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I was bored, n you got lucky...-Sarah Jaffe artwork  Klar




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Message Board!!

oooh yeah! lookit them Digits!

Gwahahahaha! This is my Randomous random randomily page thing! Ha! I barrowed a few Midi's and such and put one here for you to hear while you look around my site of little weeee horrors. Shut up I dunno. Sign my Dreeeeem book and yeah! Not the Guest book. the dreeeeeeeeeeeam book! K I gossa goo obye bye.

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This is My Dreeeeeam Book! Diff from the Guestbook. This one is more fun to sign, Sign it or ya can go jimmy the locks and bust into the cage of the ballerina Tigers... Shut up. Sign either one. Have fun.

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Scribble on my Head!!!

A Line with a Random message! Message:I am POWDERED TOOOOAST MAAAN

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Special thanks goes out to the Angelfire people for putting my page back up.. despite how upset and mean I was. I write them an Apology/thank you letter now.