Hello again my friends, hereís the new batch of reviews, Hopefully as always I promise that some will be post sooner than between the last post and this one, but hereís the last batch, enjoy and rock on!



Bastard Noise†††††††††††††††††††††† Sound Engine

(PACREC; 6 tracks; 52 minutes 42 seconds)

(File under : Harsh Noise, What Else?)

Although the Wiese/Wood combo introduced me to the world of noise music 6-7 years ago (way before I was into Merzbow), I never heard tons and tons of Bastard Noise but I always appreciate this great combo. This is part of the new un(that)limited releases series from PAC series. What best way to release an album from this awesome project to start a new sub-label. That records starts with a very beautiful track, which is a collaboration track with Jesus Philbin, which is the noise project of power violence legend Chris Dodge (formerly of Stikky, Spazz, Duh, No Use For A Name and currently playing in Burn Your Bridge). I never heard this project, but it gives a slightly different vibe than the rest of the track. Thatís a pretty interesting track. The other two tracks are really harsh electronics stuff, very high and sharp maybe they are the standard tracks of the album that you can refer to if you want to see the difference between tracks. It sounds like they are boring tracks, but donít worry, the standard of noise here is high, above most of all noise projects. The fourth track is a live one, you can catch a slightly different atmosphere but itís still the same direct sound. The fifth track is by far my favourite one of the disk. The track is a mail collaboration with Tokyo noise genius Guilty Connector. The track begins with the same sound of the previous tracks but then felt into a very very loud with very inhuman (denying humanity?) vocals. Seriously just for these vocals and the loudness of this one, this worth checking this record. The last track is a track a long 26 tracks recorded live on radio. Usually I hate long live tracks but this one is a really good one. Sincerely I really enjoyed this record presented in a small slipcase. Fans of Bastard Noise should check this one out, those who ignore Bastard Noise, go fuck yourselfÖ This is noise the way I like it and especially for the track with Kohei The Fast of Guilty Connector you should check this one out. The rest is also high quality noise. Still one of the best noise is displayed here from one of the best noise purveyors

http://www.iheartnoise.com††††††††††††††††††††††††† PACREC

http://home.earthlink.net/~johnwiese††††††††† Bastard Noise



Brittle Foundries†††††††††††††††††† The Garden Of Earthy Delights

(Snip-Snip; 3Ē CDR; 2 tracks; 18 minutes 20 seconds)

(File under : Loud Ambient Electronics)

Everybody who knows me a little bit (or who read the reviews here) know that one of my favourite noise project around is Luasa Raelon. Being concerned that David started a new project really makes me curious. At first letís say itís still good quality works. The opening of the two tracks of this debut recording is like a cold sampling of violin and piano (or maybe itís not samples, anyway!) with some louder but yet subtle electronics assembled in a very minimal way. The other track is not that much a departure from the more experimental and ambient works of Luasa Raelon, remembering me still once again The Erebus And The Terror. With that loud boat sounds with that scream-like electronics. But on the second part of the track a louder sound raise and all the activities of the first part of the track stops. And then the sounds fade slowly outÖ In a sense, I donít know where did the sounds between Davidís two projects (thatís the same question I got for Control and Exsanguinate and that people should have between Foutredieu!!! and Wapstan), but with time I guess weíll end up and see where does the line between the two projects are, but I hope they will both be more known since Luasa Raelon is a criminally underrated project and this one is just beginning. I canít wait to see what will be next for that project since this debut release is really to quality and sounds really professional.

http://www.iheartnoise.com/snipsnip/†††††††††† Snip-Snip



The Cherry Point/Ahlzagailzehguhsplit

(Troniks; tapes; 2 tracks (1 each); 20 minutes)

(File under : Loud Ambient Electronics)

Thank you once again Phil at Tronik, I can do another cool ďCondescending review of a record I own that you canít have since itís sold out!Ē Every time I review Tronik stuff thatís the case (but donít be mad against me Phil, you know Iím a fucking slackerÖ) Considering the fact that I love both project Iíll review them. Ahlzagailzeguh is maybe the most interesting new project around in noise today and I may not be the only one getting psyched about them. Hereís some really loud and dirty noise with some panned manipulation. At some point we can hear something that sounds like knife-chopping stuff followed by some scream. Thereís also something that sounds like metal pot banging samples. Itís still the way harsh noise should be played in my sense and I guess Ahlzagailzehguh can teach to people what is good noise. I guess I never ever had bad times with this New York project. Sincerely I canít wait to see how the project turns on their most recent release (a two tapes set on Truculent and split with the marvellous Foutredieu!!! (letís be pretentious) on Snip-Snip) Although the name of the project is not really as evil as Ahlzagailzehguh, The Cherry Point starts with very direct and crazy noise. I really like the way the noise of TCP is doing and considering that he mostly only release 20 minutes tapes it donít felt in the boringness path as a lot of projects did. I particularly liked a deep and loud sound in the middle of the tape that reminds me of a boat horn, the high feedbacks are also very sympathetic all along the tracks. I guess every composite of a good noise are present here. The end of the tracks are more consisting of grating noise effects before returning into some more noise and then stopping suddenly. So hereís another short but sweet tape from two always nice to hear project. You missed it possibly, but jump on their other releases since they are above the genericness of many other noise projects aroundÖ Rock on!

http://www.iheartnoise.com††††††††††††††††††††††††† Troniks + The Cherry Point

http://www.geocities.com/collapsedhole††††† Ahlzagailzehguh



Cock ESP/Origami Genitalia†††††††††††††††††††††† split

(FDDE Records; tape (limited to 27); 11 tracks (10 by Cock ESP and 1 by OG); 30 minutes)

(File under : Fucked up noise at itís cock best)

I always liked the Cock ESP and itís always a nice pleasure to hear them. This one is a split with E.W. Hagstormís own project Origami Genitalia, proud member of the Origami Republika. The Cock ESP side is a somewhat typical ESP stuff comprised of some lousy loops, straight forward noise and some crazy crushing mayhem alternating together for the purpose of making this 10 track side a disastrous roller coaster mayhem. I donít know if I can say more about that, Cock ESP are what they are. Thatís beautifully edited by the way! No cock fans will be disappointed by thisÖ The Origami Genitalia project is more in the electro-acoustic manipulation way of the genre. Itís not that much my kind of pie, but as life goes on I figure that I can see whatís good and whatís bad in this genre and this is not really a bad kind of thing. Thereís an interesting dark ambient vibe that never fall into creepy boringness. Highly interesting stuff, I would like to hear more of this Origami project. The small problem with this one it that this tape (presented in a translucent booktape case) is limited to a mere 27, so go figureÖ Maybe youíll have better chance with that new 3Ē of Cock ESP released through deadline and several other labelsÖ Nice record indeed for a new labelÖ

http://www.cockesp.com†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Cock ESP

http://www.freenoise.org/origami/††††††††††††††† Origami Genitalia

http://www.geocities.com/fdde_records/††††† FDDE Records



Joshua Norton Cabal and Malpa††††††††††††††† split

(Dada Drumming; tape; 6 tracks (4 Malpa, 2 JNC); 20 minutes)

(File under : Experimental noise superb rendez-vous)

Hereís another release from everybodyís favourite tape label. Malpa, the leader and pioneer of the primate electronic genre starts the split his side with some speech with some really highs parts along with very loud pulsing beats, the track is called ďBantuĒ. The rapidity of the execution is really cool on this track and thereís a good alternance of noise. The second track (feline-ing) is a lil bit louder with some spacy vocals that sounds like apes digitally screaming. There also some distorted keyboard. The third track called ďWhyĒ is more comprised of voice with some manipulated noises still both in the louder and higher spectrum. The Fourth track begin in a more ambient spectrum and then some noises raises and then everything fades outÖ I appreciated Malpaís side but I really feel it can be way better, maybe longer. But Malpa got the merit of playing a kind of different kind of noise, it worth the checking. Especially of the loud pulsing beats and Malpa is along with PCRV the project that deals with really high sounds. Joshua Norton Cabal is 100% unknown to my ears, I really know nothing about him. Pressing play, then I wait, I wait, I wait, mmm, is thereís something on this side of the split? Is JNC plays silence? Maybe itís an error, but there was nothing on my tapeís JNC sideÖ Oups! The other deck was playingÖ I guess that fact that I feared that there was nothing on this side of the tape make me happier when I heard noise coming from this tape. Fucking crazy shit here. Very hypnotic noise with some heavy pounding noise beats that kinda reminds me of Antigen Shift. Wow! Thatís my kind of shit, I really like the way the noise are assembled and performed with the dirtiness of the sounds. The second track is more in the old school noise way but still well constructed, sometimes these some part that reminds me of dance music but itís still dirty and very noisy. Fast, precise, hypnotic, well constructed and dirty. Sadly too short. Thatís my new complaint. I hope everything else from this project is that way. Man, I donít know but I figure that everybody who release stuff on Dada Drumming delivers themselves at their best and this tape is no exception. Hereís a great tape from projects that worth being looked.

http://www.geocities.com/malpape/††††††††††††† Malpa

http://www.dadadumming.org†††††††††††††††††††††† Dada Drumming



LHD†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Curtains

(PACREC; 5 tracks; 19 minutes 02 seconds)

(File under : Total Harsh Noise Madness)

Hereís an ass kicker! Lefthandedecision is dead and now Phil Blankenship teamed with John Wiese to expend his noise destruction as LHD. Iím always perplex when itís time to take a look at a new records in CD since I always know that because the price of such release are so high that people fill them with long stuff that sometimes gets boring. Thatís really not the case here and thatís maybe one of the reason why this record is so geniusÖ This straight gentle record time at less than 20 minutes and consist of 5 tracks. The other reason why this record is a genuine one is that the noise is so fast and so good that it make this release a memorable one. Seriously the tracks are sharp razor, relentlessÖ What more can you want? You will never get the occasion to be close to think that this record is becoming dull. Maybe thatís a part of genius in Blankenshipís work both as Cherry Point and here as LHD. All the tracks succeed quickly and all of them got constant power. I guess of the three inaugural PACREC releases, this one was the one I wasnít shiting in my pants while waiting for, but it truly became my favourite one. Considering the high quality of the Bastard Noise and Control ones, consider this as a masterpiece. This will truly became a favourite in my stereo and maybe one fine choice for the noise record of the year in 2004. A very promising debut (if itís the debut album). Congrats for this one Phil and John!

http://www.iheartnoise.com††††††††††††††††††††††††† PACREC




Navicon Torture Technologies††††††† Dripping With The Power Of Her Flesh

(Immanence; 9 tracks; 78 minutes 14 seconds)

(File under : Top quality power electronics)

Criminally contained to a mere availability of 50 copies, thank Immanence for this top quality reissue. I first read about this album on Unrestrained! over a year ago and felt like I should take a listen and when I heard that one of my favourite label was re-releasing it I was really happy. Iím not that much into power electronics but the few I listen to give me very freaky listen. This time itís maybe the craziest experience I guess I had with power electronics. The tortured romantic side of NTT is maybe at itís worst (or best, go figure). Backed with classical samplings and minimal electronics Leech guarantee you a very disturbing journey passionate aural torture. Torture is the name for the loop of second trackís 15 minutes nightmare seconded with very crazy vocals.Thereís a track with lyrics from Oscar Wilde that makes this record more interesting. Thereís also a fucking nice remix by UKís amazing beat machine Detritus that gives Leechí scream another sense of violence. Just for that fucking disturbing experience it worth the CDís price. This awesome record is presented in a beautiful digipack with freaky woman in melancholic position. I mean itís really beautiful, my own wife who studies in art liked it (she donít say that for tons of records, trust me!) Thomas Garrison did the mastering and once again itís a pretty good job. I guess NTT is in a classe ŗ part in the power electronics world. This is a very awesome record that set rules, donít follow them. Justice is done now for a record that worth more than itís original pressing!

http://www.anihilvs.org/††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Navicon Torture Technologies

http://www.immanence-records.com††††††††††† Immanence



Never Presence Forever/Metaconqueror††††††††††††† Split

(Dada Drumming; tape; 2 tracks (one each); 30 minutes)

(File under : Ambient noise meeting)

Another pretty fucking crazy match-up by Dada Drumming. Never Presence Forever that is one of my favourite projects joins forces with a Steel Hook Prosthesesí related project. The presentation is still awesome as most of all Dada Drumming tapes are. This one comes in a kind of DVD cases for tapes, I really donít know in ordinary life for what purpose do they use this but itís a very cute presentation backed with a nice design from Scott of Crionic Mind, go figure. The Metaconqueror side of the tape is more in the minimal way of the noise world. The track is a small scratchy sound backed with some darker ambient sounds. The track way long for a minimal thing but I guess it never gets boring. Then at the end some very processed vocals appear to close the track. I really donít know what he says, maybe to change the side of the tape, but I heard better-manipulated voice than that. NPF is not really on a different path than Metaconqueror. The track is some ambient sounds with some reversed sounds. I like that kind of sounds when itís used intelligently and this time itís the case. Thereís also some samples of sounds with more disturbing gratings that really put in a stressful mood ending with some reversed strings and a speech from a racist loser. Very nice progression of track here while still remaining in the ambient tones. In a way the track is really great, itís cool to hear new sounds from NPF, I guess itís the first release since the not long enough PAC release, now this time itís a long enough track that worth looking. This split is another very awesome piece in the Dada Drumming catalogue, maybe the best I actually heard. If you search for the very fast and crazy noise, stay away from that, check the rest of the labelís catalogue. But fan of subtle and well-done more ambient noise will get nut on this one. Some other new Never Presence Forever is just being release and thereís a new full length coming out from Metaconqueror. Sure Iíll take a look on this one. (Note: the stickers on my tapes says the wrong sides of the split, Andrew of NPF told me what is track consist of and I figured that my labels were on the wrong sidesÖ)

http://holyterror.com/neverpresenceforever††††††††† Never Presence Forever

http://SteelHookProstheses.com ††††††††††††††† Steel Hook Prostheses

http://www.dadadumming.org†††††††††††††††††††††† Dada Drumming



Odrz†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Odrz05

(Tibprod; CDR; 1 tracks; 60 minutes 02 seconds)

(File under : Conceptual experimental noise)

Mmm, I guess that around Norwayís Tibprod revolves really nice stuff. This one is no exception. Odrz is from Italy and delivers here a conceptual record. This was recorded while watching television and I guess (if I follow the logic of the booklet) they altered the whole recording few days after. So they used six televisions between 8 PM and 9 PM on February 28 2002 as source. The whole result is way more interesting that I anticipated. This long track is not just an addition of TV sounds with some fucked up effects; this is a pure noise construction. Whatís interesting is that the noise alteration is not really boring and the TV waves noise make it really looks like a late night fucked up intrusion into the life of an alienated guy whoís always in form of his TV set. Interesting but not that groundbreaking, but I like those who try to exit the path of normalityÖ

Http://www.tibprop.com/†††††††††††††††††† †††††††††† Tibprod

http://www.odrz.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Odrz



Odrz†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Odrz06 (Part III & VI)

(Tibprod; 2CDR; 2 tracks; 2 X 60 minutes 00 seconds)

(File under: Conceptual industrial noise)

Another conceptual release by the Italian experimental noise combo. This time ORDZ visit the world of the factory sounds. Well letís say itís industrial noiseÖ This album consist of another one 60 minutes track but this time itís a 2 CD releaseÖ I guess that this release is the part III and VI of a nine part release??? Excuse me but isnít that a little silly to release a nine hours release? But it represents a nine hours working day. But the most interesting part of that is that thereís music on it. Musically speaking itís very awesome stuff. The part six is my favourite of the two. Itís a kind of very ambient industrial noise with a very very very repetitive but is never really becoming in the boring path of it. Sincerely great stuffÖ The third part is a kind of deep pulsing machine beats (when you put it in your computer the Windowís Media player says itís a Steve Howe CD!) that come and goes, fade in and out. I didnít really like this one, but the loudness of the pulse is really interesting. The sixth part is consisting of the hour between 1 PM and 2 PM and the third part between 10 AM and 11 AM (apparently the fifth part is the lunch break! I wonder how it sounds.) The biggest complain I got about it is that the cover of the records is on a slipcase made of metal screen and thereís some parts of the metal thing that separate from the package and then every time you have to remove the CD from the case you should carry to not scratch the CD. Itís a damn cool package but very dangerous for the CDÖ I still donít know if a less conceptual release can be better from this projectÖ

Http://www.tibprop.com/†††††††††††††††††† †††††††††† Tibprod

http://www.odrz.org†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Odrz



Pedestrian Deposit†††††††††††††† Volatile

(Truculent/Hospital; 5 tracks; 57 minutes 40 seconds)

(File under : whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiz (†††††††† )whiiihhwihslekllsishihe (†††††† )†† jhjjhhwishwwhwwhhkkÖ)

The veteran teenager of the west coast noise scene is back with his very first official full-length release. Can you realize that Jon Borges is doing it since around 2000 and heís now only 19 years old! This sounds like heíll be a very big genius of noise in a near future (if heís not one already!) and this record is the very big step to show to the world how this youngster can kick some old bastardsí nuts. First complaint of this record and I read that Iím not the only one to hated that, please mister Fernow (of Hospital production and Prurient fame, designer of the artwork), donít put some writings on gold over a red back. If Iíll go blind, youíll be somewhat responsibleÖ Anyway, the artwork of this album is very beautiful and was done like I just said by Dominik Fernow who always does very beautiful artworks. Thereís a picture of a womanís neck on the cover that reminds of the pictures on Prurientís Troubled Sleep with some writing, drawings and other pictures inside. Very cute! However, the music inside is not very very cuteÖ We are in the very harsh path of the noise world, the one that Truculent recording and Hospital Productions are heading to be a leader in the genre. Very direct electronics without compromise but never really boring. The comparison to Immaculate:Grotesque can be easy to do but I my sense, itís not that far from that. But anyway all of that comparison stands for the 3 first track of that five tracks piece. The first track got a very stressful penchant to sound stopping, the sound stops when you donít think it will stops, which makes you think it can stop anytime. That is a very characteristic aspect of the Pedestrian Deposit sound. The second track is also an ear-splitting noise destruction that suddenly at 4 minutes stops and gets bleaker and then the start and stop craziness of the project is there. That "start and stop" attitude of Pedestrian Deposit sound is surely and fell in the right name when we call it noise, because it gives us nausea. The third track also is in the sharp razor noise, not badly done, direct and well assembled.The fourth track is more of an experimental ambient track, which is a very very intense surprise. I donít want to play the guy who like the ambient tracks better, but letís say that this track is more memorable maybe only because of the different style of it and Iím a fucker who likes ambient shitte. The fifth track is a very harsh live track that will continue the headache experience at itís best. This debut record of this project that mostly release tape is pretty well done and every true noise fan should get this one. Sell your Merzbow albums and get this one and all Truculent records!

http://www.truculentrecordings.net††††††††††††† Truculent

http://monorailtrespassing.com††††††††††††††††††† Pedestrian Deposit



Pedestrian Deposit/Armenia††††††††††††††††††††††† Split

(Dada Drumming; 7Ē (limited to 300); 2 tracks (one each); around 8 minutes)

(File under : Harsh noiseÖ)

Dada Drumming was supposed for so long to release 7Ē that the day it went out everybody should be happy! And what a great meeting for an inaugural release than this one. I guess the more I listen to that great project that is Pedestrian Deposit, the more I like it and in this record itís still at his way goodÖ On this track thereís a very nice piano ambience that is mixed with the typical star/stop headache-giving harshness of the project. Sadly itís a little bit short but itís pretty sweet. But whatís interesting is that I start thinking that Pedestrian Deposit has a very distinct sound which is not something that a lot of project got in the noise world and that make true noise people from amateur... The other side feature the long-running Ecuadorian project Armenia. I really like Armenia too, not only because they are from far away and looks exotic, but because they are pretty fucking harsh and doing it really nicely. The Armenia side is very harsh and fast with some fucked vocals. I really liked the track too, itís fast, harsh and shortÖ Thatís a pretty nice release I guess and they should take this as a compliment since Iím not big on noise 7Ē. This said 7Ē is a blue vinyl coming with a translucent sleeve. And as Dada Drumming is mostly specialized in tapes this 7Ē got a special offer, if you buy it and youíre part of the 50ís to own it, you got a bonus tape with both tracks ďPresented For Your Mobile Listening PleasureĒ. Thatís mainly if you donít listen to punk rock like me in your carÖ

http://www.dadadumming.org†††††††††††††††††††††† Dada Drumming

http://noiseweb.painreceptor.com/armenia/††††††††††† Armenia

http://monorailtrespassing.com††††††††††††††††††† Pedestrian Deposit



SŲren†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Fading Memories

(Monorail Trespassing; 3Ē CDR; 1 tracks; 17 minutes 08 seconds)

(File under : Ambient grating noise)

SŲren is a new side project of Swedenís Daniel Johannsson who is more known for his superb noise in Sewer Election. This is a more minimal project, well minimal is maybe not the name. This one tracked 17 minutes record consist of a long ambient grating drone. I picked this record since I like Sewer Election and I wonder how a different project would sounds. The result is pretty amazing! This is a very subtle noise release in the way I like, it reminds me of Scandinavian fellows of Ovum and Iversen or Metaconquerorís part of their split with Never Presence Forever. Iím pretty interested in hearing more of this project, I hope it wonít be that kind of one release side-project since itís really good. Itís presented in a full colour picture of brick wall in a translucent case. Very Promising!

http://www.iheartnoise.com/sewerelection/ Sewer Election (SŲren)

http://www.monorailtrespassing.com†††††††††† Monorail Trespassing



XV Parůwek††††††††††††††††††††††††† Chewing Is Pointless

(XV Parůwek; CDR)

(File under : Field recordings)

I guess itís the first time I actually have the chance to listen to a complete album of field recording. Considering that itís coming from a very interesting project outta Poland, I guess that the activity here should be fun. Well, I donít really know if itís supposed to be a story or something like that, but I guess that this is like an unvoiced and unpictured movieÖ This is like the collage of multiple recorded sources such as inside a car or a bus, in the streets, in some shopping centre, well, in a very urban lifeÖ The result is in my sight very well put together, like a succession of recordings with some times between the recordings. And itís something really noisy but always clear and distinct about where did the sounds should be from. I donít know how he recorded everything but we donít hear some feedbacks like when the sounds are recorded with Microcassette recorder. Considering that this is from a project that usually delivers very harsh and direct noise, this can be very interesting considering the difference in the mood of the recording. I was really afraid that this record should have been only a curiosity and then just another record in my record collection but I guess that surprisingly I like the mood of that record, every silences between recordings makes me perplex about whatís coming outÖ I guess that mixed with the heavyweight noise of the XV Parůwekís usual recording the marriage can be a very fierce oneÖ In a sense itís always interesting to see some noise project experimenting something different and this record is a very good example. Itís always crazy to face the fact that some of the most disturbing noise source is our everyday life.

http://xvp.terra.pl††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† XV Parůwek


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