The year 1994 was one of the greatest years musically. So many good recordings were released. That happened to also be the year that Broc and I(Trev) had an idea to start a band.

We heard The Offspring(who have long since sold out) and decided it would be cool as fuck to be in band. Little did we know it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Well, we said fuck it and did it anyways.

So, the first line-up was me on bass, Joe(from Mindlisp) on guitar, and Broc on drums. What a fucking joke...the only one of us that even had an instrument was Joe, and it wasn't even his.

Eventually we kicked Joe out for no apparent reason and had John Light on drums and Broc on guitar and me still on bass. This wasn't working out cause none of us had yet to even get an instrument much less learn how to actually play one.

John moved to Alaska, Broc bought a bass, and I got Broc's guitar that he had just bought and didn't like. I eventually smashed that guitar outside my high school after I got a new one. But, we did learn that Broc hated playing guitar and he was abnormally in love with bass.

I figured that we should actually learn how to play our instruments...big mistake. By the time I was done giggling to the fact that I could play "Machinehead" by Bush(what a waste), we had wasted valuable time in our efforts in being "cool". I mean we were 15 and naive.

Farther down the line, we finally learned a few songs and had played a couple of ridiculously embarassing shows at the local civic centers and High Schools.(also a huge waste) So, one day, after we kicked out Ed Berg, original drummer who let us down quite a bit, we were at a standstill. We were set to play a song at a High School in front of a shitload of people. No drummer. So, we found Phil, and taught him how to play "Floyd The Barber" by Nirvana. We were supposed to play one of our own songs, but we hated it anyways, so we said "who fucks?" and did floyd. That was the first time I actually felt punk. The song's not punk, and it was at a school, but we totally pissed em off...have you ever read the lyrics to floyd the barber?

So, we played at a couple keggers, and a few shows at the high school(again, i don't know why we bothered), and recorded our first album, "Weekend Warriors". Considering that we weren't even that well known, we sold over 150 copies in two weeks.

After we recorded our album(which was pretty lame) we took a 3 or 4 month break when we didn't play together. Im still not sure why, but it's a good thing we did. When we got back together we wrote almost all the songs on our EP in the first week. It was like we started from scratch, and things were great.

So we recorded our six-song EP at 4 FKN Reel Studios in Ironwood Michigan. We also played a few shows in Ironwood when we were confronted by Larry Cox, head of Lab Rat Records. Larry signed us and we are now a part of the Lab Rat family. With 3 tours coming up next year, we predict that all the hard as fuck work will pay off...to be honest it already has.

That's the history of The Vendors...so far...