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The Funky Farm Dead Milkmen Chat Room

The Funky Farm Chatroom Rules:

Ok, we aren't gonna be bossy, just a few things to know when in the chat.

1. NO SPAM!!! I hate the taste and it annoys people.

2. Swearing is allowed but no racist or sexist comments. Also, no acting like a complete retard and saying things like "Daterape is fun" and crap.

Ok, now that that is over with, how to work the chat.

When you enter the room, don't type anything just yet. The first thing you should type is your nicjname for the chat, there are no spaces and hit [Enter] when done. Also, if the system says the name is taken, wait for it to give you a Guest???? name and do it over. Think of something original. If you wish to register your name, just go to NickServ Panel under the Commands pull down menu and select Register. PS, the webmasters names are TheLampIncident (Mike) and ScottyTheMoron (Tom). Just so you know...

To send a message, just type and hit [Enter]. To send a private message, double click the name of the person you are messaging and enter in a message. When you recieve one, it shoudl appear on the screen like this:
*ScreenNameHere* Blah blah blah....
If you want to use an action, next to the Command pull down menu should be the Action menu.

Thats about it....and now for the chat...