Chapter 1

Warning: AU, I repeat AU. Yep, this fic is AU, but takes place in the Fruits Basket world. It’s AU because . . . well if you read, you’ll understand. Yaoi later and OOCness.

Tohru Honda looked at the two people that meant the most to her in the world, a sad frown on her face. Why can’t they just get along? Tohru sighed, causing both boys to stop their glaring contest and look over at the young girl in worry.

“Are you feeling sick, Miss Honda?” Yuki stood up from the couch, and stepped over the mess, Kyo had made earlier, going to Tohru’s side. Tohru looked up at the gray-haired teen and tried to smile, but she wasn’t feeling smiley at the moment so her attempt of a smile fell short.

“No,” Tohru sighed again, “I don’t think so.” Yuki frowned. Something was wrong with her, he could tell.

“You seem off, if I may say so,” Yuki whispered. Kyo growled, probably thinking they were whispering about him, and his latest temper tantrum. Kyo had gone in a rage, when he once again fell short of beating that stupid rat. Then he proceeded to take his anger out on Shigure’s book cases, which were all scattered across the living room.

Tohru once again tried for a smile, and managed to get a weak one out, “thanks for your concern, Yuki. I guess I’m tired.” She yawned, putting her hand up to her mouth, as if to prove her point.

Yuki nodded, “okay, then you get right upstairs and take a nap.” Yuki reached for Tohru’s hands and helped her stand up.

Tohru looked at Yuki with wide eyes, “No, I can’t do that! I have work and I need to clean,” she looked around at the mess of a living room and paled, “yeah, I have a lot of cleaning to do.”

“Don’t you dare, Miss Honda, that stupid cat will clean up his mess.” Yuki looked at Kyo and both boys glared at the other, not noticing the pained look on Tohru’s face.

“Don’t call me stupid, stupid,” Kyo yelled, getting into a fighting stance. Yuki rolled his eyes.

“You want to loss again, I see?” Yuki smirked.

Tohru threw one last look at the bickering boys and fled upstairs, tears of frustration running down her cheeks. Why do they not see how much they have in common? If they stopped and took the time to get to know each other, they may actually find they like one and another.

Kyo stood up straight when he watched Tohru run off. Once again he lost his temper and upset the girl. Kyo sighed, and collapsed on the couch giving Yuki a look that said, ‘leave me alone.’

Yuki was surprised, did Kyo just back out on a fight he started? Yuki of course didn’t see Tohru run off, and if he had he would feel very much like Kyo.

Yuki shrugged his shoulders. It wasn’t like he wanted to fight. It was Kyo who always wanted to fight. He really believed that if he beat the rat, he would be let in, and be a true member of the zodiac. That just wasn’t true. Yuki shook his head, Doesn’t he know, how good he has it. Because of who he is, he can fit in with normal people and actually make friends. I want that so much.

Kyo watched Yuki walk out of the living room an unreadable expression on his face. Sadness, maybe Kyo shook his head, why would the prince be sad?

-----------------Later that day

Shigure walked into the house, throwing his latest manuscript on the kitchen table. “Mii, is working me to death,” he whined, opening the fridge and taking out a cola. “Write this, rewrite this, blah, blah, blah. This chapter is a complete load of crap, re-write the whole thing.” Shigure slumped onto a kitchen chair, taking a long drink from his cola. He was so beat.

“Long day?” Shigure looked up and smiled. Tohru came walking into the kitchen When she got closer, Shigure frowned, she looked awful.

“Tohru,” Shigure exclaimed, jumping up and going to her side. He looked into her round green eyes. She had dark circles and big bags under eyes. Her skin was very pale, and she was slightly shaking. “Are you okay?” He reached out and laid his palm on her forehead, and winced, she was running a high fever.

“Dunno,” Tohru muttered, passing out, and falling into Shigure’s arms.

“KYO, YUKI!” Shigure raised Tohru, and comfortably supported her in his arms. “I SAID, KYO, YUKI, GET YOUR SKINNY, PRETTY BOY BEHINDS DOWN HERE!” Shigure looked at Tohru and palled, “oops, sorry Tohru, I shouldn’t have yelled.”

Yuki looked at Kyo, “what’s crawled up his butt, I wonder?”

Kyo smirked, “you mean besides Ayame.” p

Yuki rolled his eyes, “shut up, you stupid cat. Ayame can do as he pleases. And for some unknown reason he’s taken to Shigure.” Yuki shuddered.

“Incestuous . . . ”

“Oh and like you’ve never done anything incestuous,” Yuki taunted?

Kyo got red, “why would you say that? What in the world would make you think that!” Kyo ran his hand through his red hair, glaring at Yuki, who had a cute smirk on his pale face.

“KYOOO!” Yuki did a good Kagura expression. “As if the two of you’ve never . . . ”

“Ugh, that’s beyond gross! Me and her would never be a couple. NO WAY!” Kyo shook his head, putting his hand to his temple. Because of the curse the Sohma family almost always intermarried, but never would he and Kagura get into a relationship. The girl was nice, sure, when she wasn’t beating the stuffing out of Kyo. And it seemed she was doing that a lot.

Yuki snickered. “Whatever you say . . . ”

“I MEAN IT! THIS IS BAD.” Shigure’s voice yelled from the kitchen. “CALL HATORI! TOHRU IS SICK!”

That made both boys to spring into action. Yuki ran to the phone and dialed the Sohma’s family doctor, who was in fact one of the zodiac. Hatori answered on the second ring.


“Hatori, you’ve got to come down,” Yuki panted. “Tohru’s sick.”

Yuki waited for Hatori’s answer, tapping his foot, nervously. He hopped Tohru would be okay.

“I’ll be right over,” Hatori said, hanging up. Hatori had a soft spot for Tohru. It might be because she reminds him a little bit of Kana Sohma, the girl he was going to marry. Sadly he had to erase her memory after she learned of the curse. It was too much for her, after she witnessed Akito going mad, and hurting him. That had been one of the hardest things, Hatori ever did.

Kyo came running out of the kitchen, “well,” he asked, looking at Yuki with a scared look on his face? Kyo really cared about Tohru, otherwise he wouldn’t dream of showing his fear in front of Yuki.

Yuki nodded, “he’s coming.” Yuki put the phone down.

“Good,” Kyo looked up at the ceiling, “what do you . . . think is wrong with her?”

Yuki looked down, bitting his lip. He didn’t want to think about, what could be wrong with her. It could be so many things.

Hatori looked at Tohru and shook his head, puzzled by her stats. “She looks sick, but her stats are completely normal.”

Yuki, Kyo and Shigure looked at Hatori in surprise, “then why is she in a. . . . ” Shigure choked, tears falling down his cheeks.

“Why is she in a coma?”

Hatori looked at Yuki, “emotional sickness maybe. Was she very stressed?”

Yuki shrugged. “She had school and work. Nothing to be too stressed about.” Yuki looked at Tohru and racked his mind, trying to think of a reason the girl would fall into a coma, if she wasn’t physically sick. Nothing came.

Kyo shrugged too. “Yuki’s right. All she had was school and work. And she seemed to be doing well in both. Her grades were up in school and she was getting a better work performance at her job.”

Yuki would of been surprised at Kyo voicing he was right, out loud to other people, but he didn’t care at the moment. “You say her stats are normal, so then why does she have a fever?”

“She does have a fever, yes. But the cause of the fever is unknown. I’m going to say she was stressed about something so much, she drove herself sick from worrying.” Hatori frowned, upset that he didn’t know more.

“But what could make her do this,” Kyo quietly yelled? The only reason he was restraining his self, from yelling as loud as he usually did, was Tohru. He didn’t want to yell, when she was in this state. “She had nothing to be stressed, or upset about.”

Shigure looked back and forth at Kyo and Yuki. Could they both be so oblivious? The only thing she had to be stressed about was you two. Didn’t you notice every time you guys fought, she had a pained look on her face. Shigure shook his head, sighing.

“Why are you sighing, Shigure?” Yuki looked at his older cousin, slightly worried. Shigure looked over his reading glasses, at Yuki.

“I was just wondering how oblivious you two could be.” Shigure took his glasses off, and put them in the pocket of his robe.

“Oblivious,” Kyo shot a look at Shigure, “what do you mean by that, dog?”

Shigure rolled his eyes, “well, Cat, I meant that could you be so oblivious to the only thing Tohru has to be stressed about?”

Yuki put his right hand up to his temple and tried to massage his growing headache away, “and that is?”

Shigure sighed again, “the cat and rat, she cares so much about.”

Yuki and Kyo both looked at each other. “What,” the both yelled at the same time?

Hatori shot them an angry look, “what have you two done to her?” He looked at Shigure, “why would she be stressed, because of them?”

Shigure sighed, yet again. “She’s tired of the mouse and cat game, they’re always playing. And frankly she’s not the only one.”

“Tired . . . you mean she’s in a coma because she hates to see us fight,” Yuki whispered?

“It seems that way, don’t you two ever notice when you’re fighting how worried and upset, and most times, how pained Tohru looks?”

Kyo blinked his eyes, remembering this morning. Was that fight, her breaking point? “Yes . . . ” he whispered, very un-Kyo like. “This morning . . . when we fought, she looked upset, then she ran upstairs with tears on her face.”

Yuki sputtered, “that was why you slumped on the couch? I couldn’t figure out why you’d want to call off a fight you had started.”

Kyo resisted the urge of yelling. “Yeah.” He hated to admit he was wrong in front of the rat, but he looked at Tohru and sighed. It’s because of us, she’s like this. “I felt bad, for losing my temper and upsetting her. I...I never thought our fighting would result in this.” Kyo mentally smacked himself. He just stuttered, almost tearing up in front of Yuki.

Yuki sighed, “i didn’t know.” He looked at Kyo and took a deep breath, holding out his hand. “Truce? We need to . . . at least for now. For Tohru.”

Kyo bit his tongue and nodded. Kyo reached out and grasped Yuki’s hand, noticing how soft it was. Stupid thoughts. Who cares how soft it is. “Truce,” Kyo grinned, “for now.”

Both boys held onto each other a little longer then they needed to, letting do when a bolt of electricity shocked them. Both blinked in surprise. What was that feeling?

Kyo looked away from Yuki, to Tohru, very confused. He could tell his cheeks were flushed. Why?

Yuki sighed, and slumped against Shigure, feeling very tired. “Shigure, do you think she’ll be okay,” he whispered?

“Only time can tell.” Shigure hugged his younger cousin closer, blinking his tears away.

Hatori nodded, agreeing with Shigure. “I can do nothing else. It’s up to her now, and you two,” he looked at Kyo, then to Yuki, “if what Shigure says is true.”

“Yeah but how will she be able to tell we’re getting along,” Yuki asked his voice muffled, as his head was buried in Shigure’s chest?

Hatori shrugged, “don’t know, maybe the Gods will tell her.”

Shigure smirked, “yeah maybe the goddess of love will tell her.”

Both Yuki and Kyo blushed, feeling truly confused. Why would Shigure’s comment make them act that way?

“Well she’ll know, wether the Gods tell her or not.” Hatori picked up his black doctor bag and looked one last time at Tohru, shaking his head. “Shigure, you guys take turns watching over her. Keep her head cool, to try and break the fever. And talk to her.” He smiled, “tell her how well Kyo and Yuki are getting along,” he looked at the two said boys, “and you better! For Tohru’s sake, and perhaps your own.”

“Our own,” Kyo looked at Hatori, “why would you say that?”

“I don’t know, but it can’t be healthy to fight all the time.” Hatori said goodbye to everyone and made his way downstairs. “Call me if something changes,” he yelled over his shoulders.

All three boys nodded, and Kyo agreed take the first watch. Yuki and Shigure said goodbye to Tohru and left the two alone. p

Tohru mumbled something in her sleep, as she fell into a dream.

Aphrodite looked down at Tohru feeling a strange sadness for this young mortal. Why did she look so sad. She floated over to Tohru’s side. “It’s nice out here, isn’t it,” she asked the girl, pointing out over the bright horizon?

Tohru jumped, startled, “yes it is. I always come here.” Tohru looked at the un-Earthly women standing by her, “I thought I was alone. I always am, when I come here. Well except for mom. She visits sometimes.”

Aphrodite smiled, showing pearly white teeth. “I was just wandering by and had to stop. I could feel your sadness.”

Oh, yes, I am a bit sad today,” Tohru nodded, talking to the women, her mind dreamed up.

Aphrodite frowned, sitting down next to the brown-haired girl. Tohru jumped in surprise when she felt the dream women, pull her into a hug. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Tohru sighed, putting her arms around the women. She missed getting hugs like this. Motherly hugs, from a person that really seemed to care.

Aphrodite pulled away from the girl, and wiped at the liquid streaming down her cheeks. She had heard of this, before. They were called tears. Something mortals did, when they were in great distress.

Tohru looked up at the taller women, nodding. What did she have to lose anyway? This was only a dream, after all. “About a year ago, after my mom died, I started to live with a classmate of mine and his cousin. Yuki and Shigure. Then I meet their other cousin, Kyo. The head of their family made Shigure enroll Kyo into Yuki and mine’s school, and made Kyo move in with us.” Tohru looked down at her hands in her lap, “bad Idea. You see their family. The Sohma family are cursed.”

Cursed,” Aphrodite questioned? Of course. She remembered. She frowned. It had been Hades doing. Just because that mortal women, refused him. He cursed her and all her future children.

Yes, they are cursed with the vengeful spirts of the Chinese Zodiac. Twelve members of the Sohma clan are possessed, by the,” Tohru thought back to the folk tale her mom taught her, “Cow, Horse, Boar, Dog, Roster, Snake, Monkey, Rabbit, Tiger, Dragon or Sea Horse in Hatori’s case, and the Rat.”

Tohru sighed, “well thirteen, if you count Kyo. And I do, but sadly he isn’t included in Zodiac things. In the folk tale the rat tricked the rat, causing him to be late . . . ” Tohru shrugged, she wasn’t making sense.

That’s okay,” Aphrodite smiled, “I get the gist of it. Because of the rat, the cat wasn’t included in the Zodiac.” Of course that legend wasn’t really true, but it was what the Sohma’s were told. Hades thought it’d be funny to curse one of the Sohma’s with the cat, a creature who wasn’t in the Zodiac. Just to see how the others treated it. Then he made up the folk tale about the rat in the Zodiac tricking the cat.

Right, and to this day the person cursed by the cat is shunned by most of the Sohma family, at least those who know of the curse. Kyo is cursed by the cat, who in his true form is a fearful creature. Yuki is cursed by the Rat.”

More tears fell down Tohru’s face, “I care about them so much. It really hurts to see them fighting, you know. But they can’t let go of that folk tale and get along. The Cat and Rat gets the better of them, causing them to act . . . well like a cat and mouse.”

Aphrodite frowned. This was the first time she had heard about the curse from somebody effected by it. This wasn’t fair to the mortals. She couldn’t do much, after all, this wasn’t her curse. It was Hades, but she could do something. “If you had one true wish, what would it be?”

Tohru thoughts went to her mom, then to Yuki and Kyo . . .

This is only a dream, so I’ll humor myself,” Tohru looked at Aphrodite, “are there any rules, like stuff I couldn’t wish?”

The goddess nodded, “of course. No wishing someone dead. No wishing the dead back to life, and . . . well that’s about it.”

The curse?”

I can’t change that either. It’s not my place.”

But it’s someone else?”

Yes, the person who put the curse on them in the first place.” p

This was a weird dream, Tohru looked at the women, blinking her eyes. “You know of the curse? And how it was put on the Sohma’s?”

Aphrodite nodded, “yes I know much. Your wish?”

Oh . . . oh, my only true wish would be that Yuki and Kyo forget about the tale they grew up listening to and get along.”

Aphrodite nodded, and closed her eyes. “It is done,” she opened her eyes and smiled.

Tohru grinned, wishing she could believe this dream women. “That would be wonderful,” she whispered, laying down on the grass.

Aphrodite smiled, kissing Tohru’s fevered cheeks. Tohru turned over and mumbled something.

When you wake up, you will see.” Aphrodite said, as she faded.

Zeus rubbed his head, looking at the younger God, “Aphrodite, you really shouldn’t of did that.”

Aphrodite pouted, “but it’s not fair to let those two . . . three including that poor girl, suffer!”

“Yes, I know. But you know your wish granting always comes out wrong.”

Aphrodite nodded, “but they will get along.”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that,” Zeus rolled his eyes. “You just did Cupid’s job.”

“I...I did what . . . Oh . . . whoops.” Aphrodite started to giggle into her hands, “i certainly hope she doesn’t love one of those boys.”

“It’s not funny, Aphrodite!”

“Oh, Cupid, don’t whine. I saved you an arrow.” She smiled at the diaper wearing God, who had just appeared, hearing someone was doing his job.

Cupid stroked his chin, thinking of her words, “that’s true. I’ll let this one time slide. But you had better be careful, or I’ll poke you in your goddess behind and make you fall for,” Cupid smirked, “that mortal . . . what’s his name . . . oh yeah . . . Peter Jackson!” (A/N Director of The Lord of the Rings)

Aphrodite paled, “you wouldn’t dare!”

Cupid just laughed, fading away.

“What’s wrong with her,” Yuki walked into Tohru’s room, blushing when Kyo turned and looked at him. Something is very wrong with me! I feel different.

Kyo smiled . . . Did I just smile at Yuki? It has to be cause of the truce. Yeah that’s it. “She’s having a dream, it seems.”

Yuki nodded, his eyes on . . . Why am I staring at Kyo’s chest? Look at Tohru, look at Tohru Yuki ripped his eyes away from Kyo and looked at Tohru. “Oh. Can you tell what about?”

“Not really,” Kyo glanced at Yuki out of the corner of his eyes, noticing how lovely he looked, with the sunlight from Tohru’s window washing over his features. I did not just think he looks lovely. What am I doing? Turning into a mushy girl.

Yuki felt like eyes were on him, and turned to Kyo . . . “Um, why are you staring at me?” Yuki waited for Kyo to jump up and start to yell, like he always did, and was surprised when Kyo just shrugged.

“I don’t know.” Kyo blushed, standing up. “I have to go. Stay with her, will you?”

Yuki nodded and watched, feeling confused, as a very flustered Kyo fled the room.

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