Pizzle Releases! 

"Live From Bloomington" CD comp/Union Board/1994

"Brave New World" CD comp/Hipswervy Records/1994

"Silk Purse" CD/ Knockworst/ 1995

"Underground Music Series Vol. 1" CD comp/ UMS/ 1995

"Wood Panel Pacer Wagon With Mags" LP & EP comp/ Too Many Records/ 1996

"Pierce This...Punk" Cassette comp/ Too Drunk Productions/ 1996

"Trouble in the Monkeyhaus" EP/ Knockworst/ 1997

"Evil Surfin' Dread" CD comp/ Booz Records/ 1998

"Liverache" LP comp/ Very Small Records/ 1998

"A Fistful of Rock & Roll Vol. 1" CD/LP comp/ TeePee/Caroline Records/ 2000

"Rock-N-Roll-A-Go-Go" CDEP comp/ Devil Doll Records/ 2000

"Blattered" CD comp/ TSB Records/ 2000

"Party Patrol" CDR/ Punkrocknight Records/ 2003


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