Why you should trust me in sending you some stuff for review...
I hate simple reviews like "this artist sounds like this or that, go buy this album." I have a personnal experience with cheap reviewing and I come in a way that my personnal life helped me to develop a personnal approach with reviewing. And tell my personnal views toward a record is for a very interesting philosophical, sociological and psychological exercise. In other words I don't pretend to be a reviewing god, i'm a human with opinion, but I can enter at the heart of a production to let some objectival with some subjectival parts, since a cultural creation is the mix of both so why does a review can't be the same.

In other word, my reviews goes more than a simple commercial recommendation... I think the reviewing exercise is more than that and I think I'm able to do a very original personnal kind of reviews. And the webzine format is interesting since there's no space limit compared to the printed zine genre and face the fact, reviews-only zine sucks...

Some may don't like our zine, so, if it's the case, fuck you. I don't do that for the other one, this is an open place poeple can choose to browse or not our website. A lot of poeple like our webzine and I guess it help me to continue doing it and poeple hate it and I don't care. If you got any kind of comment or question, be sure to contact me and i'll reply you very fast...

All sent records will be reviewed without ass kissing... Honesty is my key... (Know too that I don't do that for free records... I buy or trade most of the records I review...)

To e-mail Martin : ITFOR666@hotmail.com
Martin Sasseville
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Montreal, Qc
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NOTE : Please do not write only In The Fence Of Reality, Wapstan, Foutredieu!!! or Brise-Cul Records on the package. Since they are not registrated companies and our P.O. Box is a single person one, you need to write "c/o Martin Sasseville" on it since they ask me the ID sometimes. Usually I don'T have problem with that, but recently I got a letter about that in my P.O. Box. I just don't want to fuck with the government that much... Thanks!

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