Final Fantasy 9 Fanfiction

A Moment In Time

Author: Rikku

Rating: T13

Pairings: Kuja/Zidane

Length: ONESHOT!

Warnings: Yaoi, shounen ai

Summary: FOR JENNIE! At the end Zidane goes back to save Kuja. At first he doesn't understand why, but soon he understands, as he realizes he had suppresed feelings for the x-mage.

Blonde Haired Hero
Author: Rikku
Rating: T13
Length: 3 chapters
Warnings: Yaoi, OOC, incest (because they’re basically brothers)
Pairings: Zidane/Kuja
Status: Complete
Summary: As he's leaving the Iifa tree, Zidane hears Kuja say goodbye, and for some reason Zidane is determined to go save the former mage. It's not long before the two start to have feelings for each other.