Blue Meanies were (as of 1.27.01):

Billy Spunke - vocals
Jimmy "Flame" Berry - trumpet
John Paul Camp III - saxophone
Michael "Chaz" Linde -organ
Dave Lump - bass
Sean Dolan - guitar
Robert Trondson - drums

The Blue Meanies are a Chicago-based ska band that made their debut with Peace Love Groove. The Meanies have made a total of 12 albums (including singles), coming out with a new one practically every year. The Meanies went on to make waves throughout the world with their new and different sound. BM was really first discovered on the "Ska Against Racism" tour. Since their start in '91 the Blue Meanies have been with several record companies. Included in these are Asian Man, No Lie, Thick, and MCA. Their latest album is The Post Wave, released in 2000 with MCA/Thick records. Blue Meanies have toured all over the USA, along with other parts of the world like Australia and Japan.

As for their “new and different sound,” the Meanies have definitely broken the mold with their jazz-punk-ska music. They like to describe themselves as "bizarro punk," and rightly so. They really can't be placed in a category, and who doesn't love a band that breaks the rules? Not only can these fantastic seven create magic in the studio, but they also play an awesome show. If the Meanies are in your city, don’t miss the chance to go see them rock out! Through the years, the Blue Meanies’ sound has managed to change form without losing its edge. The Post Wave explores different territory, considering BM's past records. Their cover songs (like Happy Together) inject some energy into ordinary songs. You’ll also find The Blue Meanies to be an anti-mainstream band. This is probably because they are more focused on being a band instead of a conforming, made-for-radio band (although I admit I found myself in doubt over The Post Wave). That’s just part of their charm.