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The earliest Innerface history goes back till the early 90's. But the band hasn't been playing together for all those years. Due to many periods of inactivity (read: the band split up, sometimes for over a year), line-up changes (it takes more than two hands to count all the ex-Innerface members, not even mentionning all the people we just jammed with for a while), musical sideprojects of the Innerface members (Souldoubt, Mind Ruin, Orgasmaddix, Bent Over Babies, Peanut Regeert, Boddisatva,...) and other reasons, you could easily state that Innerface has been together for half of all these years. A brief chronological history:

Innerface was founded in the early 90's. The band has its own sound, which is characterised by melodic vocals and a somewhat heavier musical base.
The first demo, which contains 2 songs, is well received by the label "Hageland Records" who want to cooperate with Innerface but the band wants to mature a bit more and declines the offer. The second demo finds its way to Allan Locks from the British independent label "First Strike Records". He wants Innerface to contribute a few songs to the "Invention Series Set". This set consists of 4 separate 7" split singles. Other featured bands are Fluf, Further, Garden Variety etc... The cover art of each of the 4 releases is a different Victorian invention. At this point in time, bassplayer Chris and drummer Hugo decide to switch instruments.

In the summer of '94, the vinyl debut "New American Swimming Device" is released. This is a split 7" with Canadian underground rockers "Bum". That same year, Innerface is selected for Humo's Rock Rally. The verdict of the jury was not really accurate: "an attempt to grunge". But then again, this is 1994, the year where grunge takes over and Nirvana and Pearl Jam storm the charts. Guitarist Bart Van Praet then leaves the band and Innerface, as a quartet, is asked to contribute a song to the Dag Nasty tribute cd. "Under Your Influence" is recorded and appears, at the end of '95, on the compilation "Her Head's On Fire" (with Horace Pinker, Serpico, Wardance, etc.), a release on the small "Fools Day" label.

In the beginning of 1996, Chris Verschelden decides to leave the band for their neighbours of "O.U.T.S.I.D.E.". Garage rocker Paul Brusseel (ex-Mudgang) takes his place. He leaves the band after a year to form a new band with his old pals. Bassplayer Hugo then handles the drumsticks once again. With new bassplayer Ben Van De Velde (ex-Orgasmaddix) and the help of Bram Mondy on guitars, the band records a few songs in the autumn of 1997. At the same time, the band frequently appears on Belgian stages with bands such as ALL / Descendents, Nation Of Ulysses, Samiam, Snuff, etc.

In the beginning of 1998, Innerface signs a deal with the brand new Hageland label "Screech Records". The first release of the label is the band's CD single / 7" "Old Pictures (& Good Times)". Later that year, one track (Beam) appears on the Elements compilation album of Belgium's leading punkrock / hardcore magazine "Funtime". A full length album was supposed to appear by the end of 1998 on "Screech Records" but because of the mismanagement of the label owner, Innerface and Screech Records decide to go separate ways. Shortly after, several members decide to move on to new horizons and the band splits up.
2000 marks the ressurection of Innerface. Original members Filip De Wilde and Paolo Craet team up with youngsters Peter Van Damme (drums), Kevin Van De Brande (bass) and Gert Marckx (guitars). The band appears on stage again and writes a bunch of killer songs. These songs are recorded in the summer of 2001, in the famous 195 studio. At this moment, the band is looking for the right label to release these recordings.

Let's say the Innerface story stays unfinished as long as we take pleasure in playing in the band and as long as we find the right people to play in the band.

The music has parallels with the sound of bands such as ALL / Descendents, Big Drill Car and Shades Apart. Music with a primary stress on melody which puts the song in the spotlight!

Info: Filip De Wilde - Guido Gezellestraat 59 - 9250 Waasmunster (+32 (0)52/ 46 06 61