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Addy-Sea Inn:
Rooms 1, 6, and 11 of this hotel are reportedly haunted. The large copper bathtub in room 1 shakes violently. A ghostly organ is heard playing in room 6. The ghost of a famous swimmer, Paul Dulaney is said to haunt room 11. Also, footsteps are heard on the roof and in the second floor hallway. If you want to visit, be warned that rooms are expensive. The Addy-Sea Inn is in Bethany Beach, below Rehobeth Bay at the junction of Highway 1 and Highway 26. It is on Oceanview Street, Bethany Beach, DE, 19930. It's phone # is 302-539-3707.

Amstel House:
This house, is haunted, presumebly by the same ghost that haunts the David Finney Inn. The two houses were connected by a secret tunnel at one time. The Amstel House is in New Castle, on the Delaware River. It is now a private residence.

Bethany Beach:
The ghost of a naval war hero, Eddie Rickenbaker, is supposed to haunt the beach. No one is really sure why he haunts this area, or why his ghost seems so disheveled. Bethany Beach is in the town of Bethany in lower Delaware.

Blue Coat Inn:
The Inn is haunted by at least two ghosts that seem to be from the Revolutionary War Era. One is an elderly gentleman, and the other is a young drummer boy. The Blue Coat Inn is located in Dover, in Central Delaware.

Bowers Beach:
Three ghosts are supposed to haunt this town. One derpressed looking man is supposed to walk through downtown late at night. Another is supposed to haunt a "lover's lane" outside of town. The third ghost is of a man who drown himself on the beach. Bowers Beach is at the end of Highway 1, southeast of Dover.

Brandywine Creek State Park:
Supposedly a werewolf has been seen slinking around the creek in the park. It is said to be a scout from the 1830's named Gil Thoureau. The phantom is called the "red fox dog." The park is located one mile south of Brandywine Creek in northern DE off 202.

Cannonball House:
This house got its name from a cannonball that was lodged in it's wall during the War of 1812. It is thought that the house is haunted by a former resident who may have burned to death when her dress caught fire. The Cannonball House is on Front Street in Lewes, DE. Tours are available through the small house, but the staff does not seem to know much about the house's supposed haunting.

Cape Henlopen State Park:
Here a ghost light comes from the beach, and it is sometimes mistaken for a lighthouse. Legend says that it is an Indian curse upon the English to make their ships crash upon the shore. At least a few ships, including the British sloop, the DeBraak, have crashed because of this ghost light. Also, the phantom of the DeBraak has been reported to re-enact the disaster from time to time. Cape Henlopen is at the entrance to Delaware Bay, seventeen miles northeast of Georgetown, at the end of Highway 404.

Cossart Road Cult House:
Almost everyone in Delaware has heard of this story, and a suprising amount of it is true. What goes on in the house exactly, I am not sure, but there does exist the house that everyone talks about. The trees do seem to grow away from the house. The house is located in the Beaver Valley in Northern DE.

Cypress Swamp:
While the swamp has always been cosidered a home to mysteries and ghosts, the most famous story about it is of the "swamp creature." A hairy, apelike animal has been reported by a few eyewitnesses, and it is believed that the half-eaten carcasses of dogs found in the swamp are the work of this creature. The swamp is located between Gumboro and Selbyville, along the south Delaware-Maryland border. Highway 54 goes through the middle of the swamp.

David Finney Inn:
This old house in New Castle was once connected to the Amstel House by a secret tunnel. They still seem to share on thing, which is their unidentified ghost. The ghost exhibits some poltergist-like behavior such as moving objects and opening doors. The Inn is located at 216 Delaware Street in New Castle Delaware. It's phone # is 302-322-6367.

Delaware Hospital:
A patient commited suicide in a bathroom here, and now moaning is hear coming from within when it is empty. Some other sporatic incidents have occured here as well. The Delaware Hospital is in Symrna.

Delaware Seashore State Park:
An apparition of a young woman wearing an old fashioned bathing suit has been reported to ask for help from people on the beach No one knows who the apparition is since there are no records of drownings in the area. The park is in Indian River Bay along Highway 1.

Dewey Beach:
The tangled lines here are on the site of an old hotel. One night there was a murder at the hotel, and today you can still hear the screams from the brutal crime.

Dickinson Mansion:
John Dickinson, sometimes called the "penman of the Revolutionary war," is suppsoed to still haunt his home to this day. Tape recordings have recorded sounds of writing, along with other strange sounds. The ghost also seems to sleep in his former bedroom, where the sheets are sometimes found rumpled for no reason. The mansion is seven miles southeast of Dover, near the Kitts Hummock Road. THe phone # is 302-678-4254.

Dover Public Library:
Although the library publicly denies any paranormal activity, there have been a few reports of strange events that center around the skull kept in a hatbox. The skull belongs to the famous Patty Cannon. She was a rutheless killer and notorious outlaw who took a dose of poison before she was to be hanged. The library is on Highway 8 in Dover. The phone # is 302-736-7030.

Ellendale State Forest:
Little is known about the spectre that haunts the stretch of Highway 113 that runs through Ellendale State forest. This headless phantom causes an unusual amount of car accidents. The state forest is in Redden, Delaware, three miles north of Georgetown on Highway 113.

Fiddler's Hill:
The ghost of a young man is supposed to haunt this hill at Rabbit's Ferry. :Legend says the young fiddler decided to scare a rival away from his woman by climbing a tree and making frightening noises with his fiddle. His plan worked, but the man fell from the tree and broke his neck. Sometimes the frightening sounds of the fiddle can still be heard on this hill. Fiddler's Hill is a bluff along Highway 277 at Rabbit's Ferry, just southwest of Lewes. A gravel path crosses through Love Creek near Goslee Mill Pond.

Fort Delaware:
This fortress on Pea Patch Island was used during the Civil War to keep captured Confederate soldiers. Conditions were horrible, and many men died here. The fortress was opened to the public in 1951 as a tourist attraction, and many reports of ghostly activity have been made since that time. The fort is only accessible by boat. Ghost tours are offered here as well as other historical tours.

Fort Salsbury:
This fortress was built as defense against an invasion in WWI, and was used as a POW camp in WWII. Reports of ghostly activity have been made, and the site was abandoned in 1946. The ruins of the fort are located on private property in Slaughter Beach, at the end of Highway 36, seven miles east of Milford.

Highway 12:
A huge dog with red-glowing eyes, called the Fence-Rail Dog, has been reported along highway 12 for the last hundred years. The story is that the ghost is a murderer who fed his victim to his dog. The sightings are reported on Highway 12, between FRedrica and Felton in Central Delaware.

Kensey John Homestead:
The ghost of a woman appeared to a large number of people at a party here in the 1800's. A woman in white was seen standing over a baby's crib, and then joined the party at the table, only to disappear some time later. The house is now a private residence on Dupont Highway in New Castle.

Milford Neck Wildlife Area:
The spirits of angry Indian ghosts whose graves have been disturbed are said to haunt this site, which has 100 exposed graves. The site is located in Milford Neck, north of Milford, between Highway 113 and Big Stone Beach.

The mansion is haunted by a slave girl known only as Tom's daughter. She supposedly was confined to the attic when she resisted her owner's lust. She is said to have jumped to her death from the attic window. Reports have been made of hearing her scream. The house is a private residence on McColley Pond outside Fredrica.

Old Scott Run Bridge:
In the days before the Civil War, a old black man named Jacob used to sit on the rail of the Old Bridge and play the fiddle. The story goes that one day Jacob was beaten by his owner so badly that he could no longer play the fiddle well. He continued to play the fiddle at the bridge, but it was a horrible screeching sound. One day he fell into the water and died. His fiddle can still be heard playing at the location of the old bridge where it crossed Scott Run Stream, which is two miles south of the St. Georges bridge.

Old Homestead:
A few ghosts haunt the house and the property. Breathing can be heard on the stairs, and dark figures are sometimes sighted moving around the property.

Old Wooden Docks:
The ghosts of Hessian soldiers are said to have been seen near the old wooden docks here, in the autumn months at night. The ruins of the docks are south of town, in the New Castle Harbor area.

Redden State Forest:
The Ranger's house in a barren section of the forest is haunted by the ghost of a woman who died there. Electrical equipment is frequently disturbed by the ghost. The ghost is thought to be a woman who died in the house under mysterious circumstances in the early 1900's. The forest is east of Redden, along the Broadkill River, between Highway 113 and Highway 30.

Public Building:
Reports have been made of ghostly hound howling at this site in Wilmington. The spirit of George Read Riddle, whose house once stood in this location, may also haunt the site.

Rockwood Mansion:
Strange balls of light and weird sounds haunt this Victorian mansion in Wilmington. The mansion is on Shipley Road, north of the Washington Street extension.

Salem Church Road:
Every night at about 12 o'clock, a family of six people are seen walking across this road. They are supposedly the ghosts of a family who was hung for wotchcraft in the early 1900's. There is a high rate of accidents on the road at this hour. Salem church road is in Newark, DE. .

Slaughter Neck:
The malevolent ghost of a man who killed himself in a ditch still haunts this area. Several hikers have been unlucky enough to meet his spirit. Another ghost is said to wander the Boardwalk trail between Slaughter Neck and Broadkill Beach. It is thought that this ghost is a man named Jonathan Morris, whose farmhouse once stood near the trail. His prescence is most strongly felt near his grave in the old Morris Family Graveyard. Slaughter Neck is part of the Pime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, between Slaughter Neck and Broadkill Beach.

At least four ghosts are thought to haunt the governor's mansion in Dover. The mansion is at 151 Kings's Highway in Dover.

In the early 1900's, Woodland had a butsling boardwalk here. All that remanins are some of the wooden supports. The apparitions of people on the old boardwalk are sometimes reported here. Woodland is located in Kent county, in central Delaware.


Bordentown Road:
A young girl who died here on the way back from her prom is said to dance upon the water of Manor Lake. Her body was never found. Bristol is in lower Bucks county, Northeast of Philadelphia. Manor Lake is in Tullytown, just northeast of Bristol.

Canadensis American Legion Hall:
A former member of the Legion named Sam Everett seems to linger on here after death. His ghost is blamed for the movement of objects, footsteps, and even playing cards that seem to change color. The Hall is in downtown Canadensis in Monroe County. Phone # 717-595-2030.

Cedar Crest College:
A ghost by the name of "Wanda" haunts the Butz Hall. Wanda is supposed to have committed suicide in the building, and is sometimes sighted by custodians. Address: Cedar Crest College, 100 College Drive, Allentown, PA 18104. Phone # 215-437-4471.

Conewago Creek:
An old iron furnace here is the home of the local "Hounds from Hell". The cruel master of the furnace decided one night that he wanted to go on a fox hunt. When his exhausted dogs would not perform, he threw all seventeen of them into the flames of the furnace in a drunken rage. People say that you can sometimes still hear the hounds howling in the night. The original furnace was dismantled in 1858. Conewago Creek is in Colebrook, off Hwy 117 in Lebannon County.

Haag Cemetery:
The grave of George D. Farenbach is frequently visited by the ghost of an unidentified woman. Bernville is in Berks county on highway 183.

King George Inn:
The apparitions of a woman and young child who are dressed in 1700's style clothing, have been sighted walking from the entrance into the dining room. The sounds of a baby crying have been heard in the kitchen, suspiciously close to an old well in the basement. The King George Inn and Restaurant is located outside Allentown on Highway 222. Phone # 215-435-1723.

Lehigh University:
A troublesome but not violent ghost pesters the students and employee's at the library. It is believed that the ghost is that of an old man who used to visit the library and just generally make a problem of himself. Lehigh University is in Bethlehem, PA. The phone # is 215-758-3100.

Leithsville Inn:
The ghost of a man who was hung here in the 1700's haunts the barn. His prescene has also been noted in the lobby. The barn is now a garage for the inn, which is located in Northhampton County, southwest of Bethlehem. THe phone # is 215-838-8155.

Magnolia's Vineyard Resturant:
This building built in the 1850's is named for the ghost of a young woman who wanders it's halls. The story goes that Magnolia was the daughter of a Union general durong the Civil War. She found a wounded Confederate soldier and while nursing him back to health, she fell in love with him. They agreed to meet after the war was over, but he never returned. Now Magnolia is seen most often along the banks of Jordan Creek, where they were supposed to meet. The restaurant is in Guthsville, just north of Allentown in Lehigh county. Phone # 215-395-1233.

Margaret Grundy Memorial Library:
The brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, Joeseph (who by the way claimed to have seen the Jersey Devil while he was alive), is said to haunt the river path behind this library. It is said that Joeseph was trying to court a young woman who lived in the mansion that stood there before the library. The young woman, Sarah Keene, was not interested in him, and Joeseph's longing spirit is said to haunt the riverbank to this day. The library is in Bristol PA. Phone # 215-788-7891.

Moravian College:
Classes are disrupted in this college by loud noises coming from the old tunnels under the south campus. The ghosts of an older couple are sometimes spotted sitting on a couch in Main Hall, one of the women's dorms. A ghost named Alicia died after her boyfriend pushed her down the stairs, and she haunts the Phi Mu Epsilon sorority. A nurse from the Revolutionary War haunts the Single Bretheren's House, and the ghost of a man who died in WWI haunts Comenius Hall. Moravian College is in Bethlehem. The phone # is 215-861-1320

Old Birdsboro Bridge:
For over a hundred years, the apparition of a woman wearing a veil has appeared to drivers here. She once appeared to drivers on the old wooden bridge, which oncetalking to them about the wonders of the afterlife. Now that the old bridge has been replaced by a new one a few feet away, she has taken to trying to convince drivers to join her in death, and to take the approach to the old bridge, which is no longer present. The area is near Baumstown, on South Baumstown Road, at the sharp turn that leads to Highway 82.

Pines Hotel:
This hotel was built in 1908, and it surrounds an old graveyard. Cleaning maids have reported seeing the apparition of a well dressed gentleman while working in the cottages here. The hotel is on Evergreen Road, Canadensis PA. The Phone # is 717-595-7172.

St. James Episcopal Cemetery:
Next to the grave of Merrit P. Wright is an old iron chair. This chair is referred to as the "witches chair" The legend is that if you sit in the chair at midnight, during the month of October, the arms of a witch will encircle you. St. James Cemetery is on Cedar street in Bristol PA.

This private residence is said to harbor a ghost of a lady in a white dress with a blue sash. Nearby the house, the ghosts of two horse thieves still haunt the area where they were lynched during the Revolutionary war. The house is on Newportville road, south of Bristol, and the thieves' ghosts are seen at the intersection of Ford and Newportville roads.

Rhoads Opera House:
A terrible fire claimed the lives of 170 people when the original Opera house burnt down. Many of the body parts were buried in a mass grave in Fairview Cemetery. Ghostly cries and other apparitions have been witnessed here. The phone # is 215-367-7824.

A unidentified black shape ahunts the club. It does not seem to be malevolent, and so is not minded. The shy ghost has been named "Beethoven" by the employee's. The club is south of Bethlehem, on Highway 412.

An abandoned house that is allegedly haunted is on Little Keen Road. The story goes that a mother and daughter took the father into the field and murdered him by burning him alive in his car. Waymart PA is in North-eastern PA, between Carbondale and Honesdale.
Thanks to Jen Lynn for submitting this haunting!

Widow Brown's Inns:
Two of the resturants in this town that are owned by the same chain, are haunted. A former innkeeper named Marvin from the 1800's haunts the Stockerville resturant. An unseen prescence that is thought to date back to when the building was a real inn haunts the Wescosville resturant. Both resturants are in Lehigh county outside of Allentown. Phone # 215-766-7500.

Witches' Hill:
What we now call crop circles were thought to be caused by witches by the Amish. The Hexen Danz,as they were called,were supposedly caused by the witches' dancing. Witches were supposed to gather here. Their ghosts, along with balls of light, are still sighted. The hill is west of Allentown and north of Reading, follow along Hexenkopf road to the area between Virginville and Windsor Castle in Williams Township.