Shush, Don't Speak

A/N Auish. I guess sort of my own version of when Yuna left to go meet Seymour in Macalania Temple. The rest didnít follow her and stayed at the temple waiting to be called. They donít know yet what Seymour was up to. This is a one shot with a pairing that some wonít like. It has to do with the age difference. But for this fic Tidus is eighteen. Kay! Also this is for

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It was cold in the Macalania Travel Agency and Tidus shivered. Gah, why in the Spira is it so dang cold? And what possessed me to wear this stupid vest? It certainly offers no warmth.

"At least Iím not wearing sandals," Tidus snickered, thinking about the redheaded guardians choice of footwear.

Tidus suddenly stiffened, it sounded like someone was entering his room. Is that a key turning in the lock? It was dark in the room, so he couldnít see. But he sensed a figure moving clumsily around the room.

"Morve ober," A voice, smelling strongly of sake purred in his ear.

"Whoa, Auron!" Tidus didnít know why, but he blushed when he heard the older manís coat hit the floor. "What are you doing?" Tidus moved over, only because now, Auron was climbing into the bed. "Hey, are you . . . drunk?"

"Ob coyrse nut," Auron muttered.

"But your words are slurred . . . " Tidus eeped, when he felt a hand caressing his thigh, moving lower. "Whatís gotten into you? Hey move that . . . hey!"

Auron came to his senses quite fast, sobering up when he realized what he was doing. As if Tidusí skin was suddenly on fire, he snatched his hand away, still feeling the heat of the youngerís skin. "Sorry."

Tidus sighed, "itís fine. Just donít do it again."

"Tidus," Auron whispered.

Tidus blinked, Auron strangely, was no longer slurring his words. Was he sober already?

"I really am sorry. I donít know what got into me."

"Itís fine, really. Auron, youíre really not drunk?"

Auron chuckled, "not so much. I sort of sobered up, when I realized what I was doing."

"Thatís g . . . good," Tidus stuttered. Tidus was afraid. He didnít know what he was feeling. Truth was, he really didnít mind that hand down there. And almost wondered . . . what would of happened if he hadnít told Auron to move it. Whatís wrong with me? Itís not like I like HIM. I mean heís my mentor. Heís looked after me ever since Jecht left me. Sorta like a dad. Tidus shook his head, no! I donít want to think of him like that. But how do I want to think of him?

Auron frowned, and looked where Tidus lay. "Hey, whatís wrong?" Auron cursed himself. Why did he care for this teen so much? It was wrong in so many ways; they way he cared for him. Trust him to get drunk and almost molest the one he grew to feel deeply for.

"Huh?" Tidus jumped, blushing. "I..uh . . . nothing . . . nothing at all." Liar! Thatís not true and I know it! Why donít I just admit it? I liked it when he touched me, and that can only mean one thing! Right? I canít be a girls only man, and like it when another man touches me. This is so wrong. Tidus didnít realize it, but tears started to fall down his cheeks.

Jumping, when a tear dropped on his arm, Auronís frown deepened, "Tidus. Youíre lying. Why are you crying?"

"Iím emotional okay. You know that. Iím a crybaby. Itís not fair, why me. Sin and Jecht and Seymour. And . . . and . . . " Tidus continued to sob. Why am I crying? Why?

Because you have more then friend feelings for a man, Tidusís inner voice taunted.

"Hey, stop that. Thereís nothing wrong with crying. Youíve had a hard time. Being pulled into another world, learning Jecht was Sin, seeing the way Seymour looks at Yuna. Yeah, I notice it too. Really boils my blood."

"Thereís just something wrong about that guy," Tidus grumbled.

"Do you have feelings for her," Auron asked, not really wanting to hear the answer?

For some reason, Tidus found that question funny and stared to laugh, "what? Me? No way man. Sure sheís cute, but I donít like her like that."

Auron smiled, confidant that Tidus wouldnít be able to see it. He didnít take it into consideration that Tidus had been in the dark a lot longer then him and his eyes had started to adjust enough so he could see.

Tidus was really confused. What would make Auron smile like that? It was actually kinda nice, in a creepy sort of way. Auron hardly ever smiled. And such a true smile at that.

"Auron," Tidus, whispered, unsure if he should bring up the uncharacteristic smile?

"Hmm," Auron mumbled, subconsciously shifting closer to Tidus?

"Why . . . " Tidus almost had the question out, but paused, noticing Auron was closer to him. When did that happen?

"What," Auron asked, probing Tidus on?

"Oh." Tidus flushed. "Why are you in my room anyway?" Chicken! Whatís so hard about asking a man why heís smiling?

Auron heard the hesitation in Tidusí voice and wondered if the question he asked, had been the one he really wanted to ask. "Guess."

"Well, I know you donít want me," Tidus teased, wondering why saying those words hurt so much.

Auron flushed, and shot Tidus a look. He could just now start to make the teen out. He was staring at the far wall with a thoughtful look in his blue eyes.

"Sorry, Iím not good a guessing," Tidus turned his head around, blushing madly, when he saw how close their heads were. He grinned, making it seem nonchalant, "tell me."

Auron nodded, "well #1 Wakka refused to room with me. #2 I didnít want to room with Kimahri, and #3 itís not right for a man to room with two girls. So I came here." Auron frowned, "if you donít want to room with me, I guess I can go see if they have another room empty."

"I donít care," Tidus shouted, blushing. Did he sound a little too needy? "I mean, stay."

Auron smiled, again. Tidus just stared, shocked.


"S...sure." This time he wouldnít be chicken, heíd ask. "Auron, donít bite my head off or anything, but Iím curious. Why did you smile before after I said I didnít like Yuna?"

Auron froze. So the boy had seen after all. "I smiled?"

"Yes, and donít deny it. I could see quite well, my eyes had adjusted."

"I..uh . . . "

Now Tidus was even more shocked. Was the stoic man stuttering? Tidus smiled, "so you do want me," he said, only teasing?

"WHAT," Auron shouted? He didnít realize Tidus was only joking and thought he was caught. "I..uh. Okay, so what if I do." Did I just say that?

Tidusí mouth dropped, then closed, the opened. He looked like a fish out of water, trying its hardest to breathe. "Huh," Tidus whispered, in a quiet voice? Then all at once it came to him. Auron said he wanted him. Auron liked him. Tidus felt a tear falling down his cheek and rubbed it away confused. He wasnít sad, so what was with the tear? Happiness. A tear of happiness. I canít believe it. Auron really does like me. Just look at his face. Iíve never seen him blush like that.

If I feel so happy, then I really must like him back. Tidus thought about that for a moment, then nodded. Yes I do. I like Auron.

Auron mistook the boysí quietness and felt his heart break. "Tidus, Iím really sorry. I know I shouldnít. I mean Iím old enough to be your . . . "

"Donít say it," Tidus whispered, "I donít want to think of you that way." Tidus moved over, so that he was even closer to Auron, and leaned his head on his chest. "Auron, I donít mind. I started to get feelings for you too, but I was so confused . . . "

"You did . . . you do?" Auron smiled, wrapping his arm around Tidusí small form, pulling him closer. He sighed, happily.

"I do." Tidus looked up, into the older manís eyes and smiled when he saw the same emotions there that he himself was feeling. He didnít even hesitate as he raised up, taking hold of either side of Auronís face. Both faces seemed to be pulled together by the force of gravity and they met in a single, gentle kiss.

It was nothing like Tidus ever experienced before. It was so gentle, so loving, not to mention what the effect it had on the rest of his body.

Auron was quite surprised, but got over it quickly, returning the kiss. Both boys moaned as they explored new territory.

Feeling Auronís tongue trace his mouth, Tidus parted his lips right away, letting it in.

Auron grinned into Tidusí mouth, placing his hand on his hip.

When they finally needed to come up for air, both men stared at each other, gasping.

Lust. Both could see it in each others eyes. Auron wanted to go further and reached out, and started to unbutton Tidusí vest. Suddenly he stopped, pulling his hand away. He had to force himself to control his desires. Tidus after all was most likely still a virgin, and he didnít want to make him go further then he wanted to.

"Auron," Tidus whispered, "whyíd you . . . " he flushed, "why did you stop?"

"You donít mind," Auron said, his voice husky with desire?

"I...I donít mind. I want to . . . although," Tidus looked away, feeling foolish.


"I...never thought about how . . . how would a two guys . . . "

Auron grinned, "oh. Thereís a lot of things men do together."

"Have you . . . ever . . . "

"Once, a long time ago."

"Could you show me," Tidus asked, turning around to look back at Auron. His cheeks were flushed from embarrassment and sexual desire?

"If you really donít mind. I donít want you to think that you have to."

"No, Auron, I really want to! Do whatever you want with me."

Tidus didnít realize how arousing that comment was. It was almost enough to throw the man over the edge. "Okay. But at anytime you feel uncomfortable, tell me to stop and I will. I mean it, you better be honest, and tell me to stop if you want me to."

"Okay," Tidus said, nodding.

Tidus gulped, and watched as Auron slowly unbuttoned his vest, throwing it to the side. "Weíll go really slow, okay?"

"Right." Tidus moaned, as Auron climbed on top of him, his hands expertly caressing his bare chest.

"Ahya!" Tidus screamed, when Auron suddenly clamped his mouth over his left nipple.

Auron worried Tidusí flesh, nipping and licking a circle around it making it harden. He then fixated his attention to the other, doing the same.

Tidus had started to pant, as he watched Auron do this, and flushed, when he noticed that this small amount of contact was making him react so much downstairs. And apparently it was doing the same to Auron, because Tidus could feel the bulge in his pants as it rubbed against his leg.

Auron raised up and looked Tidus in the eyes, "you really sure?"

Tidus nodded, "yes. Go on."

Auron nodded, "okay."

Tidus flushed, when Auron went for his belt buckle, un-buckling it. Tidus raised his hips so Auron could get his shorts off.

Auron looked down at Tidusí clothed dick, smirking. Tidus was for sure turned on by all of this, if his hardening member meant anything.

Tidus frowned, afraid that Auronís pausing meant something bad. "Uh, Auron, is something wrong?"

BE FOREWARNED, A LEMON IS STARTING HERE! Don't worry I'll tell you when it's safe.

"No," Auron reached down and slowly started to caress Tidusí member.

Gasping, Tidus bucked his hips. Tidus moaned, bitting his bottom lip as Auronís pace got faster.

Then all at once he stopped, making Tidus whimper.

Auron chuckled. "If you liked that," Auron slowly pulled off Tidusí boxers, hungrily eyeing his hard dick, "Iím sure youíll like this."

Tidus watched at Auron lowered himself, putting his face right next to his hard on. Good Yeven, heís not gonna . . . ahhhh "OHHHH," Tidus moaned, his fingers digging into the sheets, as Auron totally engulfed him.

Auron looked up into Tidusí eyes as he started to bob his head up and down. Seeing Tidus flushed made him more excited. His panting and moaning didnít hurt things either.

Tidus screamed, bucking his hips, shoving his dick further down Auronís throat. Auron didnít seem to mind; just picked up his pace.

"Iím uh . . . Iím." Tidus jerked, his as he came into Auronís waiting mouth.

Auron pulled away from Tidus with an audible pop. Tidus blushed as he watched Auron lick his lips.

" was it?"

Auron grinned, "wanna see?"

Tidus nodded, leaning up, meeting Auron in a hungry kiss. It tasted . . . well salty. Not as bad as Tidus imagined it to be.

Auron pulled away from Tidus, grinning. "Well?"

"Salty," Tidus answered.

Auron chuckled. "So Iíve noticed . . . ahh," Auron yelled, greatly startled, when Tidus suddenly grabbed him, using all of his guardian strength to make them switch positions.

Tidus grinned, looking down at Auron who lay panting under him.

"What . . . oh."

Auron shivered, as he watched Tidus slowly undress him. First his shirt, then his pants.

Tidus smiled when Auron raised his hips, letting him slip his boxers off. Tidus now looked at a fully naked Auron, his eyes bugging. His dick was so large. How was that suppose to fit . . .

Auron watched as Tidus eyed his member, his eyes wide, "you donít have to, if you donít want to."

"I do, Auron." Tidus ran his hands over Auronís chest, smiling when this contact made Auron shiver and gasp. He then, reached out with shaking hands, taking Auronís length in a firm grip.

Auron bucked his hips, watching as Tidus started to slowly; almost too slowly pump his hand.

Tidus could feel Auronís length start to grow and blushed. Now or never, he thought taking his hand away.

Now it was Auronís turn to whimper. This made Tidus giggle. Auron; the stoic man, whimpering.

"Donít tease me, Tidus," Auron grumbled.

"Ha, as if I would." Tidus answered, lowing himself so he was right next to Auronís enlarged dick.

Auron watched, sucking his breath in as Tidus took him into his mouth.

At once Tidus gaged, as he tried to take Auron all the way in, as Auron did to him.

"Tidus this is your first time, Iím not expecting you to do that."

Tidus mumbled something that sounded like Ďokay,í

Auron moaned, leaning his head back as Tidus started to gently suck his tip, licking the underside. He then took the whole tip in, going down as far as he comfortably could.

"Thatís good," Auron moaned, "keep doing that and Iíll . . . ohhh," Auron whole body started to shake, as he came very close to exploding.

Tidus smiled, as best he could with his mouth full of Auron. He was glad he was doing this right.

"STOP," Auron shouted.

Tidus pulled away, frowning. "Did I do something wrong," Tidus asked, his eyes full of worry?"

"Of course not," Auron said, smiling to reassure Tidus. "I just didnít want to come into your mouth your first time."

"Oh, okay."

Auron climbed out of the bed going to his red coat. He reached into the pocket, pulling something out.

"Lube," Auron explained, seeing Tidusí questioning look. "Do you really want to go on?"

"Auron stop asking me that; I said yes."

"Okay. Tidus your old enough to know about the birds and the bees, so . . . "

Tidus blushed, "yes, I know how a man and a women does it . . . " Tidus flushed even brighter, "and I can guess how two men do it."

Auron nodded, "right anal."

"Thatís what I thought. Will it hurt?"

Auron nodded, "yes, the first time for most men and women for that matter hurt. It will get better, I assure you."

Tidus nodded, gulping, "I trust you, Auron."

"Good." Auron climbed back onto the bed, "wrap your ankles around my neck; youíre a flexible man, it shouldnít be a problem."

Tidus did as he was told, locking his legs around Auronís neck, slightly lifting his bum up.

Auron took the lube, squirting some into his hands. "Iíll prepare you first, okay."


Tidus sucked his breath in as he watched Auron insert one of his digits. Auron gently started to pump the finger in and out of Tidus, trying to widen him. Tidus started to pant, gasping when another digit was entered. A few seconds later a third was added.

Auron pumped his hand till he felt satisfied that Tidus was as ready as he ever would be.

Tidus watched as Auron removed his hand, blushing as he took the lube and started to pour some onto his dick. He then pumped his hand, getting it ready for the next step.

Tidus stiffened as he felt Auronís tip at the back of his behind.

"Ready," Auron asked?

Tidus nodded, bitting his lip, "yes."

Auron grabbed Tidus by his hips, slowly pushing himself into Tidus.

It hurt; really hurt. Tidus yelled out, tears coming to his eyes.

Auron stopped moving, looking at Tidus with worry in his eyes, "do you want me to stop?"

"!" Tidus shook his head. "Go on."

Auron nodded, slowly pumping into Tidus. He pulled almost all the way out, then pushed all the way in. He did this again and again, hopping that it got better for the younger man.

Tidus gasped, opening his eyes wide as he felt pleasure. It was laced with pain, but that pain was slowly starting to fade, as the pleasure got more intense.

Auron smiled, hearing that now Tidusí cries were of pleasure and not pain.

"Oh!" Tidusí eyes rolled up into his head, as he felt the most incredible thing. He knew Auron was getting close, and he seemed to be as well.

"Mm," Auron moaned, pumping one last time into Tidus, coming with a great burst. He then collapsed on top of Tidus, spent.

Tidus unlocked his legs, reaching down to pull Auron up to his face. Auron slowly and as gently as he could pulled away from Tidus. He then, let Tidus pull him the rest the way up to his face, kissing him fully on the lips.


Wrapping his arms around Auron, Tidus smirked, "ready for another round?"

Auron looked up, shocked, "really, ready for more already?"

Tidus grinned, "of course. You have a lot to teach me."

"That I do," Auron growled, grabbing Tidus, and turning him on his stomach. "Here I go," Auron said, lowing himself on Tidus.

"Again," Rikku groaned, covering her ears. She whimpered, burring her head under her pillow. "Lulu, why do newlyweds have sex so much?"

Lulu looked down at Rikku, who was too innocent to relies just who was in the room next to theirs. "Who knows. I guess itís something weíll find out when we marry someone."


Rikku whimpered again, as the loud moan reached her ears. Lulu smiled, patting her on the hand. "Someday, youíll understand, Rikku."


"Ugh," Rikku jumped up, climbing out of bed. "Iím going to go over there and give them a piece of my mind. Iím trying to sleep."

Lulu eyes widened, "ah, I donít think you want to do that," she warned.

"Why in the heck not?"

"Ahhhhhh, Auron! Iím going to come!"

"Tidus, come for me."


Rikku looked at Lulu, her mouth open in an Ďoí of surprise.

Lulu chuckled, the fifteen year old was too young to really understand what was going on in the other room.

"Come...come where...OH!" Rikku gasped, rememebring the stories she'd heard fromher pervert of a brother. "Theyíre not . . . having . . . sex!"

Lulu nodded.

"How can they? Theyíre guys!"

Lulu smirked, "oh they find ways, I assure you."

Rikku nodded, "oh. Do you think theyíre done? I really need some sleep."

"I..." Lulu started.



Rikku and Lulu both jumped, hearing the loud, angry male voice.

"Iím thinking theyíll stop now, or at least be quiet about it," Lulu said, clearly amused by all of this.

"Good. Hey, who yelled?"

Lulu smiled, "that was Wakka, Iím sure."

Rikku giggled, "oh boy, the rest of this pilgrimage is sure going to be entertaining."

Lulu nodded, "that it will, that it will."


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