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Song of the Week(Reviews)

(10/2/01 -- The Big Sleazy)To anyone who hates this song...why? This is one of my favorites on Metaphysical Graffiti. My favorite parts are the intro riff and the other riff after the verses. Always gives me energy. I've even been working on my own version of this song to insult Providence radio. It's good to see a band insulting the radio >=) -Mike Brennan (9/24/01 -- Ringo Buys A Rifle)About time, huh? Anyway, this song is the 16th track from Beelzebubba...and it's not too bad of a track, but certainly not one of my favorites. A line that never fails to crack me up is "We'll all get new shoes when Ringo buys a rifle!". Pure genius. The guitar sounds pretty hard to play too...but in general, this just isn't one of the catchier tracks on Beelzebubba. Especially since it comes after one of the best tracks, Howard Beware. I'd say it's worth a listen, but as far as the Milkmen go, it's nothing special. -Mike Brennan