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Here are some writings that I've done...

Feel free to send feedback to me

[ ROOT: or a Thesis of a Mad World.] An epic sci-fi novel that I want to write. This is all I got so far.

[ Awake Again] A story that, for some odd reason or another, I can relate to.

[ Beggar in the City] Written in the style of Edgar Allen Poe.

[ Claire de Lune ] A girl, named Claire, caused me to write this...

[ Circe ] Women! They are crazy, I tell you! ("Men are assholes. Women are insane." - Kurt Vonnegut)

[ Journal ] I want to make this into a movie... it would be like Donnie Darko meets Memento meets Alice in Wonderland...

[ The New Man's Bible] Read this if you want some advice on what we can do, as a species..

[ A Summary of an Experiment pertaining to Spontaneous Trait Transference.] Written for one of my psychology classes. Spontaneous Trait Transference (STT) is something that is very... discouraging.

[ Anime, America, and Japan.] A really well written paper, if you are interested in Anime, read it!

[note] files are in .doc format.
You need Wordpad or Microsoft Word to view it.

Also, please note that the stories are done in "book fold" format, which means, if you print them out, you will get a nice little stack of papers that you can fold in half. Staple in two or three spots slightly close to the fold, and you will have yourself a nice little booklet to carry around. Enjoy!

not written by Sam Johnson, but rather a very skilled neurologist: [ TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY SURVIVAL GUIDE ] Brilliant!