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This is the Download section. You can find some MP3s, videos and other various stuff to donwload. We change the songs to download occationaly but the videos will remain and will be updated as long as Joe keeps posting them at Psychic In The Sahara is not a Milkmen song, it is for our Hardwired fans.


Helicopter Interiors
I Tripped Over The Ottoman
Laundromat Song
Two Feet Off The Ground
Psychic In The Sahara


Methodist Coloring Book

AIM Buddy Icons

Big Lizard Album Cover
Eat Your Paisley Album Cover
Bucky Fellini Album Cover
Beelzebubba Album Cover
Metaphysical Graffiti Album Cover
Soul Rotation Album Cover
Not Richard, But Dick Album Cover
Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig) Album Cover
Cow Logo