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Martin ITFOR





Bury Your Dead                    Cover Your Tracks

(Victory; 12 tracks; 31 minutes 07 seconds)

(File under : Fucking respect Hatebreed-core)

This is one of the side of the hardcore scene that always left me in very strange feelings. Are your ready for a very fucking hostile slap of testosterone? I bet so, because New England’s dirty job hardcore dudes are there. They got the biggest ear plugs in the whole musical scene this side of Control and they fucking wear nice outfit to prove you that they are fucking serious when they come in your entourage to kick some asses… The proof is that they helped that cheated girl to get rid of his boyfriend’s dead body. Wow they kick some serious asses… I guess this kind of image is very cool for the mafia movie dude like me. I can understand why people do that kind of similarities between mafia and subcultures, that’s a kind of “alternatives families” and so… But I doubt gangsters play moshing hardcore… It’s not as cheesy as that Belgian band called Do Or Die who put some Italian music and Italian passages in their sounds… And I prefer that kind of attitude than the straightedge/moralist ayatollah style or the recent Fight Club image in the last Throwdon record, that was sooo fucking horrible… Yeah outside that testosterone imagery there’s also music on this CD. I must say that bands that are compared to Pantera and Hatebreed are in my book starting at a negative rating. Nothing’s really challenging here, we’re still in the book that Merauder opened years back. Bury Your Dead is not a revolutionary band, they possibly will not sells millions of records or reach the attentions of poeple everywhere. Say the reviewer in me is a fucking jealous dude that know nothing about hardcore music, but hey, I heard that album 8 years ago and heard every kind of possible combination of riffs, lyrics and beats with that kind of music. I’m the kind of guy that like to go to these same sounding hardcore shows and moshing like a fucking retard. Says I’m a weak hidden prick behind a computer screen… That reminds me of a quote from Mishima in his fabulous book called “The Sun And The Steel” that I guess everybody in that testosterone-core scene should read, that’s better than every kind of mafia and Fight Club imagery. Mishima says in this book that those who don’t like being in fitness and being strong are weak poeple… What a great sentence. Anyway, I heard worst in this genre, seriously Bury Your Dead worth more than an advertising as a Pantera (who’s for me the band that should be forgotten the most from the nineties, may Dimebag rest in piece…) and Hatebreed (a great band in their very direct style, pioneering or propulsing to the masses a style that shouldn’t had been too much copied I guess). So for those who like to dance with their hardcore, who search real values of life to be cool with your friends check this one up. The style completist will like, the people into novelty already passed over this release and look for something better and the pricks like me put them in their record collection and will possibly never play it back…

http://www.victoryrecords.com         Victory

http://www.buryyourdead.com          Bury Your Dead



darph/nadeR              hairmyth, volume one

(Fargone; CDR; 1 tracks; 42 minutes 38 seconds)

(File under : Harsh noise…)

This is a project I know for a while but I haven’t heard yet, I only heard one of the member’s interesting project E Yard. Darph/nadeR is a duo from California. This release is a single 42 minute track one. So this is for heavy masochist. But the guy in me who always hates to listen to one track release, I must drop the flag on this one. The reason is simple, this release fucking rocks! This is a very cool assemblage of constant white noise, some kind of voice sampling, old school synth and tons of other stuff. The result is a very constant one with a very good dose of invitation to continue. There’s very few noise projects that challenge me to turn the volume up and want more, I guess only Concrete Violin and Filthy Turd do. I like these kind of sound intensity. The very boring non-attractive side of this release is the presentation of the release. Althought Fargone did very very nice release (this one along with one from Nautical Almanac, Stimbox and their own The Seven Arts) the packagings is possibly the most ugly I ever saw that’s bubble jet printed picture taped with black electric tape on  a normal jewel case. I don’t know, they are big, ugly and the label ask for a price I guess big for this. Maybe with experience the label should do better looking releases, but this one looks like shit… I guess it doesn’t invite you to listen to it. New rrecords from the label already got better packaging, but the previous one suffers of this weak packaging. But seriously this is a very nice noise record. If you think you should be ready for this, just look at it fast, mine is number 13 out of 25… South California noise rise up!!!

http://www.fargonerecords.com Fargone records



Government Alpha/Thirdorgan        Dr. Frudstein/Counterattack of Shine-Shine-Dan

(Dada Dumming; 7” + CD; 4 tracks; around 56 minutes)

(File under : Awesome japanoise split)

Possibly one of the most interesting split in years due to it’s nature and it’s look from this amazing label! This split featuring two amazing japanoise projects are pairing here on two media for the best. This split is divided in a very cute blood red 7” and a CD. The 7” is the harshest part of the release. This is on both part a very beautiful demonstration of the harsh nature of both projects. Government Alpha is of the two projects the most know. It’s part of the split called Dr. Freudstein reflects the usual no-hold-barred noise style of this Japan supersonic act. This track is fast harsh and hard. Maybe among the best of he artist. I always got the impression that when Government Alpha are on CDR or tape it’s never as great as on CD or 7”, I guess it’s an impression. Or maybe this track is over edited compared with real live action like the one featured on the CD. But this is pure sonic noise madness! The only problem : too short. This is also the problem with the other part which is from the more obscure project Thirdorgan, that I guess should be more popular. This one flirts more in the pure japanoise field  Masonna used to path, but in a special way as well. This is over-saturated at a level we all like and fits fabulously with the other side of this piece of wax. Seriously this is the best noise 7” I heard in my entire life, period. Let’s just say that I’m not big on noise 7”. The CD is also a fabulous piece of noise. Both were recorded live on the same night in 2003. The Government Alpha track is 15 minutes of pure surgical noise. It’s a little bit slower I guess but you hear the perfect mastery of noise manipulation. But it’s a little bit in my own sight overpassed by Thirdorgan’s track. The track begins with a Japanese pop song’s loop that evolves into a very nice noise track. This long track is solid, sharp and harsh. Destinated to kick your butt. (and it’s great to hear because Thirdorgan’s coming to American soon!) I guess this is the lack of Japan noise in my world outside Guilty Connector and Outermost, but maybe not, but this release is a pure fucking gem! I guess a split in my sight is a pure fucking gem! Well, this is cheap and the noise on it is a masterpiece of  noise. But maybe I’m speaking in the void because true noise fan should already got it in their collection, if not, jumpon it fast before they’re gone…

http://www.dadadrumming.org          Dada Drumming



Gruntsplatter                                    Pest Maiden

(PACrec; 5 tracks; 66 minutes 26 seconds)

(File under : Darker than the bubon that grew up in your neck this week)

From the Tronik vault, PACrec reissue a very obscure release from this West Coast infamous act for the best I guess. I really can’t imagine that some parts of this was originally released on a tape limited to 50 back in 1999. Five years later justice is due thankfully from one of the best label in noise nowadays. This one I is comprise of 5 tracks that was originally done on a 7” and a tape. The structure of most of the tracks are similarly the same and as the Luasa Raelon PAC also released recently, the power is in the quality of the music (or noise, see…) Most of the track are very repetitively pounding with a sharp razor ambience that will raise your hair. I got a particularly personal preference for the last track that got a very intense harsh vibe through it’s big 25 minutes of harsh “silence”. I guess there’s few noise project that can handle a sense of dramatic ambience with a high degree of harsh noise. That is something that should be known more, but I guess the name Gruntsplatter. So this is really justice due to this beautiful release to been more available for now. The mastering job was also done by Thomas Garrisson who actually did another beautiful sound job here and the artwork was done by Scott Candey and looks like most of his other ones. So this is a mandatory one for those who need tension and loudness in their life takes note, weak people, got out of here…

http://www.iheartnoise.com              PACrec

http://www.crionicmind.org               Gruntsplatter



Guilty Connector                              Cosmic Trigger/2AM Visit

(Ground Fault; 12 tracks; 43 minutes 53 seconds)

(File under : Another masterpiece from one of our favourite noise act…)

Starting with some fucking nice drums with some electronics before going to a fucking harsh noise wall, here’s the long awaited Guilty Connector release for the very awesome label Ground Fault. Taking on a category where only the die-hards could be (along with Sickness, Prurient and Government Alpha), on the infamous series III of the label, Guilty Connector delivers here another awesome concoction of his awesome noise that my ears like so much. Divided in 2 parts, the first part, Cosmic Trigger, starts with a very cool drumming part as mentioned above before jumping to another short track of wall of noise and another short one before a more long one to take your breath : “666Koenji Awamori Trinken Massacre… and what a fucking harsh massacre the kind of synth sounds absolutely kill the shit. You know the principle of the series III : NOISE ALL THE TIME, so you know that when it’s time to put a record in this series you’re in a treck for a beautiful headache… the fifth track is a previously released track from a split 7” with Sudden Infant and is more of the fucked upping of sounds submitted by the other project. Hey it’s not harsh as my ears want… What’s going on? Anyway this fucked up “Roulette” sounds great, at least it fits the Cosmic Trigger theme. The last one of the first part is also a previously released one (on a 3” on Tabula Rasa) which consist of a kind of a live smashing and screaming fest with feedback and drunkness that end in a very harsh and raw noise fest. Amazing way to finish the part. Seriously the Guilty Connector performance should rip some fucking head off I hope he’ll move his ass to North America someday! The second part is called “2AM Visit”. In the booklet (assuming that you know how Ground Fault releases cover and artwork are done), the image behind the text on the page show Kohei “the fast” with open red (photoshp painted) eyes screaming. And you need to scream top this fucking crazy track that opens this part. Very fast and loud electronics with attitude announce the rest of the program! The metal manipulation of “Nail, 15cm long”  is a very harsh attack that end up with the very long silent introduction of “Stabbed Straw Puppet”. The song is very fast and harsh following a long introducing is a kind of muted one that fade in. Very harsh and loud. The following “Rocke Me” is from a “Tribute” to Abba. I wish Abba was that harsh. That is one  of the most crazy track of this record because we hear GxCx listening to Abba and whistling. The last one is interrupted with very punchy manipulation with some very strange “ambient” manipulation with, uh!, a glass of water until the end. As always, this Ground Fault release is top notch quality. Most of the artists that release stuff on this label usually do their best stuff due to the exposure it gives and this time it’s also the case. I won’t say that this is the best GxCx album just that it’s a very strong one. Guilty Connector always perform top quality noise. This is another very great release from one of the most interesting and unique noise unit around!

http://www.groundfault.net                Ground Fault

http://www.geocities.jp/GxCx666/    Guilty Connector/Utsu Tapes         



Henderson/Richardson         Neither work, nor leisure

(Voltagestress*r; CDR; 1 tracks; 19 minutes 59 seconds)

(File under : Dense wall of noise noise)

That is possibly one of the most strange release I’ve come to hear and see for a while. I don’t know for you but seeing a release with 2 puppet make me very curious about this one and also makes me taking my distance from it! These two puppets apparently are England’s answer to the Wolf Eyes. Whatever it’s true or not, let’s just say that they kick some harsh asses! This release is a very stunning wall of sound performance. The sound is very punchy and the sense of tension is at a very high point. There is a big constant noise wall with some very dense manipulation on this and the whole result is a very nice noise performance. I guess it should have been cuter on 3” but the sounds really matter here, not the format of release! I didn’t heard a good (I mean fucking harsh and well done) wall of noise release like this one for a while. I don’t know if this combo (I suppose) got other releases but this one is a very cool one from UK’s fine DIY noise label! Nice shit for a bunch of fucking puppets…

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/voltagestressr/        Voltagestress*r



Hive Mind                 Sand Beast

(PACrec/Chondritic; 1 tracks; 38 minutes 35 seconds)

(File under : Dooooooommmmyyy Drones)

Are you fucking bored of your neighbours downstairs who always cries and talks? Here’s the solution to the agitation of your fucking neighbours : Hive Mind. Hive Mind is from Michigan and from the same spirit that brought you Cleanse and Black Sand Desert. This 43 minutes long track is possibly the best wet dream for everybody into very loud music. At the moment I played it on my stereo and felt the floor shaking I realised we’re in it for a loud journey. Everything Hive Mind perform are made with noise synth and possibly other effect and the result overthrow every possibility of keeping wax in your ears. It kinda reminds me of Sunn O))) in their more experimental parts (like in 00 Void) and without sounding like two retarded metal dudes on drugs. I say that often but I’m somebody that hates long track but the fact that I heard their album 5 times in 2-3 days is a fucking good sing and the fact also that in that time their other full length was also a regular one is the proof that it hit me in the right place. So you want something loud and heavy? The Hive Mind are the fucking shit!!!

http://www.iheartnoise.com               PACrec

http://www.chondriticsound.com/      Chondritic/Hive Mind



Hive Mind                 Death Tones

(Hanson; 1 tracks; 43 minutes 33 seconds)

(File under : Dooooooommmmyyy Drones)

Second proper release in a few month for Michigan’s equivalence of King Kong’s fart! This time the formula is nearly similar as their superb debut Sand Beast but I guess few things got better in some ways. This Michigan unit can’t certainly evolve in a thousands path in the kind of style they are but in this very impressive release there are some more exploration on this. Like it seems to me that there are more kinda pulsing sounds, maybe this is what we call death tones, but I don’t know. There seems for me to feature more high parts that in the other one. As a whole, this album seems to me to be more vicious than the other one. I guess it’s louder than other release. But in a way it look more improvised and it kinda sounds less professional. But anyway it hurts in the fucking right place. I guess the Hive Mind make the concept of doom music exit the metal realm. Great experience!

http://hivemind.sinkhole.net/            Hive Mind


(Note : Hive Mind’s review were half-assed on purpose!)



Luasa Raelon            Consumed Within The Years Of Lead

(PACrec/Snip-Snip; 5 tracks; 43 minutes 28 seconds)

(File under : Loud old school industrial noise)

Finally here’s the first proper release of Ohio’s marvellous Luasa Raelon. If there’s a project that I love in the world of noise and that I guess a ton of people within the noise scene went attracted to, I guess it’s Luasa Raelon. I guess I had the chance to be one of the early people to ear this project, not enough to actually ever heard previous project Lupine, but enough to get all of the early stuff! This made me very proud for them to finally heading up with a proper full length! This one is I guess more in the more dark industrial tones of the project, not that far from their (I guess) classics 80000v, , that is to date for me the most achieve release of the project (my some personal experiences of weed smoking and Nietzsche reading with it helped). The first track leave the impression that you’re in a sombre journey. There’s some background deep tones with some very repetitive sounds like that wavy sounds that goes in a lot of releases, some very high  theremin sounds and some kind of reverberated percussion. The result is a big fucking crazy track! Very loud and powerful. The second track is not that far from that except that there’ some pretty cool feedback at the end. The third track sounds really “oceanic”, like there is some kind of wave sound before going to another dark pounding moody industrial mayhem! What’s the best thing with this and what make the Luasa Raelon more solid than ever is not to find something new here, but is in it’s perfect mood. Always on tension, always tight, always brightly performed. Luasa Raelon is always, in my own very personal sight, a project that takes you to a kind of journey. There is always an conceptual attitude they want you to feel and they always do it very well. From the abyss of the ocean to the upper skies and the coldness of the north, the impression is always there and the sound of Luasa Raelon is always kinda constant. Here I don’t know where we should go but this is not a fairytale soundtrack I guess and the title is the very great indication that this sounds should go to the dark side. And I guess for the first proper release that very officially conceptual stuff should have been taken aside to focus on the whole concept of the project. That makes a great result I guess, very well supported by a very nice mastering by isolationism king Cordell Klier and by cool artwork by Scott Candey (one of his best I’ve seen actually). So this step was very beautifully done from this band that I guess nobody never talk badly above because it is one of the best around, period.

http://www.iheartnoise.com               PACrec

http://www.iheartnoise.com/luasaraelon Luasa Raelon


Mare                          s/t

(Hydrahead; 5 tracks; 24 minutes 26 seconds)

(File under : splendid slow core)

It’s always cool to see a Canadian band signed to a label that I like. This time is a young trio named Mare. Mare is the new band of vitriol throat dude Tyler Semrick-Palmateer, who handed the vocals on the early line-up of Toronto own crazy band The End. He was the guy on the first release of this crazy band. So I was quite pretty interested in seeing the progression of somebody who was in one of my favourite band. At first I was so impressed because I was really expecting a kind of violent chaotic stuff like The End but it was pretty fucking better. Mare is more in the way of the sound of bands on the label they find home at Hydra Head, they sounds like a very melodic doom core with some very moody guitar interludes and some clean vocals. You have to catch the band live to see how much these dudes “feel” their music. It’s not that far from the melodic loudness of Isis with the kind of guitar technicalness at time of a band like Gorguts or… The End… This is not a kind of very brutal band but there’s like some crushing guitar sounds these bands got. This is really the most beautiful discovery of the year I guess in the metal field. This is seriously one of the most genially constructed release I heard for a while. The most intense complaint I got against this piece of sound is that it’s not long enough… That fucking sucks, I need more, I really wish a full length should be out soon. I guess seeing them playing with emotion their tracks will make you like this record more I guess. The artwork of this one was made by Aaron Turner and as ever this is a pretty fucking awesome one. This is like a collage of a crane with some kind of industrial pictures. Very cute. You want to start back on thinking the future can be cool, take this one and you’ll be very happy to wait for a full length, I guess I never got that impression since I heard The Mosquito Control for the first time 6 years ago… This is possibly destined to be in my favourite bands!!!

http://www.mare.ca                Mare

http://www.hydrahead.com    Hydrahead



Mass                          RRRecycled

(RRR; tape; 2 tracks)

(File under : harsh noise)

Here’s a young I guess project from Ontario not to be confused with the amazing band of the same name from San Francisco. This project is possibly one of the very DIY of the genre considering the one copy release that came in the package with this one. I choose to review this one since it is very available since RRRecycled tapes are I guess available forever. Mass plays harsh noise in a very generic way. What seems to be interesting in the sound of Mass is the kind of muddy strong sounds that can reminds me a lil’ bit of Filthy Turd and Concrete Violin but not as great as these. Nothing is really revolutionary but it does have a kind of significance in the way that it’s very nicely played. It gets a little bit very long at some point. Something that is not great is that both sides of the tape’s length overpass the original feature, that means that unlike most of the RRRecycled tape, you don’t hear stuff at the end of the presentation. At least of my own’s. Those searching for new talent should check this one, it’s well done, not revolutionary but it does sounds good and at the price of RRRecycled tapes it can be cool to check out.

http://www.rrrecycled.com    RRRecycled



PCRV/Nkondi                       split tape

(dollfullofrivet; tape; 2 tracks (one each) ; 32 minutes)

(File under : harsh fucking noise split)

I had that feeling that I haven’t heard any of PCRV (Matt Taggart) stuff for a while and was wondering what happened of this pretty nice Montana outfit and then, Bang! Something arrives at my mailbox. Here’s a split with Oregon’s Nkondi. PCRV’s part is simply genuine, beginning with some very deep electro drones with some reverberated high parts. I like that part of the sounds of PCRV, that was also present in “In 4 Movement” and now it seems perfected. There are after some minutes some more gruffy direct sounds that sound like someone tearing off a guitar chords. While we hear that sound, the back ground noise seems more rhythmic before the characteristic very high sounds of PCRV come. Then some more noisy stuff explode, very rough with some theremin I guess. That’s a total noise mess and it’s great! Then it end up in some more psychedelic reverb. I guess the sounds of PCRV is going stronger since the last time I heard it. Long live to Montana Noise!!! On the other side there’s Nkondi, a project that I always feel very ordinary but always enjoyable for what it does. On this it begins very well with a kind of siren feedback and some other noises that anticipate very dark speed noise. What we got here is plain and direct noise. Not very far from what I expected from Nkondi but in a way better I guess. I don’t know why but it sounds better. I guess if Nkondi (Erik Artega) got a crazy stage presence live it should be a great project to catch live. That should also be the perfect stuff to remain awake while driving by night. There are some very nice sounds on this and the speed is perfect for those who likes the heavy noise shit. But after 5-6 minutes it gets boring I guess, as usual as I can say for Nkondi. I never really been able to hear a complete album from this project. I guess it’s perfect on comp or short releases or live, but for a long release it gets kinda tiresome but I never heard it while I was smoking pot, it should be different. But as a part of a split it completes the other part of the release as long as it’s not long. The split with The Cherry Point on that way is perfect. I always got the impression when I hear a Nkondi split tape that the Nkondi part is good, but no more and it makes you appreciate more the quality of the other project. And here it’s still the case, the PCRV track is simply amazing. The Nkondi track seems a little bit more over par than the rest of the stuff I heard but still not the most crazy shit in the world. We got here possibly the best stuff I heard from PCRV and I heard a lot, that maybe the first of their release that I don’t have the impression that the guy press REC and play! That’s a good transition I guess. In a whole, this is another very cool release from Nkondi’s very nice DIY label dollfullofrivet, should be looked at since it’s pretty decent noise!!!

http://pcrv.harshnoise.com   PCRV

http://www.iheartnoise.com/dfrp dfrp



Liam Singer               The Empty Heart Of The Chameleon

(Tell-All; 12 tracks; 26 minutes 28 seconds)

(File under : I don’t know, let’s say minimalist pop…)

Here’s something I never heard before and blow my ears! This is pure candy for the ears. Liam Singer is from Portland and play a kind of very minimal music with a very cool melodic edge. Most of the tracks are short piano-centred track with sometimes very melancholic voice. The result is a simple, very enjoyable short album with a lot of emotions. The whole album seems to have been assembled to give a feeling of a whole works. The voice kinda reminds me of a little but of early Pink Floyd I guess. There’s also a track with a girl singing with a very operatic voice, although I usually don’t like operatic voice I must say that it breaks the feeling of the album and like change it’s mood a little bit. But my favourites parts are the one with very melancholic piano and Theremin that reminds me a lot of Theremin legend Clara Rockmore, that is really the key to make me feel very happy since I like Clara Rockmore. In itself this very intimate album where you imagine the guy being alone in a dark room with his piano appeal to a kind of very nice mood for playing. This release is San Francisco’s label Tell-All first artist release and I’m pretty curious of what’s next since the sampler who is the very first release of the label is full of beautiful diverse sounds from many artists I never heard of. But for this this is a very cool and presented in a very beautiful cardboard packaging it’s way more attractive. Should take your attention, seriously!

http://www.tellallrecords.com                       Tell-All

http://www.tellallrecords.com/liamsinger     Liam Singer



Unconditional Loathing                    Cornholecopia

(Breathmint/Ignivomous/Little Mafia/ Sunship; 19 sick tracks; 71 minutes 33 seconds)

(File under : Minneapolis’s best noise! Imagine the rest)

What the fuck is this? You want sick shit? Here we are. I guess this band feature Emil Hagstrom of the legendary Cock ESP and some other in the Minneapolis noise scenesters who are now relocated among the west and this is the reunion album or something like that. It starts with some babbling after some hard spanking noise before entering the second track with a “It’s still going mean!”. This second track is simply awesome, something like a 70’s sci-fi drone with some feeling that you’re in a cave in a fucking wicked planet and that green man are about to attack you. Awesome vibe! Just this track worth the record. It then goes with some kinda radio voices and some kinda noise with rock and roll and synth-pop background that become the only sound fast before some other wicked shit comes. I guess here we start realising that you’re in a crazy company with Unconditional Loathing because this Lost Party’s length is of 6 minute! The kind of jazz part with some breaking parts are cool. The next track is a kind of rough take of a acoustic rock band with a castrati voice called “Rocky Mountain Tick” you see the portrait. the next track is a rough noise cut with crazy pulsing industrial beat that end up in a real fucked-up mess. Your mother will love as much as I do, that’s what make this record a great one! Seriously and not just because the song after is till some acoustic blues rough outtakes! The other crazy noise track with some scratching and sampling also will interest you to continue the adventure to this album! The panning on this sample ridden track will make your walk in the city very nice and when you realise that your favourite Twisted Sisters track play it’s better!!! The next track continue with that crazy riff of “You Gonna Burn In Hell” and some other sounds. Track number ten is called Sickly Pups and sounds like a heavy rolling noise train that will crush you! At that point of the record you know everything can happen so you’re ready to hear anything, but nothing come on this track. The next track is kind of samplings with some beats and scratch, that will turn soon into a dreamy sampled track with some scratches. Track number 13 is also another great part of the record consisting of kind of deep breath and some hi-hat kinda beats and some sounds with a lot of reverb. Very nice transic feeling and this is the longest track of the album. And why does all the best track of this record goes with crazy blues track like the one following called Ride The Donkey. The next track is a kind of beat with very bad sounds with castanets, guitar and feedback female voice. That’s one thing that I didn’t expect and that sounds very cool. After the blues track that followed, Wellfare Well, it goes in a kind of noise track that is folowed by a kind of dreamy loop and then people that seem to talk about cocaine and razorblade around a baby followed by many samples. Then there’s a track that sounds like a Nirvana guitar and some hip beat and a girl singing about that girl he saw on the street and the drummer said he sucks because he plays for only a week and the other guy said “you told me that you were playing for four years” and he say “I said four days”. Than they try to play it and the drummer always fuck the track but it’s a very dumb track anyway! Should be the radio single of the release! The final track of this wicked journey is a very cool noise track with full on attitude. The kinda main feedback is pretty cool and there’s some very rough noise that come and goes that makes it very awesome. It’s a very nice way to end this strange release! This is maybe for those who always need the dumbest and the strangest of the experimental music. Some tracks are really awesome and you imagine a more serious way to put it shouldn’t made it better. It’s I guess a totally unique way of doing it. That’s a kick in the ass of the serious noise scene. I like it that way, very wicked and very funny!!! But in a way you don’t listen to it 78 times in a row, so I don’t know why you should get this release, but the good parts are fucking great!!! A good record!

http://www.breathmint.net                Breathmint Records

http://www.ignivomous.org               Ignivomous Records

http://www.littlemafia.com                Little Mafia

http://www.freenoise.org/sun/           Sun Ship



Unicorn                      PLaying With Light

 (Housepig; 7 tracks; 37 minutes 48 seconds)

(File under : Minimalism)

Unicorn is the solo side project of Bill Nelson from Bastard Noise and should not be confused with the Toronto indie band of the same name. And I guess it’s pretty better. As you always never know what to expect from a Bastard Noise, this one is a beautiful collection of diverse assemblage under the sing of the minimalism. The first track is a very calm 5 minute repetitive piano track with some atmospheric undertone. Then it switched to a more drony track that is also as minimal of the first one. The third one begins with a long synth minimal manipulations where some noises and drone are mixed with after three minutes without never leaving the central synth manipulation. I guess this is the center of all the release. Unicorn seems to go more in the path of old school minimalism like Terry Riley and Steve Reich’s classic stuff with a more contemporary attitude, let’s say. The noise undertones on this track called “Spots” really reminds me of some early Terry Riley stuff like Rainbow Curved In The Air. The fifth track is also a winner one which consist of a dark ambient/drone track with a crescendo of tension that suddenly stops to enter a more mellow track with some very deep pulses and some guitar repetition. This is also a very nice way to finish this marvellous album. Everything seems to been well assemble to create a very cool melodic minimal release. This is very very far I guess from most of the Bastard Noise incarnation (that I heard). This is very calm, never alienating and there’s also a pretty nice cinematic vibe. That’s possibly why there’s 3 small movies with Unicorn as CD-Rom. One features a guy doing pot with clay and explaining. The other one feature the first track of the record where someone is “Playing with lights” as the name of the album and of this movie says and where she reflects lights on walls in front of some objects that projects shadows on the wall. The third one is my favourite. It features some shooting of boats in a harbour or something like that with the superb fourth track that is the heaviest track of the album. All of these movies were made by a girl named Stephanie Miller. This release that inaugurates a new label called Housepig Records and is of course a very amazing way to start a new label. This is definitely a killer release, very well assembled and very diversified and very smooth to listen. I very like minimalism music when it’s well done and this time it is! This is a record that will stay around my desk for a while!

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