welcome to our site, PUNKtuation. currently it is under construction; however, we are still accepting music reviews, photos and ofcourse your comments.

this site coincides with our radio show, "Honey, I PUNK the kids!!" which is on CJSW 90.9fm (or in real audio at www.cjsw.com) every tuesday from 9-10pm (mst). tune in for your 1 hour of indie, punk, emo, hardcore and ska! requests can be called in to 403-220-3991 or e-mailed to us with "hitpk request" in the subject line to:

if you would like to submit your demo/CD/record for review and possible air play, please send us an e-mail to:

also, if you would like us to do an interview for this site, or our radio show, please direct all inqueries to the above address.

thanks for checking us out.

Modified 01/21/2004