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jesse camp
i decided to make a page about jesse camp just because he's fuckin awesome, he's just original, and i totally love that haha.yeah, i hate MTV, and he used to be an MTV vj. but he quit to be in a band, anyways what does that matter haha. ne wayz.onto the shit...

Jesse Camp

Jesse Camp Was Born in Granby, Conneticut on November 4th, 1979 .
a few years a go (I think, sorry if I'm wrong), he came to NYC and lived with his sisters friend.
Then, he entered the MTV "I wanna be a VJ" contest and won!
( who couln't resist his charm, his gorgueos eyes, and his height!) He got $25,00!!!!! Then he left MTV so that he could persue a music career.
He formed the BEST band Ever, Jesse Camp and the 8th street kidz, and they came out with a terrific (self titled) album.
Unfortunetly, there are too many teeny boppers, so not enough people have bought his album. Please go and buy it?
Please? I mean, he quit MTV so that he could be in a band, can't you at least buy one little CD???

More Jesse Pics

Jesse Shit
After graduating from high school, Jesse and some friends traveled all over the US, before coming to New York in December
Jesse is the drummer in the East Village band called Easy Action - one of his bandmates calls himself Snot Rag
Jesse loves to draw and paint
After winning the $25,000 from MTV, Jesse wanted to walk into a bank and cash the oversized check
He was sooo tall and skinny (about 6'4 and 90 lbs, or so they say) that the MTV wardrobe people had trouble finding him cool clothes to wear
During his first times on the air, Jesse missed his cue because he wasn't listening to his earpiece
Jesse can't hang out in the East Village like he used - people surround him, and some even want to touch him for good luck
Jesse just signed a record deal with Hollywood records.
Other band members inlude former member of LSD, VIXEN and DOGS D'AMOUR.
An album i to be released this Spring with a tour to follow.
Color hair: brown/blonde
Color eyes: Baby blue