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The Overdrives have come to an end. We thank everyone who has ever contributed to the band. Special thanks go out to family, friends, past band members, and of course the fans. The past 6 years have been fun and will not be forgotten. As for an explanation for the break-up, we can only say that the personal commitments and overall future of the band were on a downward spiral. So, the decision was made to bring The Overdrives to a close. An Overdrives information/tribute site will be posted in the near future. On somewhat of a brighter note, 3 of the 4 band members have taken on new bands. Josh Marsh, is now playing guitar in the New Jersey band BIGWIG. While Justin Fowler and Tom Dockray have taken on a new band called RITTER. So, I guess that's it. Thanks again and we'll see you at the show.