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Other Names for....Poop!

Here are other names for Shit...AKA...poop. I know that this isn't organized well, but I tried for almost an hour to get it right, but I couldn' just appreciate that it is here at all!! haha....Later, shitters...

Poop (the stuff, nouns)

aeolian deposit (stain left after an overly ambitious fart) ah-ah alpha class (contributed by Kuestiq) amorphous deposit anal butter (contributed by STONEB0LD) anal outlet (contributed by Screechr86) anal output anal snakes (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) apu (contributed by Filthyn) argol ass apple ass flakes (contributed by Lordmetal3) ass goblins (contributed by Lordmetal3) ass kabobs (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) ass monkeys (contributed by Lunacy) baby boy or girl (contributed by Catgsg21) bean (contributed by ShutUrMouth) bean strings (little strings that sometimes hang off turds - contributed by David C.) ben (Japanese - contributed by Ghoulslime) big ol' Texan (contributed by Timzx) black banana blind eels (contributed by ELDRM) blivic (10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag) BM body wax bollio (Spanish - pronounced "bo-yo" - contributed by Erica and Alison) bologna stix (contributed by SWEATY4) boo-boo (when in pants) bootycakes (contributed by Lunacy) boulder bowel movement brown balls (contributed by Lordmetal3) brown birds (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) brown bobbin' ball (contributed by WD714) brown bomb (contributed by IVIaDmAn) brown cock (contributed by Popi8899) brown dildo (contributed by Popi8899) brown dragons (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) brownie brown trout (contributed by Maxisguy) bum brownie bum nuggets (contributed by Erica and Allison) bun fudge (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) business butt clusters (contributed by Jrandolo) butt gnome (contributed by popothepoop) butt nugget turdies (contributed by Babygirl) butt nut (contributed by Yourmamy) button byun (Korean - contributed by Ghoulslime) caca (Mexican slang - contributed by Brandon P.) cagada (Mexican) cagadita (Mexican Spanish for small poop - contributed by Brandon P.) cagadota (Mexican Spanish for huge poop - contributed by Brandon P.) calabaza (Mexican Spanish slang, literally "pumpkin" - contributed by Brandon P.) carbuncles (contributed by SWEATY4) chi-chi chicken pecking out of one's butt (contributed by ShaftyBL0W) chocolate banana chocolate bread loaf (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) chocolate channel chewie chocolate delight (contributed by ITZtheRUFFrydaz) chocolate exports (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) chocolate soldier (contributed by Mike K.) choda (contributed by SWEATY4) Chubacca chunks (contributed by Screechr86) chunks (contributed by Stairmaster33) chunky poop (contributed by DaBizKit) cigar fish (refers to a turd in the surf or bath - contributed by Cameron A., Brisbaine, Australia) clinker cocky codswallop coeliac flux coeliac passion colon cannonballs (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) colon cobras (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) corndogs corn eyed butt snake (contributed by Lowing9763) corn kernal poopie (contributed by Abeoww99) corn loaf corn massacre (contributed by Cheetah) corn porphyry crab apples (contributed by PGotelli) crap crapola crapsters (contributed by Filthyniga) creamy butt nuggets (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) crud crusty critters (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) crut (French) cupcakes (contributed by Filthyniga) dark catsup (contributed by SurfWithCowz) dead soldier defecation dejecta demo (Russian - contributed by Gray) digested Crayola box (contributed by Cheetah) dirt diver down (contributed by Kuestiq) do-do dobby dong (Korean - contributed by Ghoulslime) doo doobs doodie doodly-squat dookie dookie doo dookie-doop-droop (contributed by Lunacy) down periscope (contributed by Cheetah) dreck (Yiddish) drol (Dutch) dropping dump dumpette dung Dunkin' Donuts (contributed by KingofDucks) Easter Bunny's present (contributed by Cheetah) egesta ejecta ejectamenta excrement excreta exuviae fecal browns (contributed by Red) fecal matter (contributed by Filthyn) fecal pellet feces feces freeway find feculence floater (one that won't flush) floaties (little floating ones - contributed by David C.) foeces the fourth teletubby (contributed by Neonpax) frightened turtle (contributed by ShutUrMouth) fudge fudge brownie funky monkey (contributed by ILuvDAC) glitch gobbers (contributed by Lordmetal3) gobjobbers (contributed by Lordmetal3) golden brownies (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) googe govno (Russian) grandpas (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) grunties (contributed by BLAH0761) ha-ha ham (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) hardened fudge nuggets (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) hawky hell's candy (contributed by Yourmamy) himno (Ukrainian) hockey hocky Hoffenmist (German) ho-hoes (contributed by Filthyn) honey hoya hyzenga ice cream (from the Cheech and Chong movie, Up in Smoke - contributed by Fry) Indian rug burns (contributed by GodspeeDB) Irish shave jakes jobbers (contributed by Lordmetal3) jobby (Glasgow) jujubees (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) kaka kakashka (Russian "piece of poop" - contributed by Gray) keech (Glasgow) keester cakes (contributed by Allison, Erica and Kelly) kiki kisses (contributed by Autumn) kuso (Japanese - contributed by Ghoulslime) lientary lienteria lincoln logs (contributed by Shawne L.) little army men (contributed by Filthyn) load loaf log looloos (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) lump (contributed by ShutUrMouth) lumpy fart majon (Spanish - a big turd - contributed by Junibomb) merda (Italian and Spanish - contributed by Gray) merde (French) mess miercoles (Mexican Spanish slang, literally "Wednesday" - contributed by Brandon P.) mierda (Mexican Spanish - contributed by Brandon P.) mierde (Spanish) minga Mississippi mud (contributed by SSCriminl2) mojon (Mexican Spanish - contributed by Brandon P.) monglin cluster shit (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) monkey tail (contributed by Julia1G) monsters that can choke donkeys (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) mooky-stinks (contributed by MonkeyCube) moomoos (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) Mr. Hanky (contributed by IceCube239) muck muky stinks (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) mud bunny mudfat balls (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) nib nip nookie cookie (contributed by IceCube239) nugs (contributed by Lunacy) number two nunny (contributed by Fullten2) oples and bononos (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) ordure package (contributed by Poopmaster) pancake peanut butter poop (poop that resembles chunky peanut butter - contributed by KickBaba) pile pipicaca (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) plop poo poop poop deck (contributed by Cheetah) poopie poopie doobles (contributed by Abs0lutelynot) poopie pie (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) pooplets (contributed by Rachel) poopness (contributed by Filthyn) poopoo poo-poo platter (contributed by Steve) poopsey (contributed by Filthyn) poopsie lala poopsters (contributed by Filthyn) potty animals (contributed by Filthyn) product of Uranus pudding (contributed by LUGZONU) puddin' taine (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) rectum warriors (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) returds (contributed by Filthyn) scat (contributed by Codydavipr) Scheisse (German - contributed by Gray) schijt (Dutch) scrapper (contributed by TronDX) scuba divers (contributed by Filthyn) sea pickle (contributed by JKOTE1) sewage sewer serpents (contributed by SWEATY4) sewer trout shat (contributed by Blink182qp) shit shite shit on a shingle (contributed by Junibomb) shit on a stick (contributed by LUGZONU) shitsicles (frozen poop - contributed by DopeyAS) shitsters (contributed by Filthyn) shiza (German - contributed by ECWBalls) sissy (contributed by Lisa L.) skata (Greek) Skeet (Danish - contributed by Mary S.) smoked ham (contributed by SWEATY4) snap (contributed by Cameron A., Brisbaine, Australia) soil space slug (contributed by Neonpax) splasher (contributed by Yourmamy) squat S.R.T. (from a child's misspelling of "shit" - contributed by HtsCheese) steamer stercoration stinky pinky (contributed by Silky) stool Stoolgang (German) stoolie stuff submarine Super Shit Man (contributed by Filthyn) sweet violet tahi (Malay) taki (Chamoru) tangy butt nuts (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) tatertots (contributed by GodspeeDB) that ain't chocolate puddin'! (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) thirty second buzz (contributed by Nrdbmber) tinky winky (contributed by Filthyn) toast toileteers (contributed by Screechr86) toilet twinkie (contributed by ShaftyBL0W) tom cruise missiles (contributed by Sickness74) tootsie roll tord (Old English) toxic turdeys (contributed by LaysTatoChips222) toy-toy tree trunks (contributed by Lordmetal3) tukhus matter turd turd tunnel tasty turtle head poking out (contributed by METALLICA8681 and Cardicum) turtle tail (contributed by Kris) tutti (Hindi - contributed by PRECIOUS8582) uchra (Arabic - contributed by Lilliz23456) unko (Japanese - contributed by Rik) wad water log (contributed by Yourmamy) the whole shebang (contributed by ShutUrMouth) wolf bait (contributed by Lunacy) yellow submarine (contributed by Filthy) yetto yit yukky

Poop (to do it, the verbs)

air out the anus (contributed by Neonpax) air out the ass (contributed by Neonpax) arc one out ass sneezing (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) back the big brown caddy out of the garage (contributed by JERGENISDEAD) ba-doop (from the sound of a turd striking the water) bajsa (Swedish) bake brownies (contributed by ShutUrMouth) big jobby (contributed by "concerned about crap") bite a train (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) blast a dookie (invented by Sonicpat and contributed by Stairmaster33) bloop (from the sound it makes hitting the water - contributed by Mary S.) blow blow some mud bob for apples (contributed by Neonpax) bog buang air besar (Malay, lit.: "to throw big water") build a log cabin burners (poop that burns after eating spicy food - contributed by torrance crump) bury cable (contribted by Dave R.) bust a dook (contributed by Nrdbmber) bust a shit (contributed by SpRyOko700) bust ass (contributed by STFALCONS) cagando (Mexican Spanish - contributed by Brandon P.) call one's uncle christen the comfort station (contributed by Silky) chuck the football (contributed by Neonpax) clean one's colon (contributed by Big Will) clear the air cocken (Yiddish) cook some beans (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) cop a shit crap cut off a load (contributed by Bigbear1289) defecate desecrate the throne room dispatch a Yankee (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) dive bomb do a dog do business with John (contributed by popothepoop) do one's daily duty (or doody) do one's dirt do poopsie do the doo (contributed by Big Will) down the periscope (contributed by Neonpax) down the proctoscope (contributed by Megaera) drop a brick (contributed by LUGZONU) drop a chalupa (contributed by Beacher) drop a deuce (contributed by Skiba) drop a fat load (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) drop a load drop an atomic bomb (contributed by Lauren) drop a nuke (contributed by ArchDelux46) drop ass goblins (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) drop a wad in the porcelain god drop one from the poop deck (contributed by Lauren) drop one's wax drop some bait drop some friends off at the lake (contributed by Cardicum) drop the kids off at the pool (contributed by Shmoozie2 and JKOTE1) dump dump a dead grandma (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) dump a load dump truck (contributed by AllyBallyGirl) ease nature een drol draaien (Dutch) empty the manure spreader empty the poop shoot (contributed by IVIaDmAn) evacuate one's bowels excrete fecal matter (contributed by Neonpax) feed the dog feed the goldfish fill the pot (contributed by Mary S.) flunk a dunk (contributed by Claudia O.) free the chickens from the coop (contributed by ShaftyBL0W) free the legless dog to sea (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) frisbee a bun fudge (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) frog a log (contributed by Karl P.) gagas (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) get a burning desire to sit on porcelain give birth to a black eel (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) give birth to a marine give birth to submarines give of oneself give sacrifice to the porcelain god (contributed by Eric P.) go backwards go clip a yam (contributed by Alicia of Irvine, CA) go cocky go for a Tom Tit (Cockney) go grunt go number 2 (contributed by Cardicum) go pop go stinky go to bog go to the library grow a tail (contributed by JBridgeE) grump (contributed by Sawa) hang a rat (contributed by Red) have a bowel movement have a turtle head poke out (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) have some fun (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) help out Dunkin' Donuts (contributed by KingofDucks) hit the can honey dip jakksy (Polish - contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) jumpers away (contributed by Lowing9763) kakat (Russian - contributed by Gray) kaknel (Armenian - contributed by PorschFrk) kill a dead eagle (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) launch a log (contributed by Big Will) launch a sub (contributed by Kuestiq) lay bricks (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) lay cable (contributed by Mary S.) lay pipe (contributed by CHZS1219) lay a turd lay some sledge (contributed by LUGZONU) leave a deposit leave a shit let the dogs loose (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) let the firetrucks loose (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) lose a farting contest lose ten pounds in one minute make make a caca (contributed by Cardicum) make a chocolate hamburger (contributed by WD714) make a deposit in the drop box (contributed by Nrdbmber) make a deposit in the porcelain bank (contributed by Mgobluefan) make a house (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) make a little junk (contributed by SurfWithCowz) make a loaf make a pass (as in drag racing - contributed by Jake) make everything come out all right make poopie make the donuts (contributed by KingofDucks) make the people in the apartment below scream in agony (contributed by Jammanz1) man the deck (contributed by Cheetah) meditate misfart mold an action figure (contributed by SpongeBob) move the mail (contributed by Jill W.) murder a mud bunny (contributed by Cameron A., Brisbaine, Australia) murder a shit (contributed by Cameron A., Brisbaine, Australia) park a load pay a visit to the old soldier's home pay one's doctor bill pinch a loaf piss backwards pitch a log (contributed by Claudia O.) plant potatoes plop a load plunk (contributed by Tracy W.) poop poot (contributed by Cello6909) press a loaf purp (contributed by BecK98MjR) push brown (contributed by Cheetah) recycle some cellulose refill the bowl with chili (contributed by ML CAR AUDIO) relieve oneself relieve the bowels revolve the beavers (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) ride the porcelain pony scheissen (German - contributed by Gray) send a fax (contributed by lin) send a log to float (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) send some sailors to sea (contributed by Lowing9763) shit (contributed by Gray) shoot a dog shoot bunnies (contributed by James Y., Alabama) shump (contributed by Sagoria23) sink submarines sit on the crapper (contributed by ShaftyBL0W) sit on the throne sit on the throne of porcelain (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) skita (Swedish) smell up the house with horrible turd fumes (contributed by Jammanz1) smoke a brown dooby (contributed by Neonpax) soil one's pants sparkle (contributed by Dazed) spend a penny (British) spike a bird's nose (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) sprout a tail (contributed by CoreyW66) squat squat and push (contributed by popothepoop) squeeze a fresh slurpy (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) step into the office (for adults who spend an excessive time in the bathroom at work - contributed by Jake) stock the pond with some brown trout (contributed by TULLSPRING) take a crap take a digi (contributed by Kralltown) take a duke (contributed by Whrlaway41) take a dump take a good crap take a lovely (contributed by Dwheeler4jesus) take a plane crash - no survivors (contributed by Preston G.) take a plumper (contributed by J78CHEEKS) take a rest (contributed by Cardicum) take a shit take a snap (contributed by Cameron A., Brisbaine, Australia) take care of one's business talk to a man about a horse (contributed by Aussie) trash the hash (contributed by Neonpax) unhitch a load unload visit Mr. Hanky (contributed by SurfWithCowz) visit the chamber of commerce void one's bowels wash the walls (contributed by Silky) william shattnering (contributed by nic and friends) yell at Mrs. Johnson (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD)


angry firefighters (contributed by Big Will) Aztec two-step backdoor trots back door truts (contributed by CrAzYMiC98) back way spray (contributed by CrAzYMiC98) Bass ass (after a night of hard drinking - contributed by Shawn) blow mud (contributed by Lowing9763) blow out (contributed by Mary S.) boggy booty hole burnout (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) brown bubbles (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) brown river Bud mud (after a night of hard drinking - contributed by Shawn) burning urge (contributed by Big Will) butt dribblets (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) butt drool╩ (contributed by Stinky) butt gravy (contributed by Lowing9763) butt juice (contributed by Schlilo) butt piss (contributed by Timzx) butt puke (contributed by Jill W.) butt squeezings (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) Captain D (contributed by torrance crump) cha cha agua (Spanish - literally "shit water" - contributed by Captain Jeremy H.) chocolate explosion (contributed by Patrick R.) chorro (Mexican Spanish for "You got the flu in your hole" - contributed by Brandon P.) colly wobs colon blow (contributed by Lowing9763) Delhi belly diarea (Mexican Spanish - contributed by Brandon P.) diarrhea diatreme dingbats down-dru-me's (Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland) drizzly shits Dčnnschiss (German - contributed by Gray) Durchfall (German - contributed by Gray) fireworks (contributed by Redwing2004) flats (contributed by Mary S.) G.I. shits G.I. trots G.I.'s gravy green-apple quickstep green apple spatters (contributed by Top Dog) green apple splatters (contributed by Critic221) green apple squirts (contributed by ITZtheRUFFrydaz) grizzly shits Havana omelet (contributed by Rick N.) Hershey squirts hibbey-jibbies hog cholera human expresso machine (contributed by Patrick R.) jalapeno tugboat ride (contributed by Rick N.) Jerry-go-nimble Johnny trots liquid poop (contributed by LUGZONU) lucy bowels lurkies Mexican heartburn Montezuma's revenge movies Mr. Poopy Pants (contributed by Jill W.) mudslide (contributed by Allbiz74) oil spill (contributed by Jill W.) oohs and ahs (contributed by THUMBTAKKHEAD) pee butt (contributed by Trinitey2000) Pharaoh's revenge pizzarhea (runs resulting from the consumption of pizza) ponos (Russian - contributed by Gray) poopsie-lao puke out one's asshole (contributed by Fartinabox) red anal rovers (contributed by Big Will) runs Russian shits rusty water (British - contributed by Sarah and Kevin) San Francisco shits (contributed by Calvin T.) scires (contributed by Barny44627) screaming mimis scudders scurvies (contributed by Barny44627) scutters (Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland) shitathlon shits shooting soup (contributed by TOOMS722) shorts sizzling shits (contributed by Mary S.) skithers (Quebec English) skitters (Quebec English) slides (contributed by Sickness74) slippery poo slurry squiddle (contributed by Mary S.) squirters squirts squitters sul-sa (Korean - contributed by TJumper78) summer complaint supersonic sewer sauce tapass (contributed by SwimDFly15) ten-twenties (10 seconds to shit, 20 minutes to wipe) toilet bowl stew (contributed by Patrick R.) touristas trots trout chili (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) turkey trots urgents Vienna squirts (contributed by CaptnHowdy669) volcanic whoopies watery explosive (contributed by Sara C.) wild butt (contributed by TReVO)

Animal Droppings

alley apples (urban horse deposit) backyard trot treats (dog) bird lime bolus (rodent) bovidung (cow) buffalo chips calling card (dog) carabao biscuits cattle cookies chimp chunks chocolate chips (rodent, rabbit) clam crunchies cocoa puffs (rodent, rabbit) coo plab (cow - Scotland) cow chips cow farts (Newfoundland) cow flops cow patties cow pies cow plate (Newfoundland) cow platter (Newfoundland) cow plop cowslip dog dirt dog doo dog logs dog mess doggy doolie doggy sausage droppings dung (contributed by ShaftyBL0W) dung patties (contributed by ShaftyBL0W) elephant cookies elk duds (contributed by Autumn) fecal pellets fewmets flops (cow) fly specks frass (caterpillar) free souveniers (horse, cow) good luck (dog) guano (bat, bird) heifer dust horse apples horse balls horse hockey kagatzka (goat) koeieflap (cow - Dutch) land mines (dog - contributed by Timzx) lawn sausage (dog) leopard loaf manure meadow dressing (cow) meadow muffins (horse, cow) meadow pies (cow) moose berries mouse darbies mouse pills pasture paddies (cow) pellets (rodent) Polish frisbee (cow) poodle paddies prairie chips (buffalo, cow) prairie fuel (buffalo, cow) prairie pancakes (buffalo, cow) prairie pastry (buffalo, cow) presents (dog or cat poop found on the floor in the middle of the night -- contributed by Autumn) rabbit balls rabbit buttons rabbit goobers (contributed by MidnightGlory) rabbit jellybeans rabbit marbles rabbit raisins road apples (horse) (Midwestern US - contributed by NelsonAnJeanette) sheep buttons sheep dip smart pills (rodent, rabbit) surface fuel (buffalo, cow) vermidung (worm) whitewash (bird)

Dingleberries (balls of fecal matter adhering to the hairs around the anus, either of animals or humans)

army balls (contributed by Poopmaster) clingons (Newfoundland) chocolate chips (contributed by Cello6909) cock monkeys (contributed by Keith from MA) conkerbells (Newfoundland) conkerbills (Newfoundland) crusty clusters (contributed by Poopmaster) dagoberries dingcherries (contributed by HtsCheese) dingle balls dingleberries dinkleberry (contributed by PorschFrk) gollies (New Brunswick) guffies john doobies mustangs shit bollocks (British - contributed by Sarah and Kevin) will-nots winnets (British - contributed by Sarah and Kevin)


anal impaction apathy of the anal sphincter bound (Newfoundland) bound up (Newfoundland) bunged-up dinglebungus can't get the train out of the tunnel (contributed by A.J.) clogged up (contributed by Mary S.) colon congestion (contributed by Big Will) constipation constipation proclamation (contributed by Abeoww99) corked (contributed by ShaftyBL0W) dry heaves of the anus far-from-poopin ("German" - contributed by Clay S.) full of shit ghost poopie (contributed by Abeoww99) having one stuck sideways (contributed by Jesse B.) having two Thanksgiving dinners (contributed by Big Will) hung chow (contributed by Porchdance) irregularity log jam (contributed by Mary S.) plugged up pop-a-vein in the forehead poopy (contributed by Mary S.) rectal congestion redwoods (contributed by Mary S.) the strains stuck up

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