Green Day Videos For Sale or Trade

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Here is my list of videos that I have for sale or trade. To Buy these videos I will put 3 concerts on 1 tape for $30 in U.S. $35 in Canada and $35 anywhere outside of u.s. or Canada. As for trade I am ALWAYS Looking for videos I don't have so I will trade each show for the same amount of shows that you trade me.

How to Buy or Trade these videos
  • Pick which ones you want
  • e-mail me and tell me your decision
  • mail me the money or videos

My e-mail is: click e-mail at bottom of page

My Address is :

  • Available upon request.
  • The rating for the shows are as follows: A-B-C. A Being Best C Being Not as good.


    Pinhole Valley High School 1989 - rating C (really old)

    Arkansas 1990 - rating b+ (tre's first show with GD)

    GD Tour Video 1991 - rating B (shot by the band)

    Elmhurst 1991 - rating B+ (sound is kind of low)

    Miami 1993 - rating A (fight breaks out on stage)


    New York 1994 - rating B+ (Billie gets naked)

    Washington D.C 1994 - rating A (fancy camera work for not being pro shot)

    New Jersey 1994 - rating B (Billie fights some guy)

    Woodstock 1994 - rating A+ (Fucking Amazing mud fight)

    Jaded in Chicago 1994 MTV Rating A+

    Toronto 1995 - rating A- ( best show I've ever seen)


    Live at the 10 Spot 1997 - rating A (MTV)

    Live in the Alley 1997 - rating A+ (much music)

    Toronto 1997 -rating A++ the same day as live in the alley but its at the Pheonix centre (amazing show)

    EdgeFest 1998 rating - rating A++ (big stage fire)

    Live W/O Warning 2000 - rating A (MTV)

    Much Music I&I 2000 -rating A++ (i was there)

    Both Bridge School Benefit shows 2000 -rating A+

    Goat Island 2000 rating B (very comical show)

    Warped Tour 2000 rating c (bad camera work)

    Toronto 2001 Hershey Centre - rating A+ this show is awsome they play for 2 hours taking lots of requests and they play "the balled of wilhelm fink"


    Every Music video 94-present

    performances on SNL etc.

    Every Letterman Leno and O'brien (except Good Riddance on O'brien.)

    And every Canadian T.V appearance 94 - present.

    King of the Hill cartoon featuring Green Day.

    Chris Isaak Show featuring Green Day ( its funny to see gd act.)

    Saturday Night Special ( Walking Contradiction and Going to Pasalaqua).....very rare

    Much Music interview from 1997 about nimrod ( they swear alot cause its live and uncensored)

    Interview from Lallapalooza 1994 about alternative music with billie joe

    A whole shit load of interviews from green day spotlights on much music

    A little 30 second interview with tre from 2002 talkin about the hives and the white stripes

    Green day on farm club interviews and performances

    Mad tv performances

    2 different interviews about international superhits

    Behind the music on green day

    interviews about doing drugs and farting

    tre jumping on the globe at vma's plus interviews

    Howard Stern Show Live Collage

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame They play Ramones Songs

    MTV's 120 Minutes (Burnout, Chump, and Christie Road)

    MTV New years eve with Billie all trashed and he plays good riddance and tottally fucks it up.

    Much Musics Gonna Meet A Rockstar (MTV Fanatic rip off)

    Pop disaster tour Diary w/ green day and blink 182

    MTV Cribs w/ green day and blink 182 on the road.

    Celebrity Undercover feat. Billie Joe (a fan meets billie but has no clue that she's on t.v.)

    MTV First Listen features live performances

    Vh1's ultimate albums: DOOKIE

    Much Music at the Warped Tour

    Best of edge fest 1998

    Before they were rock stars Billie Joe

    Green Day and Blink 182 introducing the pop disaster tour.

    Celebrity Death Match feat Billie Joe

    Interview at pop disaster tour in Toronto with billie and tre

    I also got some cd's:

    I got every green day single from longview to waiting

    Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking

    Live at Kings College

    My Generation (old green day live stuff includes live at gilman st.)

    Radio Daze

    Live Tracks

    Foot in mouth

    and a cd with 32 live green day songs including my generation live and lotsa covers

    Also check out my bands website its: my band is called mute witness you can order our albums off of our site........if you like green day you'll like us too.

    So e-mail me with you choices at: thanx alot Derek Corkish