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Strange but true!!
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This part of the site is about our fucked up little world, and the things that make us laugh. You may not find it amusing, but we certainly do! If you are bored and really have nothing better to do this collection of videos and pictures will keep you amused for hours. Oh by the way they are not for the faint hearted or those that are easily offended!! If you wanna e-mail me some funny stuff that u have found feel free. I will always look at it before deleting it, and if it is good I will add it to the site.


Kermit has been a bad boy!!

People who think after they say

Ahh cute baby

A different approach to skydiving!!

mmmmm Tasty!!!

Always coca cola

Just one more beer

Drugs are bad

Your Captions Please!!

This is what Booze does to you

Never Drink and fly

Alcoholics are getting younger

Adolf Gates!

A message from god

Some people have their head so far up their own arse!

Microsofts new keyboard

More hidden options on windows

Now why did this plane crash?

You are being watched

Sesame street puppets caught in the act

The titanic of the car world

MS office help

Cheap Vasectomy

Bomb disposal man

One happy cactus

Some kids have caught the easter bunny

A sperms worst nightmare

At least the man is honest

What would you do?

Revolutionary new bra design

The osterich man

This guy thinks highly of microsoft

Ah cute puppy

The welsh ey!

The reason why Anna kornakova dumped her last boyfriend

The suicide helpline




Bad day? You decide

Has this ever happened to you?

This is why you should look before crossing a road!

That's gonna hurt.....alot!

Setting fire to farts!!

The way to ride a bike!

All ways check before comitting!!!

Sarah Michelle Gellar kissing some chick in cruel intentions!!