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Punktuation-To begin, what are you guys called?
We are Squirt
P-Who's in the band and what does each person play?
S.d.-(me) Dean Drumwright - vocals and guitar, Pete Mercier - lead guitar and vocals, John Dixon - bass, Jamie Taylor - drums
P-How does each one of you find playing in a punk band exciting?
S.d.-We totally act retarded and have fun. We act like dorks on stage and are energetic when we play our music. Playing is awesome.
S.jh.-Being in this band is so much fun, playing shows and having an impact on peoples lives is the best feeling in the world, I have also met some really cool people.
S.p.-It's fun. It's the greatest thing in the world.
S.jm.-It's just being in a band as a whole, the fact that you can affect someones lives and make them have a good time at shows when the four of you come together and play.
P-What would you say is the perfect statement to describe your band?
P-Give a description of your history, past all the way up to the present...
S-We started out as four dudes who were like 12 banging on trashcans and playing the cheapest guitars you can find. We always got the police called on us though cause we sounded so loud making a whole bunch of noise. As we got older we tried to record ourselves but it didn't work too well with the generic equipment we had. So we finally got our chance to play in a bar and club cause people took us seriously and we showed people what we could do and from then on we have gone on to play small venues like Cogans, DJ's Platters, and huge venues like the NorVa and the Warped Tour. We also get played on the radio in several different states and countries, and (we) are coming out with eps, splits, and appearing on compilation cds.
P-How have things changed over that time?
S-We have started to be taken seriously and we do everything ourselves cause we dont have a record label yet. We got a new bass player who is a great friend now and we have started getting things going with our music like our shows and cds. And we have also gotten a lot uglier over time and fat too.
P-Where do you guys live and what is it like there?
S-We live in Newport News, VA. The punk scene is slowly growing but a lot of people treat us like crap. And if anyone ever comes to VA dont play the Taj Mahal, it is crap. I had to add that. Hopefully things will pick up for us bands down here. There isn't really anyone down here or any labels to discover you but we try. We need someone to give us a chance though. You know, and it can be boring too but you know if you have three and a half friends like I do it might be (boring), but we try and have fun.
P-What do you guys do in your spare time and how does that affect the band?
S.d.-I like to watch Ghostbusters, listen to the subtle sounds of Kenny G, jerkin the gerkin, music, watch shows like Full House, thinking about how Hulk Hogan rules, get made fun of, and that's about it, and it doesn't really affect the band, everyone just thinks I'm strange.
S.jh.-In my spare time I usually hang out with friends, get online or sleep, as soon as I start working, my spare time might be limited. It affects the band by getting online and talking to other local bands and venues to set up shows.
S.p.-Mmmmm.....lol........dunno if i should say.
S.jm.-In my spare time I usually just hang out or skateboard, but I also like doing internet related work like creating web sites and I think that it helps us out a lot having a website where people can go to check us out.
P-How does playing in the band affect what you do in your spare time?
S.d.-It doesn't really, I just have to listen to my band mates talk crap about me.
S.jh.-It affects what I do in my spare time by meeting new friends and when I'm bored I sit in my room with my bass and jam our songs.
S.p.-It doesn't, the band takes precedence over all else to me.
S.jm.-Well it helped me get started with web design, gave me a reason to learn, and something to work at. Now because of my band, I found another thing I love to do.
P-What other bands in your hometown would you suggest we check out?
S-Backside Slappy, Clearly Labeled, Bailout, and Shindig. I can't really think of anyone else, sorry if I missed someone.
P-Who would you say are your influences?
S.d.-MxPx, Green Day, A New Found Glory, NOFX, Showoff, Reel Big Fish, Mest, Goldfinger, Kenny G, Yanni, Ghostbusters, Bill Cosby's nose, the Hulkster and his haircut, and othher things like that.
S.jh.-We have a whole bunch. I'd say the main ones were MxPx, NFG, NOFX, and Green Day.
S.p.-Well, I do like The Monkees and The Partridge Family. But, I'd have to say NOFX, A New Found Glory, and Reel Big Fish have had influences on me.
S.jm.-There's a lot-NOFX, A New Found Glory, MxPx, and so many more. Basically all bands, because when you start off you're just some local band a couple of friends have heard of, and you work your way up and start to affect people and they go out and do the same thing in their own way. You have to respect that, it's a lot of hard work to get there.
P-How would you guys say you are influencial to others?
S-Hmmmmmm we are just ourselves and aren't afraid to be who we are. We are a young band who try hard to succeed. And things like that I guess. I wonder if we do influence people?
P-What was it like playing on the Warped Tour?
S-It was awesome playing the Warped Tour. We actually played on the stage diagonal from NOFX, and Mike Dirnt was actually out there watching us. It was awesome too because we sold all the cds we had in about 2 minutes which was crazy. So we loved that.
P-If you could have one song on any movie soundtrack, what movie would it be and why? Also what song would you pick?
S.d.-I would probably pick overweight and put it on the basketball (diaries) soundtrack cause that movie is mad awesome.
S.jh.-I'd have to say some sort of comedy, dont know which one, and have "he's a homo" on it because the song is humorous and would fit good with a comedy that is real retarded.
S.p.-Probably one of our new ones, I'd pick "Overweight." And it would be in the third Ghostbusters movie.
S.jm.-Probably "Dorky Kid" and it would have to be a comedy or something. I don't think we'd go to well with drama, maybe one of those movies about a high school loser (haha like me).
P-Do you have any final words you would like to add?
S.d.-Be yourself, have fun, and Hulk Hogan is awesome.
S.jh.-This band is what I want to do for the rest of my life and hopefully it will work out and we make it, but if it doesn't, who knows what I'll do, probably go on and live one of those normal lives and have no fun.
S.p.-Well to the gays, "be gay"; and to the straights, "be straight"; and to the black, "be black"; and to the white, "be white"; and to the hispanics, "be hispanic"; and to the oriental people, "be oriental"; and to the fat, FAT BOYS RULE AND THE REST DROOL.
S.jm.-Go for it! The things in life you're gonna regret the most are the times when you had a chance and never took it, at least you can always say you tried!

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