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My son's IRL picture.*NEW*
My Newer in real life picture.- This is how I looked in 2003.
My old in real life picture. - See how much I've grown? lol
New Drawings- These are my most recent drawings.
My old drawings - These are all from my highschool years.
How To Draw- Want to learn how? Go here!
Comics- This is the area where I keep all of my comics.
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Heazure's Heaven

Welcome To Heazure's Heaven!

Links have been added. Anyone that wishes to link up with me, email me at!

*NEW*7/7/05- Wow it's been a while since I last updated. Since then I've had a kid and guess what, my scanner is broke. So from now on anything I put on the site will either be edited pictures I made or more pictures. I have also had to go through everything to fix links that do not work anymore. So a lot of the pics may be gone now because I had never saved any of them on disk and since then I have a new computer. I have added a picture of my son so everyone can see the best piece of art I have ever made. :)But fixing this site will take a while since most of my time goes to taking care of my son. So be patient, everything will be added in due time.

10/24/03 - I've added two new drawing. I'm going to try and add more to the "How to draw" section as soon as I can. Maybe later today if I have the time...

10/6/03 - Alright, I've updated a lot. I've added my most recent drawings, my most recent irl photo, and a "How To Draw" section. Again, I urge that I do not own the pictures or characters that I used in the lesson plan. I've also added a new affiliate, Harry Potter Realm.

10/1/03 - Well, it's been a while since I last updated. Why? I lost the net, but now I'm back and fixing things. I'll try to add some new drawings, which will be added to an entirely new section of this site once I've scanned enough of them. I've perfected my skills so much that my old drawings don't even compare anymore.

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