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Welcome to Rikkuís Fics
Most, if not all of my fics contain Yaoi and or Yuri, so please keep that in mind when you read my fics. Yaoi means boy/boy relationship. Yuri means girl/girl relationship. I would like to thank Jennie(LittleMissYaoi), for helping me start this site. All Characters from Final Fantasy 7, FF8, FF9, FF10, FF10-2, Kingdom Hearts and Star Ocean-Till the end of time are all © SquareEnix. All characters from Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling. All characters from Firefly, Buffy and Angel are © Joss Whedon. All characters from Thatís So Raven © Disney Channel. All characters from Lord of the Rings © JRR Tolkien/Peter Jackson. All characters from Pretear © Kaori Naruse. All characters from Fruits Basket © Natsuki Takaya. All characters from Hamtaro © Ritsuko Kawai. All Characters from FAKE © Sanami Matoh. All original characters © Rikku Highwind. I donít own the crocodile hunter or his family. No profit is being made from these characters. I'm just a sugar high fangirl, whoís having fun at the expense of some of my favorite characters.

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